No internet forum has facilitated more harm to Australian nationalism than Stormfront: with the obvious exception of Facebook.

The problem is not confined to us antipodeans; simply posting on SF has landed many other brothers in jail, such as 24 Italian nationalists who the notoriously slow Italian legal system recently sentenced for posting “hate comments” as far back as 2011-12. SF has provided a surveillance bonanza, a corral where subjects can be herded and observed — infiltrated even — by the state and its proxies such as Antifa, the Southern Poverty Law Centre, ADL etc. That’s not withstanding all the trolls festering on there.

Stormfront Down Under (SFDU) invited another hazard, that of the devious political rival; the conservative wreckers. These shadowy groups with ulterior agendas used Stormfront to recruit, defame rivals, and to grab for control of the Australia First Party. They have also operated on there in an attempt to destroy serious nationalists and subvert our agenda.

Given the America-centric bias of SF, the management was too removed, and too indifferent to a small power like Australia to monitor the goings-on of the subforum. Quite often SFDU was considered a problem child and at one-point management discussed whether or not to shut it down entirely.

SFDU became the launching ground for an ongoing war between legitimate Australian nationalists, civic patriots, and the perverse conspiracy of the conservative-cultist axis.

Through the years 2002 to 2007 SFDU was controlled by a Western Australian moderator posting as Baron Von Hund (real name David Innes). Innes lived in Perth. He promoted himself as a ‘sensible’ white nationalist based on his opposition to the bad optics of what he deemed ‘extremists’. Someone who met him described him more accurately as being “not an anti-Nazi, not a Nazi, just simply a loudmouth”.

Innes would become involved with the east coast faction intent on splitting the AFP. When it failed at that, the cabal’s objective was to divide the nationalist vote by establishing a kosher-conservative party out of those AFP splitters. This was a forerunner of another attempt by another clique to attack the AFP and its members once again. All of this was yet to come.

Jim Saleam joins Australia First Party

The popularity of the AFP mushroomed following the Cronulla Uprising of December 2005.

Overnight, Jim Saleam’s political fortunes were revived as he became sought for comment by media both local and international. He was also approached by young Australians who’d been arrested over events that day and those whose families disowned them following the media shaming phase.

Dr. Jim Saleam

Jim Saleam was the chairman of Australia First Party NSW. He had previously chaired National Action, until his jailing in 1989 and again in ’91 over two separate matters in which a corrupt Special Branch played a leading role in framing him. One was a supposed fraud over an insurance claim relating to crazy woman Catherine Martinreyes who was bent on revenge against both Saleam and Peter Coleman (the latter whom she’d become pregnant with and aborted the child); the other was for allegedly arranging the shotgun attack on the house of African National Congress terrorist Eddie Funde.

To this day Dr Saleam maintains his innocence over both matters and is pursuing transcripts and evidence that exonerate him and impugn the state apparatus that convicted him. New Australian Bulletin has seen the relevant ASIO transcripts.

To understand the resolve of the state to punish Dr Saleam, one must be aware of the legend surrounding National Action, which, in its day, had a significant impact against the Asianisation of Australia. The detestation of Australian nationalists was voiced right at the top, with then Prime Minister Bob Hawke denouncing NA in parliament.

Jim Saleam surrendered his presidency of NA when he was sent to jail, and it was subsequently led by Michael Brander until around 2001 when he dissolved the veteran organisation. By then, he and Saleam had discontinued their relationship. The state had divided NA and crippled its leadership.

In 2001, Jim Saleam brought a raft of others to join Graham Campbell’s Australia First Party, which was now under the Presidency of Diane Teasdale, following Campbell’s acceptance of an offer from One Nation. Jim was elected NSW chairman in 2002. His reasons for signing up with AFP, along with those who accompanied him, were righteous. A surge in membership can signify a takeover. In this instance, it was believed that the party was a worthy vehicle for nationalist campaigning following Dr Saleam’s return to politics after a long hiatus following his release from prison in 1995. In that time, he had written his PHD, the essential study of Australian nationalism and the far-right, The Other Radicalism.

Seemingly unrelated events occurred in 2005 before the so-called ‘Cronulla Riots’ which would reinvigorate patriot politics for the first time since the advent of Pauline Hanson as a political force.

Darrin Hodges

In September of ’05, Darrin Hodges joined the AFP. An-ex Liberal and a heavy drinker, Hodges was a man with big glasses but a narrow sight. Hodges’ stay with the AFP was short-lived and in retrospect, his arrival was, in essence, a matter of mystery. For Instance, for someone who came on strong about moral-based issues, he worked for a company that sold sex toys. He was their webmaster and filled its orders.

Three months after joining the party, Hodges quit, citing family reasons. Then, oddly, he reappeared to join again in June 2006 from which time he became a major player by essentially launching the civic patriot scene in response to mainstreaming by the British National Party.

Darrin Hodges

Jim Saleam created his account on SFDU in October of 2005. He only ever posted once a week, unlike Hodges, who had a habit of hitting the red wine and staying up all hours posting online. Hodges became a Stormfront habitué and posted content which would later mark him as a hypocrite not only for what he claimed to believe but by the company he kept. Yet, it’s almost certain now looking back on the era that Hodges was always more than that, as was David Innes, who equally didn’t add up.

