On November 14, two “Antifa-types” were caught on CCTV throwing masonry and bricks at the Australia First headquarters in Tempe. Windows were broken, and a glass table, where many a nationalist has sat and enjoyed an afternoon, smashed. A week later, the same two are believed to have returned and a vicious assault with a deadly weapon occurred. This following statement was released by the Australia First Party.

On Saturday, November 21 at about 5.55 pm, a person working at Australia First Party offices in Sydney, was attacked by a balaclava-wearing and hammer-wielding assailant.

While unconfirmed at this time, this assailant is probably associated with new Antifa structures.

Regrettably, a hiatus in security allowed the male intruder to gain access to the rear courtyard of the building, while a door left open for just a few minutes granted him actual access to the premises. He proceeded to damage property of all sorts.

Confronted by our member who came downstairs too quickly while still not realising the intruder was inside, the assailant raised the hammer and ran to the attack. A glancing blow struck our man’s face as he managed to sidestep the direction of the blow. He then responded by punching the intruder to the head and a wild melee developed. Our member disarmed the man who ran outside and fled. Our man was left with some minor cuts and bruises.

This incident took place one week after a couple appeared at the building and proceeded to throw masonry as best they could. Several missiles were hurled at a window, the roof and a table in the rear area. They caused minor damage. This offence occurred Saturday, November 14 at 3.40 pm. Our offices had been unattended for a couple of hours that day, with a female assistant leaving
just an hour prior. 

On this occasion, CCTV caught images of the offenders. Any person able to reasonably identify the couple (as shown) should contact us at once. We are not saying that these persons are necessarily connected to the burglary and hammer attack on November 21.

These events at our Sydney offices are reasonably a dangerous escalation in the war against Australian nationalism as conducted by globalist and Antifa groups. We have stood our ground and will continue to do so in the service of our Australian People and Nation.



Below are images of the two suspects. Anybody who has any information or suspects who the two may be please contact

Both the AFP and Marrickville Police will be very interested, and the matter is being taken very seriously. Other footage, of a much clearer quality, is with Police but we do not have access.

This is yet another example of the danger posed by the Far-Left, which has been nurtured by Facebook terrorists such as Professor Rob Sparrow’s ‘Slackbastard’, Tom Tanuki, and the Antifascist collective.

Almost all of these may have had some involvement and knows the persons responsible.

At a time when the American Labor Party senator Kristina Keneally is predictably baying for a Senate inquiry into the Far-Right, this is yet one more example they are (deliberately) looking in the wrong direction.

Previously, Antifa attacked an AFP polling booth in 2015, assaulting a young bloke who was not a member. In 2016, Antifa members ran an ill-fated ‘raid’ on the AFP headquarters resulting on the son of the Party’s president being assaulted, although he knocked out one of those responsible. He is not a nationalist. Antifa members were charged and convicted. The media were silent.

The CFMMEU thug David Gullis has been identified as the culprit of several assaults and threatening the lives of Nathan Sykes and Dr Jim Saleam, the former a member of the AFP who maintains that he is the victim of a state-contrived plan between the former leader of the Melbourne Anarchist Club, Victoria Police, NSW Police and elements within the Neo-Nazi and Patriot milieus to convict him over a matter.

The former’s home was attacked by the Antifa thug, Gullis, but police refused to pursue the matter, choosing instead to charge him.

We are at a very dangerous crossroads and these two will not be allowed to get away with what they’ve done. Nor will we be quiet about state involvement. All those mentioned are potentially involved, and any troll commenting on social media should have their profile thoroughly scanned for any links.
It is the duty of every nationalist in Australia to be aware of these two and to do their best to bring them to account.

Also, it’s very likely that the Australian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), also has knowledge. Their “leader”, who was charged with assault against two elderly communists, is named Yusef or Yuseth. He has previously made threats of violence against both the aforementioned and was present with Antifa detritus at Newtown Court earlier in the year when protesting against the miscegenationist turned Hitlerist, Nick Folkes.

Members are identifiable in a video released by a grouplet that called itself ‘Brave and Stunning Neo-Antifascists of Warrang’.

Attack one, we all react.


Yusef previously made serious threats. He is an inner-Sydney dweller and fancies himself as Che Guevara
Recognize this fool? His T-shirt has a distinctive emblem and may be a Communist Party crest. Likewise, he has a ponytail hairstyle


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