May 23, 2022


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With the arrest of Nazi-cult group leader Thomas Sewell, who is facing three charges related to the alleged assault of a black security guard outside Nine Network’s Melbourne offices, a lot can be predicted.

First up, the context of the alleged attack on the guard occurred amid a Parliamentary Inquiry. Two, to be precise. In Victoria, they’re voting on whether to ban the swastika. In the federal parliament, they’re investigating ‘terror organisations’ but with an obvious eye to the ‘growing right-wing’ threat.

We shan’t comment on either inquiry’s terms of reference, suffice to say that Sewell and his NSN have given the government all the ammunition they need. When Sewell allegedly struck that guard (many times) he effectivvely placed the group on ASIO’s list of proscribed organisations. The odds on the NSN making it onto that list are so short that it wouldn’t even be worth betting on. They’re gone.

But this foolish individual hasn’t just brought the hammer down on his project, breaking his own rules (imagine the leader of a group breaking his own rules, that says a lot about its integrity) and falling to pieces in front of the entire world.

There are two possible reasons for this, his behaviour, his actions and his ideas have all been so perfectly attuned to exactly what the system wants that it’s hard to believe he is not a stooge. His circumstances only add fuel to the theory he is part of a conspiracy. He came from the army straight into far-right politics. None of his groups has succeeded and when there was a bad choice to be made, he made it.

A 1982 movie, Who Dares Wins, tells a similar story. A SAS professional is chosen by Britain’s secret service to infiltrate a far-left terrorist group. To prove his credibility to the group, they orchestrate his expulsion for the brutal beating of an American training alongside his unit.

Yet, Sewell could also, just as reasonably, have lost it. He could be so wrapped up in his ego that these things happened, not because he’s a snitch, but through his unbridled hubris.

He never did enjoy being in Blair Cottrell’s shadow and that much was apparent. When with the UPF and Fortitude he was accused of being a Civic Patriot, he bristled so badly he chose to go to the absolute extreme to prove his credentials.

Both he and Blair had an obnoxious habit of dismissing advice from seasoned activists. Blair dismissed everyone but himself convinced that only he could lead Australia. Now, where is he? Living off his past notoriety on a large GAB following. He played up to the media, he allowed them to define him, and now he’s a spent force; mistrusted by nearly all.

Tom Sewell was probably worse, he had something to prove. Not a big man, he has nonetheless trained himself to the point that he’d probably outlift Blair in a challenge. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, nor overly proud of, as it also means he has a chauvinistic attitude to the fitness of others, which makes him an exclusivist. His mentality is elitist but the political struggle he chooses to fight with is cultism. No, he never listened to anybody. That was his greatest mistake.

Sewell is onto his third organisation. He started with the UPF, he then created the Lads Society, but when that splintered due to his managerial methods, he aligned with Jacob Hersant and the two established the National Socialist Network out of the remnants of the Lads and the Antipodeans. Both groups ran counter to Nationalism and insisted on apeing the very overseas groups being proscribed.

Now, with his arrest, the following will happen. If Sewell pleads not guilty he will proceed to trial. This will take him up to the county court where his sentence will be more severe than if he pleads not guilty. If he does plead no contest then he will, with no priors, walk free, all-be-it stigmatised, un-personed by the bank, unemployable and facing serious criticism internally once certain members of his group stop to think about how he loused up things. Yet, if he continues in his denial of his alleged actions, he will go to prison. There, he will be separated into the segregation unit reserved for paedophiles and others who’re at risk from other inmates.

Both he and his accomplice, who we have good reason to believe may be Jacob Hersant, will have extra charges added. They provided the prosecution with the very evidence they need to prove alleged trespass and racial vilification. If the guard did grab the cameraman he was well within his rights. Nine’s CCTV footage would unlikely have sound, so the racial vilification charge (when it happens) will be based on what he allegedly recorded. How stupid can the very leaders be? Not only taking the footage but posting it to their Telegram account. Not only will the state profit from it, but so too has the media used their images to illustrate their reports. Again, bad generalship. Or excellent counter-intelligence, one of the two, and the jury are out on whichever.

If he is, as is likely, losing the plot then he probably posted the footage in the hope of his followers accelerating on his behalf. He might’ve seriously been deluded into believing it somehow exonerated him, but that shows an unravelled mind.

If Sewell isn’t working for the state, then he’ll have a godawful time finding a defence lawyer. No one in that politicised establishment will touch him or the other accused with a 40-m pole.

Whichever way you butter the bread, the NSN and any other group like them is done for. It’s over. Kaput. Slam dunk. Association laws instantly apply. Those young blokes who are in it will be sought out on social media, and every effort made to identify them. Then, they’ll be no use to any other group, not just because of their National Socialist indoctrination, but by law. Being young, they’ll be allowed only one mistake. But that’s it. The state wins and all because the very leaders allowed it to. They created exactly the right group to proscribe then did everything necessary for ASIO to recommend they be proscribed.

The accusation might be laid at our feet that we’re taking advantage of Sewell’s misfortune to stick the boot in. No, we’re not. We wouldn’t. Even though we are entirely in disagreement with him and his organisation. We are following this story because of the momentous impact what he’s done will have on the rest of us. We’ve long argued that what they do has repercussions for us all, hence our commentaries.

Sewell has forbidden his followers from associating with the Australia First Party, which means reading anything NAB posts. So, it’s not like they’ve ever read our wisdom, and they’re unlikely to read this. But it doesn’t matter, this is the pattern, the cycle, the nature of how it goes.


    1. I butted heads with this clown on Gab only days before this incident. I told him he’s going to find himself in trouble. And I also called him out as a potential threat to the rest of us, but at that time I didn’t know who he is. I was shocked when I saw the video – why would you even post it? The likes of him do more damage than anyone else.

  1. Way too wordy for most. All you had to say was “Yet, Sewell could also, just as reasonably, have lost it. He could be so wrapped up in his ego that these things happened, not because he’s a snitch, but through his unbridled hubris.”

    I saw the video and that’s exactly what happened. This guy’s a douche

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