2020 might well be considered the Year of Truth, as far the Presidential Election has shown us America’s true colours.

The contradictions fly like sparks inside the confused mind of this imperialist giant. Now more than ever, the inherent schizophrenia of the United States is on display for the world to see.

The cradle of democracy, which has bombed lesser countries, and unleashed a civil war on Syria (ostensibly) to promote this D-word (Or G-world, Globalism), has proven that democracy as a system is a total failure.

The shambolic events leading up to the 2020 US Election (should) leave no doubts as to the wrongness of its past imperialistic adventure into Vietnam, which was interference in an essentially nationalist struggle. The US did more to aid and abet the spread of communism through that region than China and Russia combined. Now, look at it.

Like everything else in America, the results of the election are now in the hands of the courts. Donald Trump, rightly, isn’t likely to concede defeat under present conditions. After all the grief that he’s taken, from the Democrats, from those within his government, from the militant axis of the mainstream media and the oligarchical tech giants, now it’s his turn.

Even if current figures are reliable, they don’t show a unanimous consensus from the American people, the numbers expose a nation divided along ideological lines. Split straight down the middle. It reveals a country that desperately needs a civil war to achieve a proper reset and not one imposed on it by the globalist elite of the bankers, tech giants, celebrity mafia, billionaires and so on…

No doubt voter fraud has occurred. In the US, the states make up their laws regarding voting. There is no federal unity. The very determination of a state is based on a political-criteria. A state is either blue or red, and swing states cause much concern. They are unpredictable. But, so has been the counting. Voters report heading to bed on the first night of the election with Trump leading, only to wake up and find that overnight Joe Biden has mysteriously gained a hundred thousand plus votes and taken the lead.

Likewise, vastly unusual voter turnout has raised suspicion among many, and accusations of counting-fraud has been levelled. Trump has appointed his legal main-man former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani instigating a legal challenge into the validity of the results of Pennsylvania’s count.

Elsewhere, it has been alleged that Republicans had been prevented from overseeing vote counts, and in one case we know of a legal ruling ordered they be allowed to.

We’re not about to offer an analysis of the election, as it continues, and Trump has not thrown in the towel. On the evidence, he shouldn’t. The same chicanery that resulted in the 1960 defeat of Richard M. Nixon by John F. Kennedy has occurred here. To whit; the graveyard vote has been quite impressive. The double vote has also. Attaining a clear picture of an incontrovertible win shall be unlikely. Australia’s electoral system is far in advance of the US, which tells us something.

It tells us something else, that it’s time to ditch our satellite status, and shed the obedient yoke we’ve worn for over 60 years. Had it not been for our involvement with the US then the White Australia Policy might (might) have still been around. We went “all the way” with the criminal L.B.J and look what happened, see how that vulgar cur treated us.

Johnson betrayed his people, the ‘Dixiecrats’ who put him in power, so it was little wonder he’d bone a doe-eyed ally.

As it stands, 77-year-old Biden’s alleged victory is running to a script of the preferred result. Taken as such it would mean an anti-Trump vote since Biden is so clearly in a state akin to a vegetable.

Nobody could get that excited about a dithering old fool well into his Alzheimer’s journey. It is an open secret that the intention is to use him as the Trojan Horse with which to smuggle in America’s first female president, a woman of colour and a staunch communist named Kamala Harris. This is why Harris’s name was writ as large on their campaign material as Biden’s. She has already revealed her mindset in regards to both race and communism with a meme that she promoted on her social media accounts.

America’s future is apocalyptic and will be predicated upon racism aimed at White Americans, the so-called ‘great reset’. The Democrats presided over the post-Floyd disturbances that were the equivalent of mafia hoods breaking a store’s window as a warning to make protection payments. However, the current human attention span is short indeed. All of this is forgotten, as is Hunter Biden’s laptop and the evidence that he and his father are both crooks, only his dad has the excuse that he doesn’t know what day it is.

Whichever way you spin the bottle, it lands on calamity. The other revelation that Trump has huge support among Latinos and many blacks swung to him, throws another spanner in the works. For those White Nationalists who compromised and supported Trump on a condition of general principle, they are now nailed to that principle. The preference over Trump as being preferable to Biden is now a condition that forecloses on any usefulness his election might have to restore White rights.

Trump as a multiculturalist, if he wins, is an absolute. If he loses, and the all-globalist mainstream media is already all but calling Biden president by name, then its academic. All along, the situation was that with heads Globalists win, tails Whites lose. It was always just a matter of degrees.

Yet, we have gotten to see just how riddled and putrid the corpse of so-called Democracy is. From those on the Democrat side who blasted Trump’s threat to ‘their’ democracy, as being the worst violators of that democracy, to the inherent failure of their ‘democratic’ voting system. From the riots to the rorts, it’s time to let America alone.

Admittedly, the Republicans have a Senate majority now, and the Democrat ‘Reset’ will face a complicated hurdle, but just remember why the Alt-Right came into being pre-2016.

Out of the Alt-Right was coined the term ‘cuckservative’ as a comment on conservative timidity. Trump was a response to the emasculated conservative, who more and more shifted ground to please his political opponents. With his leaving, that cancer will return, and if future elections hand Democrats greater power then the Republican vote as such will likely cease to exist and America will become a one-party state.

Australia has allowed itself to be modelled in the image of the insane beast we call America, particularly when it comes to the disease of multi-racialism. It’s time to find a new partner, we suggest Russia, and jettison this abusive relationship which has seen CIA interference in Australian politics, as well as a nation, emulate Jewish-Black anti-culture, Wokeism, and every fundamental threat to White people the earth over. It all came from one place.

Whereas once they said ‘God Bless America’, the new phrase is ‘God Help America’. Its time is over.

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