May 7, 2021


Watching the post-affray, pre-arrest video posted by Hitler enthusiast and gang leader Tom Sewell we cannot help thinking that he has finally gone completely troppo.

On the day after his run-in with a security guard at Melbourne’s Nine Media offices Sewell, for no possible gain whatsoever, agreed to an interview with Nine hatchet man Sebastian Costello. Or, however that came about. Tom then filmed the encounter, which goes about as well as you would expect and posted the clip to his Telegram page.

The resulting video is an insight into the mind of yet another brittle, far-right ego tripper, this is more-or-less his “Downfall” moment, referencing of course the infamous scene in the movie of the same name where Adolf Hitler, as portrayed by Bruno Ganz, has a complete nervous breakdown.

Sewell goes from zero to sixty in about half a minute to begin accusing journalists of being liars, which, while true to an extent, is in his case a misrepresentation of the facts. The bone of contention here is that Tom seems to object to the negative media coverage given to his National Socialist Network, when in fact he and his cohorts have practically written the stories themselves.

He then goes off on a rant about how the Australian people want the truth, as if he had a shred of support from normal folk in the wider community, begins an infantile game of bellowing over the top of Costello and finally delivers a tirade on how the Australian media is owned by Jews and that psychology is a Jewish plot.

As far as we know nothing in the recent coverage of NSN has been wide of the mark because being a bunch of kids led by a mentally fragile “Fuhrer”, they have been studiously documenting and posting their exploits to social media, giving their supposed enemies everything that they need to write exposes and hit pieces. NSN are Neo-Nazis, they do strut around like fools alarming and confusing the people they encounter and they are racists in every sense of the word.

As for the theory that Nine is a “Jewish” company that is patently false, the major investors are nearly all Australian investment houses, fund managers and media companies. I am not even sure if they have any Jewish onscreen personalities anymore, Seb Costello, for one, is as Aussie as they come, he is the son of former federal treasurer Peter Costello.

Sewell is just another purveyor of bourgeois bigotry, a snotty-nosed kid from a well-heeled suburb who seems to look down his nose at “normies”, in that he is no different to the progressives he professes to hate, they all share the same sanctimonious, pulpit-pounding effect common to internet demagogues.

I can tell the NSN faithful straight away what real Aussies want and it is not goose-stepping, cross-burning weirdos interrupting their long weekend away.

“Normies” want A Current Affair, footy and a punt on the horses, they want a decent job, a nice house and a few weeks away every year and as long as the government isn’t messing any of those goals up too bad then they are happy to vote for one of the major parties.

The fault, in this case, lies with the would-be revolutionary Thomas Sewell and his followers, they are the ones who are out of touch with reality, entranced by the internet they have become living “memes” and hopefully this period of public shaming will put paid to Nazi power fetishes once and for all.