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The New Australian Bulletin (NAB) is to be praised for taking up the cudgels for Australian nationalist legend, Percy Reginald Stephensen, after the so-called ‘National Socialist Network’ (NSN) opted to claim him as a proof that their ideology was not simply “German” but possessed of roots on Aussie soil. This act of ‘claiming’ was no small thing, given that the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is all over the NSN and its friends, praying (and perhaps ‘pushing’ through its agents) that it will do a terrorist (sic) act. At a time when fake ‘academics’ are chattering about a ‘far-right’ and ‘politically motivated violence’ and the need for restrictive legislation and even a ‘register of right-wing extremists’ and so on, we may take it we live in dangerous times. To this point, none of this has disturbed these ‘lads’ who would like to reason they are ‘accelerating’ the process of political change with their supposed radicalism and essentially, working to bring on the apocalypse and the redemptive revolution. Good luck!

This ‘claiming’ action courtesy of these ‘National Socialists’ (I shall now simply call them ‘neo-nazis’) could be fraudulent and part of the long-standing (decades-long, in fact) modus operandi of our local neo-nazis who have often appropriated all sorts of things as justifications and tools to steer a few genuine youths into a dead end. If that is the case, the method functions to undermine the genuine nationalist movement through confusionism. Yet, it just might be, aware that they are trading upon swampy ground, that some persons have opted to find firmer territory? If it was the latter, the NSN could move out of this neo-nazi swamp and if it was the case some of their followers wanted to serve a true cause – that of a new European Australia with its nativist ethos, the cause of the co-operative Commonwealth and national independence – they could find who they truly are as Australians and act as Australians in the modern period. Is this possible?

It remains my view, a few con men and shysters aside, that most of the young people who find this neo-nazi thing are ‘genuine’ and not bad people. It was their first port of call in visualising the threat to the true Australia. They may even see the shadow of the true cause hovering about them. However, because of neo-nazism’s absolutist quality (as I shall describe in a moment), most reject the nationalist cause and its methods. After all, who but negative people could fail to see the great Nazi truth? Occasionally then, some neo-nazis turn on Australian nationalism and there the state’s agents have had much to play with. That fact is well recorded from the past. Yet it must still be said, the loss of just one genuine person to neo-nazism is a tragedy, but the times demand urgency and we cannot temporise with the harsh truth: this National Socialism is false to its marrow!


This ‘National Socialism’ is not German. It has next to nothing to do with any German movement. Rather, it was manufactured and branded in America. It is an interpretation of a historical German movement given by Americans, acted upon by Americans and exported to a few locales in waves (some places ‘breed’ it then of their own accord and I note the NSN refers to Englishman “Colin Jordan”), and with a sixty year plus history.

Yet when I say interpretation – I mean falsification. It was conjured up by a pack of Yankee fakirs.  Names like Matt Koehl, Harold Covington, James Mason, leap out and they have been found as ‘gurus’ by local neo-nazis. Groups like Atomwaffen Division, The Base and others in America founded upon the thought of these fellows, are now held up to some young Aussies as an inspiration to action.

These American actors over the decades have ripped the guts out of any movement that has arisen there to challenge the US global-dictatorship. That’s what we say and we say it is the truth. Many American nationalists agree. They say they have been shadowed, infiltrated, attacked, smeared and more through the activities of the neo-nazis.

Rather than develop a programme to serve the American (white) people and to challenge the economic-political reality of the United States (its military-industrial complex, its banking cartel, its media and so on), to mobilize a political movement and mass political subculture directed against a regime, indeed to even inter-act positively with other ethnic groups that may not seek ‘integration’ within the new US empire, the neo-nazis have created a ‘white nationalism’ that was and is but a ‘racial cult’. It merely screams for racial war and attacks upon non-white persons and some institutions of the regime. It has no political agenda other than creating ‘chaos’ and it imagines that this will serve it – and grant it power. Its ideological rants possess the quality of the psychotic (such as the helter-skelter fantasy of a Charlie Manson adapted to neo-nazism). Does that assist the US political police and their supportive ideological and coercive structures to destroy its followers as they emerge? To then stigmatise all resistance? Bluntly, if the FBI didn’t invent this neo-nazi movement, they may as well have. Insanely, even if the plan for the violence of ‘cells’ or ‘lone wolves’ had a validity, one might think these neo-nazis would study terror and insurgency and apply it, but they don’t; they often act upon the basis of fantasy novels as diverse as Turner Diaries or the books of Covington or just feed each other morsels over cyberspace. How does that all work?

The neo-nazi ‘thinkers’ have said that ‘white nationalism’ was the core of German National Socialism which meant that the original (sic) movement was based upon it. So Hitler became its avatar and the symbolism of that former German movement was grafted onto the ‘white nationalist’ scene. No more American basis or symbolism to its politics, as Americans were just ‘white’ and National Socialism was the racial-religious truth and it was time for a race war. The American vanished in the haze.

