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Surry Hills, in inner-Sydney, resembled downtown Mogadishu on Saturday morning as police struggled to break up an out-of-control party involving over 100 of our African replacements.

A female constable had to be rescued after being physically dragged inside the residence by a multitude of wildly intoxicated black males. So calamitous was the scene that the Public Order and Riot Squad had to be called in to deal with the mass of black rioters, who jeered at police.

The trouble began at 1:00 am with neighbours calling police with complaints about the excessive noise coming from the short-term rental apartment. When they arrived the officers were unable to gain entrance to the premises as revellers physically blocked doors.

Police Rescue eventually managed to break down the door, after several attempts.

A witness told the Saturday Telegraph, “It became quite a dangerous situation as police were severely outnumbered by the partygoers.

“I heard reports that partygoers tried to drag police into the unit and close the door. Other people were jumping off the unit balcony as well,” she said.

Police brought in reinforcements but the crowd became aggressive and they were forced to deploy capsicum spray resulting in an African woman suffering a panic attack and shrieking terribly.

Another witness reported, “They stormed the unit clearing out the occupants. Some occupants scuffled with police requiring police to use force to quell the uprising. There was plenty of screaming going on but after about 15 minutes police had control and started moving on the majority of partygoers.”

A male and female constable was taken to nearby St Vincent’s Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Police made several arrests and charged two women and a man. All are due to face Downing Centre Local Court in the New Year.

We are just relieved that no black life was harmed during the heavy-handed police response, which we assume was related to the result of the US election. It is very clear to us as that Surry Hills Police are Trump supporters.

But to be fair, at least none of the precious Africans who, again, are our replacements was charged with violating any COVID-19 nonsense.


Don’t worry, readers, him is a good boy, him dindu nuffin!

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