Similarly, they have in common that they both whooshed in like whirling dervishes, wrought havoc then vanished forevermore without so much as a twinkle from the ether.

For instance, in June 2005 Hodges posted the following on SFDU: “I’m more interested in the purer form of fascism … and while I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘worship Hitler’ thing, his comments on multiculturalism and politics, in general, are still just as relevant today as they were 70-odd years ago.”

He also wrote, “I can’t say I’m into the whole National Socialist thing — as far as I’m concerned National Socialism died with its creator, nor that I do not have any regard for his writings, indeed, they still have much relevance today — he laid a foundation that we should build on.”

On June 26 of that year, he wrote, “I have some good colour footage (no sound) of Adolf Hitler at the Berghof. PM me if you want a copy of the footage.” All of those quotes come courtesy of Slackbastard, as Professor Rob Sparrow calls himself online. He posted on SFDU under the nom de plume ‘Andy777’. Bear that in mind for later, as he is the ‘anarchist’ el supremo.

This ex-Liberal, as many ex-Liberals have done before, had burst into the world of White Nationalism and began sowing seeds of discontent over the next year and a bit.

With the Cronulla Uprising and the renewed relevance for Jim Saleam and the AFP, things started getting weird, as always happens whenever nationalism appears to become politically significant. Jim Saleam had been jailed twice on faked charges, Jack Van Tongeren, might’ve been guilty, but was thrown in the clink with as much theatre as possible and sentenced to an absurd prison term of 18 years (he was released after 13 years). Pauline Hanson, who appropriated what Perry Jewell had started with his erstwhile Confederate Action Party, was jailed by Tony Abbott in a dirty-tricks operation. Her conviction would later be overturned. What is relevant, however, is how quickly the state reacts to the stirrings of nascent nationalism.

Those on the Labor side of politics such as American-born Kristina Kenneally, and political narcs ASIO, are currently dashing to proscribe ‘far-right’ groups. We’ve no idea who those groups might be outside of the National Socialist Network (NSN) but it is significant to pay attention to the details of our history to understand that people are often not what they seem and their motives invariably contradictory.

At the same time that Jim Saleam signed up with the AFP, so did an Englishman, Mark Wilson.

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson arrived in Australia in 1996 after travelling from England with his Australian-born girlfriend and soon-to-be wife. A future member of AFP had met him at a meeting of Australians Against Further Immigration (AAFI) which he had joined and become a committee member before the split.

A house-painter, Wilson had a strong interest in British nationalist parties. He loved to talk about ‘conspiracies’ against Britain’s ‘extreme right’, such as Antifa, Searchlight magazine, Special Branch etc (he donated a collection of British Antifa-published magazines to Jim Saleam which were used as sources for Saleam’s thesis). He was equally interested to hear about local conspiracies such as the Palmer-Coleman gang, which worked with ASIO and our own Special Branch. Curiously, he had attended a meeting of David Palmer’s, and by all accounts had ‘gotten around’ since arriving in the country.

Mark Wilson (L)

His interests are notable given that he was, by his claim, present at the moment Combat-18 was formed in Kensington, London, during 1991. Later, as C-18 travelled its path of domestic terrorism, most suspected the group was either created by or infiltrated by MI5. Wilson previously served as a BNP organiser in the late 1980s and appeared in a photograph beside its former leader John Tyndall. Likewise. His reason for being in the sphere of C-18 was his friendship with Wilf “the beast” Browning. This would make perfect sense as a forerunner to C-18, all-be-it with an anti-communist imperative, was Column 88, typically regarded as a joint operation between MI5-and MI6; especially given the involvement of David Myatt, whose suspected involvement as an agent of the security services stretched back to Column 88 and resulted in his founding the National Socialist Movement (NSM) after C-18.

Nevertheless, Wilson and Jim Saleam met in 1997. A hard-line nationalist with a chatty disposition and affable mien, who always seemed to have money, Wilson quickly concerned himself with Australian nationalist politics.

A frequent visitor to Jim Saleam’s place in Tempe, NSW, he began making friends with various identities that revolved around, or within, the nationalist milieu. Wilson purchased a house in Tempe, a hop and a skip from Jim Saleam’s residence, and moved in with his wife, Frances, and their two children in 2001. By 2005 he had three children, sold the house, and moved his family to Wangaratta in Victoria.  

One of those he befriended while a Sydneysider was the problematic ‘National-Anarchist’ German chauvinist Welf Hurfurth; along with ‘the two Andrews’, Andrew Phillips and Andrew Guild. Another was Darrin Hodges.


Darrin Hodges abruptly quit AFP at the beginning of 2006. Inexplicably, he reappeared three months later after a phone chat with Victoria-based Diane Teasdale. He was reinstated as an AFP member. But what was his game? The same would later be asked of the AFP President herself.

