The only result that we can come to expect in this day and age is the worst possible scenario. As such, a life-size ventriloquist dummy, Joe Biden, is now being declared the 46th president of the world’s newest banana republic called America.

The civil rights legislation of 1967, signed off by a vile turncoat named Lyndon Barber Johnson, have borne their full multiracial fruit with all their bitter social poisons. The war-mongering, ultra-Left leaning Democrats who held Donald Trump’s Presidency to siege for four years have succeeded in breaching the drawbridge.

At least, according to the all-powerful mainstream media. Yes, the presidential election has been decided — not by the people — but by the media that has controlled the people.

So, this was the media’s election all along, and they figure they have the right to name the next president. Biden has delivered a victory speech that promises endless rays of sunshine, rainbows made of candy, and dancing unicorns that sneeze glitter.

The elites are tearfully congratulating one another and praising their transgender god with psalms comprised of genderless pronouns.

Forgotten is the crooked son of this man with one foot in the foggy mist of Alzheimer’s, with his laptop full of all kinds of incriminating material. Also forgotten is how the Democrats used their pre-programmed armies of Woke children to burn down cities, smash up buildings, tear down statues, and kill anyone who wasn’t down with the program.

They cheated at the counting booths, they swindled in the mail-ins, they haven’t even waited for the results of the military vote, they’ve lied for four years straight about the President, used the FBI and intelligence services in a combined bid to convict him on false premises — and united to punish him for daring to detach from the globalist pact.

Right about now, Ukraine should start digging bomb shelters, and Russia begin amassing their defensive forces because this will be one pernicious, war-hungry bunch of multiracial, transgender, affirmative action, intersectional, Black Lives warriors out to ‘get things done’.

Under the smokescreen of COVID-19, proudly brought to you by China, they created a panoply of harsh criticisms of Donald Trump over a virus that virtually no one in the world has any idea how to handle. As such, it was decided by most in the West to exploit it as a means of Orwellian population control. At home, ‘Dictator’ Daniel Andrews (sic) took the greatest advantage of this invisible chaos, as did his Labor counterpart Anna Palaszczuk. At least one infant died on her watch as she politicized the borders. None of the goony birds who elected her resoundingly seems to care.

As the billionaires all dance to the hedonistic flutes of true privilege, punishment awaits all those ‘deplorables’ who had the temerity to make a mockery of their predictions, accusations, assessments and prejudices.

And so much for all that . . .

We live in Australia and our mission is to resist the same elites here from going with the flow and continuing this mindless relationship we’ve had with the United States; one that has ruined our country with its multiracialism; globalism; and all the ‘isms’ contracted from that association.

Australia must look to defensive neutrality thus erasing any need for such an obsequious partnership. Nothing good can come from remaining ‘friends’ with the USA. Every ill that will mark this seat-warmer presidency for Kamala Harris will come here. Most of it already has. Every deadly ideological export of the Resetting Left will become a social disease if we don’t free ourselves of the imperialist yoke of this failed state and phony democracy.

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