May 23, 2022


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It’s not easy being a cop in Victoria. Beating on all those grandmothers, young women, pensioners and mentally-ill citizens take it out of you.

It’s like that old song by The Who, “No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes.” In this case, it’s behind blue uniforms (or black really).

VicPol not only accelerates their outrages daily, growing more confident with open brutality and corruption, but Dictator Dan has their back. It is amazing it’s like he’s in their debt. They must have photos of him fucking a child sex-doll or something. Maybe it’s the J. Edgar Hoover factor. Perhaps it’s just Dan’s desire to impress Xi Jinping.

We are on the obverse of the situation in the United States. We sympathise with what cops are going through over there thanks to Black Lives Matter and their cohorts Antifa. But down Victoria way, it’s turned into a bizarre cross between Beijing iron rule and the bad-old-days of Alabama cops like the ones in Easy Rider. It is as though the Victorian Police handbook was written by Roger Rogerson.

The latest incident comes on the heels of the one which spurred on Sunday’s Freedom protesters when a male cop grabbed a woman in a car after she failed to provide her name and address.

Now, let’s face it if a cop asks for those details you must respond honestly, not stuff them around. However, aside from a Channel 7 personality with no hair or dick who thought this was sufficient grounds for a cop to act like a rapist in full frenzy, it could have been easily resolved by CHECKING THE DETAILS OF HER NUMBERPLATE.

Yep, they could have simply lifted their radios and run a check and that would’ve been it. They could’ve fined her without any aggro. But that’s not how things are in the Garden State —VicPol likes a bit of rub, ruffle, flap, hurly, stink, brouhaha, pandemonium, bother, nuisance, ruckus and palaver. It’s their soma. It’s how they roll. A bit of touchy-touchy with the women; a bit of rough play, which the cops know they like. The old in-out-in-out on a screeching young devotchka. If possible, squeeze a tit while arresting her, and brag about it later back at the station. Or, if it’s just some bloke, run him over in your squad car then jump on his head while he is down. This is what happened to one unfortunate soul in the Melbourne suburb of Epping.

The father of three had his head stomped on and kicked by an officer after being deliberately rammed by a police squad car. Timothy Atkins, 32, was brutalised by police after being turned away from the Northern Hospital following a bipolar episode. He had been waiting overnight for a bed at the mental care unit but when none was available, he left. Concerned for his welfare the nurses called the police. They might know better than to do this next time. The cops encountered the unfortunate roof plumber and, him being in a state of agitation, felt there were sufficient grounds to employ police brutality.

The cruelty was top-notch, and Timothy was placed in an induced coma at the original hospital to turn him away. So, there’s a touch of irony in that he ended up getting a bed anyway. It’s what he had to go through to get it that’s not so funny. Either is the fact his wife first heard about it when she watched the horrific video on social media. The hospital didn’t contact her until 10 pm and the cops still haven’t bothered to notify her.

The constable involved has been suspended with pay pending an “internal” investigation. In other words, he’s on paid leave until it all blows over. Because this is Victoria and the filth look after their own.

This is after the incident with pregnant Ballarat mother Zoe Buhler arrested in front of her children over a Facebook post organising a (gasp!) freedom rally. And many others.

The question is, would it be pushing the envelope to suggest that in hindsight those four cops who got taken out by the truck while they were arresting drug-driver Richard Pusey back in April deserved it? That their deaths roughly even the score? Probably, but then again, we’re angry so we’ll do it just this once, and say a big sucked in dead cops, that’s what you get for being filth.

OK, we got it off our chests. Who knows, those four might have been the only decent screws in the whole bunch, but the fact they got killed is consolation for all those at the mercy of an out-of-control VicPol.

Meanwhile, following the rough-and-tumble of Sunday’s Freedom protests, Dictator Daniel Andrews has fully blamed the protesters. Not the Black Lives Matter protesters who he gave a free pass to for being woke. No, the cops didn’t lay a hand on any of them, although a couple were fined. Funny, too, no blacks are out and about screaming about Tim’s life mattering. And neither is Dictator Dan, he’s too busy supporting the cops. Just today when pressed on radio about the situation with Timothy and all the rest he said that Victoria Police “has no cultural problems.”  Just like that.

We’re glad he sorted that out. After all, a positive public statement that’s outright bullshit beats having to concede an obvious truth.

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