Throughout 2006, betrayal was fomenting during an otherwise prosperous period; it was the proverbial calm before the storm. The NSW branch of AFP carried on the business of reregistering, while the publicity from the Cronulla Uprising still kindled interest in the party. That year, the AFP cooperated with the Sydney Forum, an annual event for the public discussion of alternative ideas, of which Australian nationalism was permitted a voice.

The AFP was expanding, with a Melbourne and Adelaide office. The Patriotic Youth League was in full swing, operating throughout Canberra, Newcastle and Sydney.

The previous year, Jim Saleam travelled to Western Australia and met with David Innes. At the time, Innes was hosting Stormfront social afternoons which were friendly barbecues with political chatter. But he was also involved in an east-coast / west-coast rivalry for control of the hearts and minds of the SFDU audience. Innes’s rivals were the White Pride Coalition and individuals, such as James Perrin and Peter Campbell, who would establish the white nationalist blog Whitelaw Towers in response. Saleam’s intervention put a temporary end to these enmities but he remained oblivious to the emergence of further antagonisms.

In October of 2006, Martin Fletcher showed up at Tempe asking for nationalist material to distribute in his neck of the woods. Fletcher was a young pro-white sort. A security guard, he lived in the Hawkesbury area. Joining the party that year, he demonstrated his web skills by creating Downunder Newslinks. Fletcher and Hodges became fast friends.

Martin Fletcher

Indications happened at the time which Saleam didn’t know what to make of, like when in November Mark Wilson rang while he was holidaying in Bramston Beach, Cairns. Wilson asked whether AFP was running a candidate in the Cronulla council elections. He acted surprised when Jim told him who it was. The truth is, Jim knew that Wilson had known all along that it was John Moffat. A queer sort of lie; Wilson’s motives were unknowable. Nevertheless, it was a foreshadowing of imminent contretemps.

In December 2006, at the first anniversary of the Cronulla Uprising, members of the AFP gathered on Cronulla beach, organised by Darrin Hodges. Jim Saleam arrived to learn from a loyal member about a secret meeting held a few days earlier by Hodges, with Fletcher and Steven Moore in attendance. Moore, it should be noted, was a member of a Liberal Party connected ‘think tank’ and recruitment group (the Fellowship Of The Round Table), but later founded (in 2008) The White Wolves, a C-18 derived concept, issuing patches and eventually becoming a part of the Klub Nation (KN) crowd (A young Michael Holt became a member of the White Wolves. He is now in prison on various charges that relate directly back to the KN company he kept). Bear this in mind given the supposed ‘anti-Nazi’ fixation of these people, and the inevitable Liberal Party networks. It was, under the circumstances, outright contradictory. But incongruities would epitomize this set as their plans became transparent.

The secret meeting, as told by the member — who’d been invited with another on the misapprehension both were simpatico — was an outright coup against Jim. The member described Hodges et al as being “all mad” and “fixated with (Jim Saleam)”. He was told, “They are trying to get rid of you … not just out of AFP … but out of everything! They want you gone!” This would become a familiar refrain for the veteran nationalist, but at this stage, he took the information on board. Incidents now gathered pace.

That day, at Cronulla, Ross “The Skull” May turned up. A picture snapped at the scene shows him standing with media. No nationalists are in his company. Hodges was reportedly furious, condemning the presence of Ross as disadvantageous politically. Hodges accused Jim Saleam of inviting him whereas the likely truth was that it was he all along.

Just before Christmas, Baron Von Hund posted a divisive poll of Stormfront Down Under. He would hastily remove it, but re-post it in 2007.

I’m not an Australia First Party member because…

* Dr Jim Saleam’s involvement. (60%)
* People like Ross “The Skull” May and other “Nutzis” (22%)
* There is lack of organisation (eg. websites, newsletters) (10%)
* I have another reason(s)… (10%)
* There is no contact in my state! (5%)
* I have no interest in Political Parties what-so-ever. (4%)
* I don’t like their leader – Diane Teasdale (3%)
* I don’t believe AFP is a “White Nationalist” Party. (3%)
* I am already involved in another Political Party. (2%)
* Membership costs are too high. (0%)

Total Votes: 314

The figures were balderdash since there weren’t that many members of SFDU, which isn’t the point – a plot had been prematurely exposed and a Stormfront moderator was using the world’s foremost WN forum as a weapon against Australian nationalists. SF is theoretically a broad church of white nationalists and their ideas which is broadly speaking true. However, the prevailing mindset is a cultish ‘American-Nazi’ construct around the lines of White Pride World Wide. Americans have bought into, but also globally exported, a false idea about the Third Reich and its exalted position as the supreme articulation of pan-universal white identity.

Not that Baron Von Hund even accorded with the ‘Nazi’ myth nor it would seem was he concerned with his country’s nationalist struggle; he was manoeuvring an open revolt against a promising nationalist party.

More disturbingly, it would become apparent that Von Hund was providing information about nationalists to Fight Dem Back’s Matthew Henderson Hau, or ‘Darp’, a mixed-race Antifascist homosexual whose role as the doxing agent of the Left would one day be taken over by Slackbastard.

Matt Hau (Darp)

To be continued . . .

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