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Africans in western Australia have welcomed in the festive season with their traditional round of rioting, this time at an out-of-control party in a Perth suburb on Boxing day.

Around 200 non-distancing Africans went berserk when police were called by concerned neighbours worried by the escalating noise and sounds of fighting.

African partygoers took unkindly to this culturally insensitive intrusion. They set about arming themselves with whatever they could lay their hands on; fence palings, bricks, iron bars and other items that could be considered a reasonable use of force when being assaulted by members of the WA Police.

Eventually, the riot squad reacted when — due to what must’ve been a cultural misunderstanding — the raging mob of black teens refused to disperse or throw down their weapons.

Police used excessive force, shoving the teens down the street with their polycarbonate shields, while forcing the suburb into lockdown as they tried to move on the whooping and jeering throng, ordering residents back into their homes for their safety.

But the Africans knew their rights, as solid Australian citizens, and stood firm, fighting back. The engagement pushed on for an entire kilometre with the horde eventually dispersing, many carjacking a lift home wherever they could find a motorist who was easy prey… probably.

Police arrested two stragglers for failing to adhere to a move-on notice, forgetting that these were blacks, and under new UN-agreed protocols are exempted for punishment from what privileged White people refer to as ‘crimes.’

Faithful to this new annual ritual, the riot erupted at an Airbnb booked under a bogus pretext by two of the female members of the tribe as per African custom. The host of the party was too shy to respond to 7-news’ journalists, but her tipsy friend said that they told the owners it was for a “romantic getaway”.

As a result of the owners’ inability to inquire as to the hosts’ race, their property, of which this was its first-ever booking, is now also its last. The house is now one of hundreds on Airbnb’s blacklist. Um, or whatever the politically-correct term for blacklist happens to be at the moment. Not that it matters since the property was destroyed.

The owners failed to apprehend her meaning when she referred to a “romantic getaway.” What she meant was that anyone feeling romantic should ‘get-the-hell-away’. After all, these kids were raised under traumatic circumstances, like being born in an Australian hospital, with free healthcare.

The United Nations is very proud of what they’ve achieved for Australia by steering us away from any monocultural inclination which would’ve robbed us of the opportunity to be unsafe on our streets. Such protection is these days considered ‘White privilege’ and therefore racist, so it makes sense that Australia should become as dangerous as the hellholes from which these Africans were ‘rescued’.

Oh, and the ‘Air’ in Airbnb, we just figured out stands for ‘Africans Inevitably Riot’.


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