April 20, 2021


It is time for every nation on earth to withdraw funding for the World Health Organisation. This dubious international body has come back from its laughable investigations in the offending capital of Wuhan, where the world knows COVID-19 spread from, claiming everyone but the Chinese are responsible.

They have suggested that Australian beef caused the outbreak. Yes, our beef exports which are second to none, are said to have begun the Kung Flu epidemic. No guessing why China’s new little puppet bureau would suggest that.

Meanwhile, they’re giving a clean pass to the rancid and disgusting wet markets where their savage race gorges itself on every glorious creature that God made. Nothing is off the menu for this rapacious breed, a menu which is at once revolting and alarming. The conditions of this market are so unsanitary that the gestating diseases outnumber the animals by about a thousand to one.

China is involved in a propaganda and trade war with Australia as punishment for us daring to have suggested their culpability for creating the C-19 pandemic, as well as other actions which have displeased the regressive authoritarian state. China is currently creating the impression that it intends to build an equivalent to its Spratley Island military bases on our doorstep in PNG.

The bellicose and sociopathic Chinese government has been ranting, raving, sabre-rattling, and carrying on like a slanty-eyed Veruca Salt on methylamphetamine. The lying, the white-washing, the cover-ups, the detentions, it all marks what a major nightmare the US has helped to create over the years. China is, without putting a too finer point on it, the evilest country on earth. Next to America. No nation should trade with China, no nation should even allow China to set up a consulate on its land. One Chinese allowed in is to set up the inevitable influx of millions of the soulless vipers. All the good Chinese are either in detention or died from the China virus. Those who would speak out against this disgraceful affront to humanity, which is the CCP, are in no position to. So we’ll say it for them. And we guess we make the distinction between the party and the Chinese people because they’re not necessarily the same. The CCP represents that small percentage of bad that has managed to secure control over the majority good. Having said, we’d prefer no Chinese in Australia whatsoever. None. Not even a single owner of a noodle shop. They can’t be trusted, the ones here, because the chances are too high that they’re working to support the CCP. Besides that, it would spoil the monocultural future we have planned.

Plus, what they view as food, we regard as protected wildlife. Keeping the Chinese population fed would be the easiest proposition on earth given they’d eat anything. In that sense, we could make a killing farming centipedes, roaches and other insects and shipping them over as delicacies.