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Taika Waititi (AKA David Cohen) is a Jewish Polynesian director who Hollywood has hired to direct the latest in the horrendous Thor franchise based on his awful anti-White picture Jojo Rabbit.

Yes, a man with a predisposition for attacking White people makes the perfect director for a character that is themed around the Vikings’ greatest god. We await Disney’s decision to portray Thor as a black woman in upcoming pictures.

Yesterday, on the anniversary of the death of British explorer Captain Cook at the hands of Hawaiian savages, the racially prejudiced multiracial director used his Wokeness to “celebrate” Cook’s slaughter. He is not expected to be fired by Disney, unlike Gina Carano, who was sacked from the Star Wars-spinoff The Maldorian for comparing the treatment of conservatives to the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis in an Instagram post.

Carano’s immediate dismissal and the ‘statement’ that accompanied only proved her comparison apposite while the non-sacking of the Jewish-Maori race-baiter for his historically-disingenuous attitude to a harmless ‘explorer’ goes unpunished. Ironically, Waititi is one of those hired by George Lucas as a director of that franchise. Hopefully, his shellacking will come at the box office when a combination of COVID and an audience fed-up with shabbily recreated comic-book superheroes and bad Star Wars spin-offs combine to form the perfect conditions for audiences to reject his directorial travesty.

So, what was the offending ‘Tweet’ by this barely-civilised ‘director’? The Maori Tweeted, “Today we celebrate love, and also fondly remember the demise of Captain Cook at the hands of beautiful Hawaiin natives, in 1779.” We see what you did there, Maori man, what with the “love” followed by the extreme prejudice of a coloured man with nothing else to whine about but “historic” racism. Only, Captain Cook wasn’t a ‘historic’ racist, he was an accomplished explorer and adventurer, something a narrow-mind like Waititi’s couldn’t comprehend.  What’s more, it’s funny how this type of coloured person who loves to shout about “cultural appropriation” has no problem immersing themselves in the technologies produced by White man’s magic. But that aside.

Why was Cook killed? That’s a question that Waititi would spring an aneurism trying to answer. Was it because he and his men were rounding on the ‘natives’ and forcing them to pick cotton on the pristine beaches? Were they preparing to haul them back to England for the slave trade? The Hawaiians had mistaken Cook for the god Lono. When Cook made a return visit to Kealakekua Bay with his ships the Discovery and Resolution it was during the natives’ celebrations of the god Lono. Putting two and two together and coming up with five, it was believed that Cook was Lono, whose arrival oddly aligned with a mythical prophecy about the god’s return.

Naturally, it would’ve been rude, and even dangerous, to disabuse the locals of their firmly held beliefs. This is what happened, though, when locals began to suspect that Cook and his crew weren’t gods after all. When a crewman died, they began to suspect that something was up. It was a timely decision then to return to the sea, but when a raging storm forced both ships back to the island to make repairs, the crews were not welcomed as before. The hospitality of the locals suddenly ceased and the explorers found themselves dodging rocks and spears. When some of the natives stole a small cutter vessel from the Discovery, a low ranking Hawaiian chief was shot. Things went further downhill from there when Cook’s party was mobbed. They fired at the savages but were outnumbered, and Cook, standing by his men, was killed with a spear. A few managed to return to their ship.

However, it didn’t all go the Hawaiians’ way, and we’re happy to report that both vessels blasted the island shore with musket and cannon fire and thirty of the heathens were righteously killed. Which means those of us with a nasty streak could use the following day to celebrate the deaths of the murderous Hawaiians only we’re not that petty. Plus, it’s history, and we do not judge the actions of either side. It just was. The shock of the new, as it were.

What we do judge are those who judge history with a non-informed bias, such as this untalented Jewish-Maori director. What’s up his nose anyway? It’s just fashionable at this point in the decline of the west to celebrate anything that exacerbates the end of civilisation as we’ve known it. Disney and their agents of decay, such as Waititi (or Cohen) are at the forefront of this cultural and ideological vandalism.

But if we’re to be accurate about history, then the “real” Disney, Mister Walt Disney, would be spinning in his grave if he came back and saw what they’ve done to his company. Plus, how is Waititi “indigenous” when half his family are Russian Jews?

Cultural sensitivity Jewish-Maori style


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