April 21, 2021


According to A Current Affair Tom Sewell, head of the National Socialist Network is “on the run” from Victoria Police following an alleged assault on a security guard at Nine’s Melbourne headquarters.

ACA tonight ran a piece of state-based propaganda, as it does, reporting on ‘extremist groups’ and the current inquiry on radical groups before the parliament. Their focus was on the National Socialist Network (NSN) and appears to presage exactly what we have argued, that they are the target of the current committee investigating Security and Terrorism.

At the end of the report, ACA host Tracy Grimshaw provided a ‘breaking’ update, giving the impression that while the show was on the air, Sewell and another man had turned up at Nine’s HQ demanding to speak with journalists. In truth, they arrived hours beforehand. She said that after being asked to leave, a guard was allegedly assaulted by Sewell, who then took flight along with the other man. She added that CCTV footage was being handed over to police.

His arrest is imminent, although, we’re not in the habit of believing what Nine tells us. They have been most active in attacking patriot groups and seem to have a direct line to Police and Security Services. Camera footage posted to NSN’s Telegram page is indeterminate. It is taken as the NSN leader and the male filming are led out of Nine’s foyer by a large security guard who is black.

After Sewell and the accompanying male step out of the revolving door, he complains to his companion that “he tried to take our stuff” although neither appears to be carrying much.

Sewell is dressed in shorts, trainers and a T-shirt with a cap covering a shaven head. However, because they linger momentarily the black-skinned guard comes outside highlighting an area that they’ll be allowed to film from beyond a certain perimeter. Momentarily the guard is seen blocking the camera lens when the person filming taunts him by saying, “Dance monkey, dance.”

The security guard can be heard replying, “I am not a dancing monkey.” Right here is a charge of racial vilification. Police will insist upon it.

At this point, the person filming momentarily lowers the camera just as Sewell is seen delivering a succession of blows to the guard, who is taken down by Sewell. A woman is heard yelling, “Get off him, leave him alone!”

Eventually separating, Sewell gets up and steps back but is followed by the guard. Sewell, his T-shirt ripped, squares up once more and takes another strike, but it’s unclear if the punch connects. As others arrive to urge calm the guard walks towards the building while Sewell berates him, “You can’t touch people, you fucked with the wrong person.”

Charges will almost certainly be laid and if Sewell posted the video hoping to prove his innocence, or argue incitement in his defence, he shouldn’t get his hopes up.

It is unclear at the point the camera holder uses the slur and the instant of distraction before Sewell attacks him who touched who. Sewell is at one moment aside from the guard but at the point at which he is allegedly “touched” he is up in his face raining rabbit punches to the larger black male. CCTV footage is unlikely to prove favourable to Sewell. However, the claim that he and his cohort ‘ran away’ is false and misleading.  Likewise, to air the ‘breaking’ news of the assault when it happened hours before the show went to air is pure Nine.

Sewell will be convicted no matter what his argument is. His friend is very likely to be charged with racial vilification. Both will be very likely be fined and given orders. If that is so then each will have a criminal record.

The question is, what were they doing walking into the enemy’s den? Nine headquarters is the equivalent of an ASIO compound. We assume he was seeking a ‘platform’ during the airing of the NSN piece, hoping to talk his way on air, excited by recruitment possibilities.

The veracity of the segment is dubious, of course, and pulling in Zionist Dvir Abramovich to argue for the feelings of what might well be mythical Holocaust Survivors as he seeks a swastika ban was out of the handbook.

What we hadn’t seen was footage of the NSN chanting, “KU KLUX KLAN, KU KLUX KLAN.” Likewise, a video of Thomas Sewell in his car sermonising about how Adolf Hitler was the “greatest man who has lived in the past 2000 years” is, as we’ve said all along, handing ASIO and the establishment everything they want to proscribe the NSN. Likewise, it is offensive to Australian nationalists. But worst of all it is ‘boobhead’ behaviour.

Turning up at Nine and reacting in that way has just dropped the cherry on the icing. Sewell is a dangerous man, not with his fists alone, but we are inclined to suspect something is wrong with him. He seems to be on a religious crusade oblivious to the mistaken direction of his group and his shortcomings as a person.

We have argued that the group will be added to ASIO’s list of terror groups, not over anything they’ve done but for the threat that they pose in terms of inspiring lone-wolf attackers. This was mentioned by more than one of the show’s experts (sic). Nonetheless, what they’ve done publically, and what is in their videos, is enough to swing public opinion to ASIO’s side. The airing of the programme convinces us that ASIO is preparing to classify them as a terror group. They all but said so.

We have no truck with NSN and are fierce critics of both of them and all like them. We are furious, in fact, because what they do, we have long argued, impacts us.

We are not them, but what of the future? It will not be as simple as NSN shutting down and regrouping under a new brand. There will be mechanisms in place to prevent them from doing so. Individuals will then be unusable to any organisation; they will be tarred for life. If, for instance, one were to enlist in a group with a cleaner slate, and which disavowed the Rockwell shenanigans of the NSN, the imputation created by the former-NSN soldier’s presence would infect the group. It might even lead to their proscription as an organisation. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton announced during the programe that ASIO had applied for an application against Sonnenkrieg Division, a UK-based group.

This is what comes of mixing ego, kids, and ignorance with a cult that has absolutely nothing to do with the Australian identity, the cause of nationalism in this country, or the rehabilitation of the Australian system.