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The word ‘appropriation’ is a favourite in the culture wars. It signifies all the great things Whites have stolen from blacks, such as braided hair, twerking, confusing handshakes, crack and the word ‘nigga’.

But we’ve also unashamedly robbed them of their greater achievements, such as the printing press, western medicine, the aqueduct, painting, classical music, the steam engine, the telegraph, electricity, the light bulb, the bicycle, motorcars, the first aircraft (including the hot air balloon), right up to the transistor radio, television, Jesus, rocket science, and digital technology.

This is an imperfect list and follows no correct chronological order, but if you follow Nutflix and other streaming services long enough that’s the exact view of history that you will be exposed to. Take, for example, the latest garbage series this besieged ‘service’ is promoting. Titled Bridgerton, it’s based on a set of period-piece novels by a White American woman Julia Quinn, who is herself guilty of appropriating English history to sell what the Poms term “pish”.

The stories take their dubious arc from the ‘golden era’ of London high society, where blacks were prized guests and themselves great influencers at the lavish balls and tea ceremonies of the languorous aristocracy. At least according to this Netflix adaptation by — hang on to your crack pipes — Chris Van Dusen and Shonda Rhimes.

Now, is Shonda a person’s name or a Jewish holiday? We can’t be sure. However, the surname Rhimes is a dead giveaway as to the show’s second producer’s ethnic background. Yes, she is as black as a starless night — as ebony as a charred tree-stump. If she popped the lid on a barrel of crude oil and looked inside all she would see reflected at her, would be her teeth and eyeballs.

Never heard of her? We’re sorry to spoil all that but she is, according to Time Magazine, one of 2007’s ‘100 People Who Change The World’. How does she do this, or did this? Firstly, she was the ‘head showrunner’ along with a whole lot of other job titles for the show Grey’s Anatomy that nobody at NAB has ever watched, nor is ever likely to.

On the back of that and other crap, she has been handed an honorary doctorate from Dartmouth College, either for her ‘work’ creating junk for the idiot box, or for being black, one of the two.

However, Shonda, who now has her own production company (like Oprah) Shondaland, didn’t shoot her way out of the ghetto with two gats and a low-slung Uzi. Nope, her daddy was a university administrator and her ‘mums’ was a college professor. Struggling up from the disadvantage of that background has naturally led her to embrace her cultural roots for all the historic oppression she’s suffered from being a woman of colour. Although, technically black is not a colour.

So, instead of joining Black Lives Matter in street marches, she’s decided to tinker with history and make it blacker. Or black, since the history in question was never black, to begin with. The only negroes you would have caught around London at that time would’ve been jumping ship or else on-route back to Jamaica. Occasionally Queen Victoria signalled her scant virtues by entertaining one or two more famous black Americans to tea, but only if they wrote something emotionally engaging about the slave trade. And they were never allowed to pat her corgis.

Perhaps Shonda should consider migrating to the UK and seeking a director’s role within the BBC because they’re way ahead of her in blackwashing history. Shakespeare, King Arthur, Henry VIII, you name it, any kind of period drama set around these figures is depicted as a matter of policy with as many blacks, Mustafas, and background Chinamen as the budgets allow.

Imagine if the reverse were trialled, just to test a theory. Depict Jews as villainous slave traders, and Whites as their slaves? Would that just be numbly accepted by the addicts of streaming services? How about having Martin Luther King played by an Indian, or Malcolm X portrayed in a critically-acclaimed role by an Irishman with red hair and freckles? We’d like to see The Life And Times of Jamie Foxx as performed by Barron Trump.

Anyway, whether or not Bridgerton was made with an all-English cast it would still have been like popping the lid on a jumbo bottle of OxyContin. As it stands, it’s what we call Wishtory, or history for the woke masses. And you know what they say? Go woke, go broke.

It’s only a matter of time.


  1. It’s not just Netflix that saturates us with black faces but most of the visual media – and recently TV advertisements have been the worst. Not only are they in almost every add but one Hungry Jacks add has black faces only. Then there are the fancy car adds with a black driver and white partner. Considering that blacks murder their white partners at an astonishing high rate these adds should carry a health warning like on cigarette packets.

  2. What a nonsensical write up . Firstly Bridgeton is fiction. A product of the writer’s imagination, unlike Malcolm X or Dr King . If we happily accept talking Lego ninjas, boarding schools populated by wizards, young men in skintight onesies who swing around skyscrapers with cobwebs then I’m not sure why a few fictional characters of a darker hue should be an issue. Secondly how is this any different or less believable than a white Moses , Pharaoh and Spartacus, white Cleopatra, white king Solomon ( all middle easterners) white Scarface or Batista ( black Cubans) or even white Jesus Christ ( copper skinned Arab) as are frequently depicted in many mainstream movies and series ? Your self righteous racist hypocrisy is both galling and laughable

    1. Now we have the name calling out of the way, and given we don’t as a rule give a platform to Antis,your referencing of the pantheon of historical religious figures have already been attributed ‘colour’ by you, and no doubt that is based on a revisionist instruction. In fact, a study of Pharoh drawings depicts Egyptians as caucasian-looking, just for one example, but we’re not getting into a dialogue about the accuracy involved in your examples because this is not the place. But we respond to your predictable back spray by dismissing your argument on the following terms: you take one thing and call it another. Lego, Ninjas, fantasy are just that – but historical dramas are unfortunately mistaken as being more ‘historical’ than ‘drama’. This is why most historical biopics are to be mistrusted because the viewer tends to believe the depiction in place of bothering to check the history, which in this day and age, thanks to the likes of you, is being altered anyway. By this means, a film is a powerful tool. The inculcation of blacks into a historical setting where they are extraneous has become the norm, not in the interests of fantasy, but in the pursuit of an agenda. Tell ignorant people that King Arthur was black long enough, they believe it.

  3. Imagine my surprise when I find out that both of nutflex’s co-founders are wailing wall types.

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