February 9, 2021


Susan Jakobi’s campaign for the South Ward seat of Ballarat Council has exposed what we knew all along about every other candidate and the major parties behind them: vote for the one you are voting for the other.

Seriously, it’s like trying to discern any real difference between Channel 9, Channel 7, CNN, or NBC: they are all essentially liberal and internationalist no matter what bogus accusations get hurled their way. An empirical study by anyone but the blinkered Left would prove this.

Yet, Sue has managed to stand out already, twisting the unisex knickers of the LGBTQI community which has the support of every other candidate, party, and noisome business person.

The emotion has been incendiary over her campaign promise to “freeze all funding to any event which does not promote the best general interest of the whole people of Ballarat (such as LGBTQI events and multicultural programs)”. The queers and their alliance of fetishists, crossdressers, fantasists, pederasts, cannibals and adult babies went quite nuts and lots of them proved how dangerous they can be.

Susan was inundated with death threats and hate messages targeting her beliefs, her looks, and questioning her fitness as a mother. Well, all her kids are grown up now, and none of them is suffering gender-based identity issues so we’d say that she has done a top-notch job in that department. The Ballarat Alliance, a consortium of groups that might as well be called the Gay Mafia, posted a half-page How to Vote advertisement in the Ballarat Courier. When each candidate was assigned a widget according to an order of preference, the underwear fiddlers at the ‘alliance’ designated her a death’s head. She found this very amusing and told us, “It sure made me stand out on the page. I guess to some it would figure as the most memorable candidate.”

Sue has been winning local hearts and minds because she is so obviously NOT a woke candidate. A residual remains of Australians with traditional values who cannot understand why government and local councils feel so entitled to impose upon them a system of ideological codes that they don’t agree with. These are honest hardworking folks who aren’t easily convinced that their council rates should be wasted on events that exist to force us to believe that a man can wear a dress one day and be a woman, and the next he can be a unicorn because that is how he ‘identifies’. They’re supposed to be mending roads and keeping the streetlights burning.

These are real Australians who fear that before long the mobs will come to tear down the historical statues which Ballarat boasts in plenty and that most of all this planning is coming directly out of Trades Hall.

With this being the case, let those who are too far gone in their social programming throw their votes away on the rest. This election is by no means make or break for Sue who has been going from strength to strength since becoming a nationalist candidate. The Australia First Party member reaped more than 4% of the vote when she campaigned in the seat of Lalor last year. That was a mighty achievement for a nationalist. Sue is building up her supporter base and getting out there, unlike most candidates, hitting the hustings like a candidate that truly gives the proverbial … and that’s because she does!

Sue was not a product of the system — she wasn’t churned out from the universities or wherever the party machines mould their salespeople (aka politicians). Sue comes from a grassroots nationalist movement that cannot be swayed by a bribe, nor fear of threat. She will not take a knee, will not ‘acknowledge traditional owners’, and will not wear the yoke of the woke full stop. That’s the best reason of all to vote for her. She is unashamedly pro-Australian and is part of the growing tide of Aussies rolling back against this system which is coercive, corrupt, and intent on replacing Australians with third world ‘minorities’ for the sake of the 1% of the world’s rich.

Therefore, let the woke vote for the rest — if you want an anti-establishment, anti-system candidate in council – and this is just a start in a long struggle – then vote #1 Susan Jakobi for Ballarat South Ward. Postal votes close on Friday the 23rd.




As you are aware, another local election is underway – and yet again the big mainstream political parties are attempting to gain greater influence over Ballarat Council. I propose that the time has come for the people of Ballarat to have the ultimate say in the future development of OUR city!

I am an Australian Nationalist; that means I stand only for the best interests of Australians. I stand against the idea of corporate government and the intrusion of Globalism into our beloved city; I have grave concerns about our population growth being tied to an excessive immigration program that is threatening the security of our country itself. I strongly believe that charity begins at home!!

A major cut in immoral, if not illegal, property and small business rates;
To drastically lower excessive wages for councillors, hence ending profiteering and making the move back towards a more volunteer-based Council;
Deny any further rates-funded and unnecessary overseas travel for the mayor or councillors;
The CEO and Board to be completely abolished, our city is NOT a corporation!;
Refuse to work in partnership with any organisation that compromises our prosperity, heritage and our cultural identity; such as overseas student programs that deprive Aussie youth of education, employment and affordable housing;
Freeze all funding to any event which does not promote the best general interest of the whole people of Ballarat (such as LGBTQI events and multicultural programs).
A simplified and affordable process for community groups to access public facilities;
The promotion of firearm safety through the re-re-establishment of Sebastopol Gun Club at its former site;
Greater community involvement for the beautification and maintenance of Ballarat;
For residents to have the legal right to reject any unwanted development or agenda that compromises the prosperity, heritage and cultural identity of our city;
Council fines should be limited to only flagrant and/or continuous breaches of any by-law, and not (as now) be regarded as revenue-raising;
We should not sit idle and allow our city to become an ethnic ghetto-like Greater Melbourne is. I see Ballarat under assault. And we need to stand up!
I will fight for YOU, as an independent representative for the people of Ballarat (without any influences from the powerful and corrupt mainstream political parties), to empower your rights so YOU can protect Ballarat from dangerous and treasonous agendas such as that posed by the Andrews governments ‘One Belt One Road Initiative’, a program that will see the destruction of the Australian way of life and the rise of Communist China over our country.


Vote 1 for the No-Woke vote - Susan Jakobi