Premier Gladys Berejiklian has admitted to a “close personal relationship” with disgraced Liberal MP Daryl Maguire who is currently the subject of an NSW ICAC inquiry.

Berejiklian conceded to this dangerous liaison during today’s session of the ICAC hearing into ‘Dirty Dazza’s’ allegedly corrupt financial dealings. Maguire, who was the Liberal MP for Wagga Wagga from 1999-2018, is being investigated by the commission over a series of corrupt business dealings involving some of the state’s political and business elite. These include Louise Waterhouse, sister of racing huckster Robbie Waterhouse. 

Maguire was forced to resign as MP after an ICAC probe into Maguire revealed possible corruption involving Canterbury Council. Maguire had allegedly tried to use his relationship with former councillor Michael Hawatt to buy development-approved projects on behalf of a “mega-rich” Chinese client. At the time, Maguire had been an ‘advisor’ to the Beijing-frontage the Australian Council for the Peaceful Reunification of China.

Riverina nationalist Lorraine Sharp came under attack when along with the Australia First Party she helped to sink a ‘Chinese Trade Centre’ being proposed for Wagga Wagga. The animosity was so great that Ms Sharp was the subject of persecution by local police. While manning a poll booth in Wagga Wagga at a 2016 council election Ms Sharp encountered Maguire who laughed at her dismissively and said challengingly, “There’s plenty more money where that came from.”

Regional media covering the Maguire story are currently pursuing Ms Sharp for interviews concerning this and other matters. These allegations vindicate an eight-year campaign by Ms Sharp and the AFP to expose an entrenched crony network of corruption in the Riverina, revolving around commercial property development.

Maguire is also being questioned over what is believed to be his money laundering company g8way international into which he paid fees solicited from business people seeking an introduction to Chinese businessmen.

However, Maguire is the tip of the iceberg and it is expected that former Wagga Wagga Mayor Rob Kendall, a close friend of Maguire, will be dragged into the controversy. This is refreshing news for NAB. This year we reported on Wagga Wagga Council’s psychotic reaction to a vote over a motion put forward by patriotic councillor Paul Funnell to cut ties with Chinese sister city Kunming. It was promptly overturned following intervention by National Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack

McCormack is likely to be drawn into the ICAC inquiry too, given his relationship with the former MP.

News that Berejiklian engaged in a four-year affair with Maguire is almost certain to spell the end of her premiership, if not turn people off their food. It will be impossible to buy any refutation that the Premier had no involvement in any of her lover’s dirty dealings, given he could only have been with her for gain. Either that or he has a camel fetish. There would be no other reason a proud fairy like Maguire would be tapping that nasty ass otherwise.

Rumours have long been circulating about ‘Dirty Dazza’s’ homosexuality and especially a relationship he conducted in East Sydney with a young Asian male. Berejiklian, who is the ugliest woman in Australia, may well have been aware of this bi-sexual arrangement and either approved or turned a blind eye since he was the only man who’d touch her. That makes the fact that Berejiklian was having sex at all the biggest surprise, since her nose would prove a major obstruction to any sort of intimacy.

One thing is for sure, Gladys ‘The Jekyll’ is finished as Premier. She’s totally cooked, and right about now in offices around the state the shredders are working overtime. 

Dirty Dazza


  1. Berejiklian needs to answer questions about her former employer the Commonwealth bank, its chairman Catherine Livingstone who is the chancellor of UTS and the UTS connections to Maggie Fang the fake travel agent used by Maguire.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but has anyone else noticed that Mr Maguire is a homosexual??? And the likelihood of him having a “sexual relationship” with ANY female is a million to one. Just sayin’ ….

      1. That’s not what I meant Alfred. Is this what you call trolling by distraction? Mr Maguire is a homosexual. Homosexuals have sex with other homosexuals. Follow the money. It’s all very straight forward.

        1. Right . . . Try to be pleasant to someone and they have a stroke. We know nothing of his encounters with Gladys, but maybe just maybe he is bi, especially when, as I made clear, there is something in it for him.

  3. Alfred the troll says, “I’m right and you’re wrong and I will dismiss your opinion while I attack your character, and you must all believe everything presented in the mainstream media.”

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