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Organisms that enter ecosystems which are not their own can become an invasive species and pose an existential threat to the environment’s natural inhabitants. Likewise, introduced species have the same detrimental impact. Sometimes a species is introduced specifically to eradicate another that has become a pest.

Two species of animal that are especially potent destroyers of indigenous wildlife are rats, which, being omnivores, will devastate far more than the other chief destroyer, the cat.

Again, the solution to removing one pest is often to introduce another. Take, for instance, the iconic cane toad. Introduced to deal with a variety of pests threatening crops of sugar cane in Australia’s north, they’ve become a national nuisance in their own right. The introduction of one species to curb the spread of another is known as the biological control method.

Biological control was often the best solution to a devastating problem with severe economic ramifications. However, it replaced one set of problems with another. In human society, the same strategy is applied: introducing people to an area guarantees the vanquishing of the occupying race. Israel is doing this in Gaza, with settlers, just as China does in Tibet; it’s been a historical situation that has led to many a present-day beef about sovereignty.

A nationalist lecturing from a former colony may appear to be on a slippery slope when using such an analogy to describe the fate befalling the White population with the introduction of extraneous human species such as Africans, Arabs, Asians and Indians into their countries.

Employing this argument will draw inevitable comparisons with the Aborigine and the White settlers, and in a sense, that’d be fair enough. Yet, it would be far from a fait accompli for a winning debate should the debater choose to argue that side. White settlers, were, as opposed to a noxious species that harmed the environment’s current inhabitants, bringers of the modern age. They were builders, toilers, innovators and healers. Just in the same way, more that is good came of Apartheid in South Africa than now exists without it. And so on…

Too few appreciate the truth of the indifference of reality, which is what the Aborigines encountered when the tall ships dropped anchor outside of Sydney cove. If it weren’t for the rule of evolution then we’d still be wearing fully body beards and chipping rock with flintstone. But those Neanderthals had to make way for a more advanced species. As such, modernity came to the land where Aboriginals roamed in disparate tribes, untouched, and uninfluenced for better or worse.

As the American nativist Jared Taylor has argued, modern-day taboos all exist around race. In Australia, that taboo would be to contend that Aborigines are a primitive race with a brain that belongs to an earlier species of mankind.

This is not an insult, nor a preface to the justification for the genocide of their people; it’s just a scientific fact. These kinds of ‘facts’ are unwelcomed in the age of the new taboo. They fly in the face of a newly minted dogma that seeks to elevate lesser beings to an equal status with higher-performing biological species of human for nebulous reasons of ‘social harmony.’

The loudest proponents of Aboriginal rights are those with little to no Aboriginal blood that, thanks to the great ‘taboo’, must still be recognised as Aboriginal. Why do the Aborigines not object to this? It is patent biological assimilation and genocide. How many pureblood Aborigines remain and why aren’t laws in existence to protect them rather than allow their passive genocide through interbreeding? The liberalism that condemns nationalists as ‘racist’ are the very ones enabling the destruction of Aborigines.

This situation would require the segregation of Aborigines for their biological, cultural, and existential wellbeing.

At the time of the arrival of Europeans to this country, such ethical standards as those of today did not exist in the same manner. Nevertheless, the conscience of most of the governors did and so little credit is given to those others, such as Captain Cook who was but an explorer, for their moral compass which guided them every bit like that which showed them east from west.

The Reset requires a blanket black-or-white perception of our history because the real thing is so seldom taught.

In that regard, England did not “introduce” its convicts to eradicate Aborigines. No such agenda was afoot. Can the same be said of the importation of masses of Africans, and the like?

A secret international meeting at a secluded mountain retreat somewhere to discuss the reshaping of the world along racial lines never took place, these changes just happened. Ideas of the sort had existed beforehand, such as those of the subject of the inspiration for the war hero in Casablanca, Victor Laszlo. The character was based on Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, an Austrian Japanese with a plan for a ‘pan Europa’, or pan Europe (Hitler dismissed Kalergi as an aller welts Bastarden, or common bastard, a slight on his ‘cosmopolitan’ origins). But, Kalergi’s plans never got a foothold although many in the WN movement maintain that it has echoes of today’s forced immigration policies. Whether or not that’s where these policies began, is a moot point, since the process exists. Whether it had an origin in a concerted plan to extinguish the White races, the result is the same, as admitted by their demographic projections.

We argue they’ve introduced an invasive species, to do the job. They began with opening the floodgates to Asians, to compete with us via their industriousness, thence to the Lebanese, whose crude cultural forms and peasant-like chauvinism resulted in a fracturing of established communities and the rise of major crime families, along with the takeover of bikie gangs. Then came the Indians, whose prolific numbers would overwhelm us, the Islanders, whose imposing physical presence would create a tier of fear in lower-economic areas where they established tribal enclaves. And now, Africans, whose violence, whose utter blindness to others outside of themselves would eat us up and sooner or later, given their proclivity for reproducing, like the Indians and Chinese, breed us out of our homeland, which they will wreck along the way.

The existence of a ‘conspiracy theory’ to rationalise a framework is not even required, since the evidence of what’s occurring is a means to the same sends.

Blacks commit crimes against Whites in unprecedented numbers, yet black lives matter. We get this from American statistics, and the last bit, from American politics. Much of our suffering has been induced by a partnership with the United States which has seen us contract every illness that their sick society has thrown up.

Their toxic culture has poisoned and, broadly speaking, replaced our own, just as with an introduced species. Their imperialistic military adventures have become our own. Their embracing of what WNs call White Genocide in 1965 became our own in 1967, and we’ve been following that in a somnambulist fashion that doesn’t even require committees or paperwork. We just think and do what they demand.

We apologise to the White Americans — the real Americans — who suffer from this, but our criticisms are their own. We are united in that point of view.

Africans and others will be the death of us: it’s as though they were introduced here expressly to perform that function of biological control. Just today, NAB reported on another ‘incident’ with the African community rioting in tribal numbers. They were quiet during the shutdown and, hitherto, have been more of a problem in Victoria. Yet, they will migrate through the states, and not be bound by any region.

Today, The Daily Telegraph reported on unnamed whistle-blowers in the education sector revealing the reality of teaching in ‘lower socio-economic areas.’ What they meant, and what they said when referring to ‘cultural factors’ was non-White. The school in question was James Busby High School in Sydney’s desolate west, the ‘starting point’ for those ‘re-settlers’ brought in by our government to ‘biologically control’ Whites. We have included a picture of some of its “shining stars” (sic) from the school’s webpage.

The “shining stars” of James Busby High

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