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Racism is at the heart of a brawl between Sudanese persons at a Brisbane park yesterday that ended one black life and has two struggling in the Intensive Care Unit.

Ten others were injured following the “brutal” gang ambush at O’ Callaghan Park in Zillmere in Brisbane’s north after three carloads of Sudanese pulled up and attacked another group of Sudanese.

According to Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming, the attack was retaliation for a prior assault that occurred at Redbank Plains, on September 8. A 21-year-old Sudanese man was left in a serious condition after being attacked by a dozen Sudanese men with baseball bats outside a Woolworths. That incident, like the payback attack, is an anomaly of diversity likely to be the result of white privilege.

Speaking to The Courier-Mail, locals reported the sound of breaking bottles and saw “bodies on the ground just lying there.” A witness described seeing one Sudanese man lying over another stabbing him, but he took off when he realised that he was being watched. The man later died. That is, the nog getting stabbed, not the witness.

A group of masked Sudanese men were spotted by another bystander and there was a general vibe that something was going down. The ruckus had involved knives and baseball bats and was a proper tribute to Zulu warriors of old. In that sense, it was a cultural exchange. However, before police could observe the proper respects for their native traditions, most of those involved fled upon their arrival.

The beaut thing about Africans is that they don’t stop fighting just because the law is involved. Their ‘feud’, which again, likely had its roots in white supremacy, carried on to the Royal Brisbane And Women’s Hospital, where the rivals were being treated. An “incident” was reported there at around 11 pm. We would sure like to know what the nature of it was, but it’s being kept very hush-hush.

Detective Tony Fleming has said that some of those jigaboos are cooperating, but not the majority. Many have already vowed to continue the spat, prompting him to tell media, “Some of the words spoken by some of the people last night when in police presence has led them to be concerned that some within that small group won’t co-operate with us and they will seek to solve that themselves.”

The attack had caught police totally by surprise, which figures since ‘white silence equals violence’. Because white people hadn’t foreseen this occurrence one black life is over and others suffering.

“We did not have any information or intelligence that gave even a hint that last night was going to happen. That’s an out of the blue event at Zillmere,” Fleming said.

And why wouldn’t it be? Since the white supremacists of the Brisbane Police have made no inroads into the Sudanese community. Being so shut out because of their skin colour, the Sudanese had no recourse to the law, which they fear, because of white supremacy. Thus, they were forced to take the law into their own black hands.

One black woman gave a harrowing account of watching her black friends “bleed out, one who is critical and another dead just because of a misunderstanding.”

According to the black woman, she was part of a group called ‘34’. It is believed this figure represents the combined IQ of its members.

“The people that attacked my friends were a gang. 34 was never a gang, it was a family,” she said.

Superintendent Fleming used the word “outliers” to describe these tragic victims of white silence. Essentially, he has admitted that despite White Australia’s long history of African slavery in our cotton trade, we’re still doing nothing to help these invaluable lives.

Nevertheless, he was prompted by duty to tell the Courier-Mail, “The offenders were people of African heritage, the victims appear to be of African heritage.

“We know and I acknowledge many leaders in the African community have continued to be supportive and engaged with police … Certainly, my experience is they are quite keen to be known as Australians of African heritage and are keen to participate in our community just like everyone else.

“The advice I have is that they are not supported generally by the African community,” he blathered.

Well, he had to say that, because of political correctness, but the truth is these Sudanese will never fit in. They know it, and we know it. They can’t because of the simple rule of the jungle that says ‘niggas-gonna-nig’. It’s as elementary as 1,2,3. But like refusing to believe sticking your hand in a pot of boiling oil will hurt, the architects of globalism insist we carry through with this mass-sociological experiment even though it will inevitably lead to the collapse of civilisation. Blacks, Islanders, Lebanese, all they’ve ever brought to Australia is a higher crime rate and tougher vilification laws.

That’s why we say we’re glad of the result here, and hope that they continue to find reasons to fight among themselves. If we could, we’d leave boxloads of rifles out for them to do this thing properly. Since, by their very nature, they aim to cancel each other out, it’s only the fairy-headed liberal fantasy of a colour-blind world without borders that keep them alive. On the other hand, we are realists, and while we’re not accelerationists in the ‘Siege’ sense, we’d happily help accelerate this inter-African beef to its desired conclusion. If only to save our country.

The best shot the photographer on the scene could get was this bloody rag. Lame really

The park where the brawl happened was chosen because of its resemblance to African lansdcape

A shot of cops on the scene is always good even though this is blurry and there are no nigs being arrested

Three Black Lives Matter protesters turn up to protest their picture being taken at the crime scene


  1. No doubt that when the corona virus lock down stops our dumb government will let even more Africans into the country – We may in the future have a crime problem as bad as the USA.

  2. I used to live in the area in the 80’s. As soon as I read that the Nig gang calls itself 34, I knew it was a post code I was familiar with:

    Postcode Suburb
    4034 ASPLEY, QLD
    4034 BOONDALL, QLD
    4034 GEEBUNG, QLD
    4034 ZILLMERE, QLD

    I remember when it first happened, MSM and locals pulled the whole “Not in our area” crap. However, the Nigs calling themselves 34 have given away more than just their coincidental combined IQ level.

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