Merry Reset!

New Australian Bulletin has just been visited by a big fat man with a white beard and red velvet disco tweeds who reached into a sack and pulled out a statement to the effect that from now on the holiday formerly known as Christmas shall be hailed as ‘the Reset.’

So, in that spirit, we give thanks this year for all the security measures that have been undertaken in our name to protect us from catching the flu called COVID-19. Yet, we also give thanks that the ‘free world’ is now in the hands of an aged swindler named Joe Biden, and his ambitious black sidekick Kamala Harris, who wants his job, and will probably have him knocked off if she doesn’t get it soon.

We give thanks that every covert section of the American deep state worked in unison to oust the rebel Donald Trump and ensure that the Great Reset passes unhindered.

We eagerly look forward to the mandatory ‘vaccine’ which will turn our arm green and make our heads glow luminous orange. We will take this jab for the good of a new society in which the rich get super-rich and we have nothing and ‘are happy’.

As we learned this year, freedom is overrated and far too dangerous. Thus, we trust in those people who we’ve never heard of or laid eyes on to make our world better for coloured people and those with lots and lots of money. They are better people than us and deserve much more.

Anyway, we have unpaid work to do, so have a merry reset and tell everyone you know that the vaccine jab will be good for them, their family, and every black person.

Black people are the best people on earth. After rich global-tech oligarchs, of course. Oh, and let’s not forget manufacturers of environmentally sustainable cars: One of them owns a rocket!

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