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It would be a rare occasion on which I’d admit that Julia Baird had inspired me to write an article, but here it be.

Soft-eyed and pretty as one of those 1960’s big-eyed kid prints, lovely Julia was last evening wittering on about misogyny and the “manosphere” during her hosting slot on ABC’s The Drum. Some sad miscreants are sending her death and rape threats via her online accounts, so Julia and her allies in the sisterhood are marshalling their forces and setting forth to do something about it.

The advice offered by other, presumably more level-headed friends, to simply quit social media is not good enough for Julia. A full-scale inquisition is required to drag these horrible geeks and trolls out into the sunlight. Quite apart from the fact that the main personality defect afflicting internet trolls is sadism and not misogyny, disconnecting from social media is the only concrete action a person can take to stop the harassment.

The more the target struggles in the face of persistent online abuse the bigger the payoff for her tormentors; sadists of this type also get a thrill from the vicarious humiliation of their victims during the inevitable “backlash” upon speaking out against trolling. It is a lose/lose situation for the target.

This isn’t a chicken-or-egg situation either, it is perfectly true to say that, as far as the online anti-feminist milieu is concerned their actions began as a proportionate response to the provocations by self-described feminists back in around 2013 as the online tendency we now know as Wokeness began to take form.

Wokeness itself had by this stage taken on many of the aspects of abusive trolling until it became today’s fully-fledged intellectual bludgeon which is used by the likes of your average Drum panellist to stun and pacify normal people and nudge them to the margins.

The certified Woke social media users employ this hammer to humiliate and torment those they view as not “properly evolved” to ensure that only approved voices can be heard online.

The construction of an arsenal of acronyms, identity politics and confusing rhetoric of the Woke nomenklatura and its deployment in culling the unworthy from the new online public fora is done with all the sick zeal of the sadists and trolls they claim to be fighting.

The purpose of social media is to make money and this new caste of Woke influencers form a strange sort of volunteer middle-management able to, with a word to the bosses, elevate or banish people from an online service.

Wokeness is fast becoming a Byzantine network of power and patronage providing a supporting structure for the new online capitalist order; replete with lords and vassals, roving ambassadors of other sympathetic ideas and wacky theologians all vying for status in a system of court intrigue and Machiavellian scheming.

To the normal person, whose life has meaning and whose fortunes are tied to the real world rather than social media and the latest capitalist hierarchy, the Woke caste is quickly coming to be seen as the enemies and oppressors, even if the working people cannot always accurately articulate why that has come to pass.

This is because the Woke rhetoric uses a suite of cruel tricks to attack the self-worth of anyone who is seen as problematic or a threat to the new order; couched as it is in terms of equity and social-justice raw-power that can be exercised by the capitalist elite by playing on the essentially good nature of normal people.

Julia Baird moments before getting a crippling migraine

In the online realm, resistance is futile, social media is modern-day capitalism, the only way to fight back is to boycott the hierarchies of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and fortunately the more fanatical and sadistic Woke devotees have only limited means of hurting you in the real world.

The normal person cannot change the minds of the Woke caste because their lives are enmeshed in the system and their loyalty to the corporation which supplies their sense of self-worth and that perennial rush of endorphins from the approval of their peers is absolute. So, arguing with them is pointless given their persona is likely to be bristling with defensive traps to humiliate and harm the “unevolved”. There was a saying going about that arguing online was like competing in the Special Olympics: even if you win, you’re still retarded. This is true now more than ever.

As for the occasions when the values of the Woke managerial caste are imposed upon the workers down along the supply chain the tried and true tactics of the activist-worker should be applied.

Record all training sessions if possible and treat every interaction with management as if it is going to lead to you putting your case to a Fair Work tribunal or a court, join a trade union and insist that they properly represent their workers.

There are encouraging signs that labour advocates are beginning to move against the new capitalist model and its corrupted, anti-worker hiring and firing practices, the so-called “gig economy” is one manifestation of this.

If you are a normal, well-adjusted person who wants a quiet life you do not need social media anyway, you won’t lose touch with anyone important if you ditch your online accounts, you’ll be less stressed and have far more time on your hands. Speaking from experience I can say that it is a bit like giving up smoking, you feel weird at first but after a few days everything settles and you find other things with which to occupy yourself.

Cut off from the main arteries of oppressive Wokeness you will quickly come to see how little of the online world of the Nomenklatura intrudes upon reality; like almost all the other components of the online universe, this seemingly pervasive and indomitable system struggles to survive in the wild.

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