May 7, 2021


They can not beat me in a physical confrontation.

They can not beat me in an intellectual confrontation.

The snake fears the sword of truth.

Do not attempt to untie the knot of lies, instead use the sword and cut straight through it!

Hail Victory! We will not be replaced!

Tom, you have made the following comment in regards to A Current Affair. Heaven knows why you approached them and knows even less why you would grant them an interview after what happened. Moreover, who initiated the interview?

Tom, debate us. It’s that simple. You can contact us on If you feel so invincible about your views, please, debate us. We think you’re wrong, we don’t trust you, and your interview with ACA leaves us even more concerned.

The interview, and we expect you to agree, will be conducted via Skype with Dr Jim Saleam of the Australia First Party. It will be livestreamed. We hope Dr Saleam’s reputation doesn’t intimidate you.

To make it more interesting we’ve notified A Current Affair of our invitation.

Barry Spall