In the wee hours, in time for New Year’s Day, Scott Morrison greenlighted the changing of the controversial lyrics of our national anthem from ‘we are young and free’, to ‘we are one and free.’

This was to appease the Aboriginal lobby, a group that is supporting ‘inclusivity’ for disparate peoples who do everything imaginable to make it clear they want no part of this country.

As NSW One Nation political huckster and opportunist Mark Latham quickly leapt to point out, Aborigines were never a nation. Moreover, with the adoption of a separate flag, and perennial utterances of discord, they choose to remain apart from Australian society.

Likewise, proving that nothing you ever do will create anything but more demands, punch-drunk serial-quibbler Anthony Mundine, a  man with three-quarters of a brain, baulked at Morrison’s gesture. He said, “one word doesn’t change a thing.” Mundine is an example of a man well hard done by the system. His success was attributable to overcoming systemic racism and Jim Crow style adversity. At least, in his dreams.

Which brings us to the anthem and the lyrics. We for one find the anthem embarrassing. It can never be an acceptable anthem so long as Australia remains a land of opportunity restricted to the looters and internationalists. If it gives an impression at all, the anthem creates the false ideal of living down under.

Any such anthem should lay down the law as far as the rules go – that this is a land that is White and free. And right at the moment, under the enforced restraints of this bogus COVID-19 virus, nobody is much free. What’s more, it’s been an eerily long time since we were last White.

Australia is a mess from top to bottom and all that our ‘leader’ can do is throw us a gesture so token and wide of the mark one has to wonder whether he isn’t losing his marbles.

The Australian national anthem certainly needs new lyrics, but they can only come after major reforms, such as ending multiracialism and shutting the borders. They can only come when the noose of international finance is no longer around our collective neck. They can only come when every last link to the China threat, every last Chinese person has been chased back to the fatherland. They can only come when manufacturing returns to our shores.

And they can only come when we stop thinking about Aborigines altogether and let them think for themselves.

Aborigines have no idea what is going on, for if they did, they would speak up about immigration and how it only further marginalises them. They would cease all involvement with hard-Left organisations which only ever exploit them for the furtherance of their agenda.

Latham was right to say that Aborigines never understood nationhood and they still don’t. Yet, we are choking on small acts of deference to them, such as the ridiculous Welcome to Country ceremony, which was knocked up a few decades back by comedian Ernie Dingo and his pal. It was never real, and it is not a custom, but they’ve made it so and treat this farce with solemnity and the gravity of the occasion.

We have been forced to wear the motif of Aboriginality like a Hawaiian tourist has a lei slapped around his neck when he steps off the plane.

If it weren’t so insincere it would be a cause for violent opposition. Every time we log onto a public service page we have to read a deprecating statement about how the dept recognises that Aborigines were the first custodians of this land, or whatever their message is.

Where original Australian art should be used as appurtenances for national exposure we are forced to take the cave paintings and scribbles of the Aborigines, which is not an identity most of us wish to share. Celebrating the primitive, placing a caveman on a stool is the equivalent of scooping up dog droppings.

We are not young and free anyway, we are neither of those things. Furthermore, who the hell is “we” and how are we “one”? Are we one with the Lebanese community and its countless crime families? Are we ‘one’ with the Africans and their incessant attacks on our space and disturbances in our community? Are we ‘one’ with the Islanders who’ve taken over our favourite sport, and who stand to bash us at the doors of licensed venues anywhere we go?

Are we ‘one’ with the Chinese who are segregating deeper into their communities in anticipation of the word from China to start setting up a communist state here? Are we as ‘one’ with the Indians who swarm our cities and suburbs in their customary garb and take every menial job away from increasingly needy Australians?

Who the hell are ‘we’ anyway? Until that is sorted any attempt to glow about unity is not only cheesy but it’s propaganda. It’s false, untrue, a lie.

Aboriginal determination is for the Aborigines, and it’s important we don’t stand in their way. But this ‘white guilt’ nonsense is just about a treasonable offence. It is causing great division and leading to decisions like Morrison’s which are concessions to the enemy no matter what we might think about the goofy anthem.

Which is another thing, the utter untrustworthiness of the conservative. For some reason, they’re back in vogue, when only five years ago the Alt-Right ridiculed them as ‘cuckservatives’. And Morrison proves exactly why, because if ever a ‘cucked’ act had been committed it is now. With this lyric. With the anthem.


  1. Maybe Mundine should migrate to Africa where the infant mortality rate is about four to eight times that of Aboriginal Australians. The fact is Aboriginals have a pretty cushy existence compared to the majority of people in black-run countries.

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