Strange. There cannot be a single German National Socialist document in existence that says that ‘white nationalism’ was its basis. It’s certainly not what Hitler said and not what his co-thinkers ever argued. If any neo-nazi says that it was, then the onus is on him to show it. The case isn’t proved by quoting another neo-nazi, or by showing pictures of neo-nazi groups out there ‘doing it’, or by quoting some German about ‘race’ (unless he can show the German meant what he means). I would have to say that, from the land of snake oil salesmen, neo-nazism was the greatest hokum ever birthed.

So, the NSN isn’t taking on Stephensen to show they’re more than “German” because they’re American. And if they say that it all blends nicely, we could quote something Hitler said, that Stephensen never knew and they probably don’t know. Hitler said, in his Second Book (1928), something that fits neatly upon Australia:

“.. (Germans) in Anglo Saxon countries in particular will, unfortunately, become more anglicised .. (and) .. also become spiritually lost to our people in the same way that their potential work achievements are already lost to our people ..” (p. 100)

Now I might object to this ‘German’ describing our country as “Anglo Saxon”, but that’s what he thought and he reasoned that as our country “anglicised” German migrants, they were lost to Germany. That doesn’t bother me any more than it would have Stephensen, but it is a principle that doesn’t fit the position of the Yankee neo-nazis about universal white nationalism any more than it does with our locals. Given that some German opinion during the Second World War stood for the partition of our country with Japan and the removal of ‘German’ stock (sic) to a Tasmanian colony, or if that didn’t work out to Russian Eastern Territories (sic), I would have to wonder why the NSN ever bothered to try to Nazify Stephensen in the first place? The real history is too foul to redeem.


Stephensen’s legacy entered very early into the pot of the new Australian nationalism. It was the 1970s rebirth of Australian nationalism which ensured it. At that time, men like E.F. Azzopardi, F.K. Salter, A.F. Norwick and others published about him, circulated his Foundations Of Culture In Australia and raised him as a patron saint. I was there and I joined that effort. The attachment of Stephensen to the Australian nationalists has never been broken and it has been broadened out in publishing and other ways. Just a couple of years ago, I wrote a pamphlet upon Stephensen’s place in nationalism and on the fact that his tilt towards the then European fascists had about it an aspect of pure calculation; he saw in the humbling of the old Empire a doorway opening towards Australian independence. But that’s another story.

The Australian nationalists from the late 1970s forward had a connection to Stephensen’s brother Eric, and with nationalist pamphleteer Dora Watts (her husband was a member of Stephensen’s Australia First Movement and who was imprisoned with him). But the main connection was ideological. There may be parts of Stephensen’s thought that no longer apply, but it was the essence of his thinking that set out vital boundaries and new vistas. It has been said Stephensen is a conduit between the historical Australian nationalist movement from the late 19th century (that movement followed through nativism, labourism and literary radical-nationalism) and the movement reborn in the late 1970s. Any distortion of Stephensen can represent an essential assault upon the legitimate movement.

It is noted that the NSN has resorted to a subterfuge. They would link Stephensen to a few weak 1950s political grouplets that they say prefigure ‘Nazi’ type groups in 1960s Australia. This is less than right and dangerous given what these grouplets morphed into – anti-communist gangs who ended up as Special Branch Nazis (sic).  Essentially, there’s no mistaking the point here: either Stephensen ‘belongs’ to these groups (whose ‘heritage’ there is a hint NSN would adopt), or he ‘belongs’ to the nationalists. The actual history from sixty-odd years ago is too tangled and a micro one, but falsehood doesn’t pass. The attempt (for example) to link Stephensen with a subscriber to his Publicist magazine who was imprisoned with him in 1942, one Thomas Graham, cannot pass. Perhaps Stephensen conversed with the fellow, but having met him too (he knocked on the door of National Action one day in late 1983 or early 1984), I concluded what I’m sure Stephensen did – he was just a bushie who screamed antisemitic diatribes, but who was a mad as a cut snake.


A small anecdote states the problem and the solution – cleanse the swamp!

I had a telephone call back in late 2015 from a well-sounding fellow, ostensibly in Perth, who had commented on my doctoral thesis on the neo-nazi forum Iron March. I understand now that this forum was a gestation point in the latest wave of US neo-nazism. We chatted about the sort of matters discussed above and the bloke started to ask the right questions and his ‘faith’ began to waver. Apparently, as I have picked up from other Internet chatter, I almost persuaded this bloke out of it, but alas for me, he was not deceived and he reverted to the truth (sic).

Peer pressure and the maintenance of a community of ideas and purpose are inter-linked. If there is a possibility, even a vague one, that the NSN has started to question its faith before ASIO can set the explosive device, then studying Stephensen leads to only one place – Australian nationalism. I state that in my terms whether the intention to ‘claim’ him is honest or dishonest.

Essentially Stephensen’s thought does not sustain neo-nazi thought. Why? Let’s get down to the proverbial brass tacks. Stephensen always said that he was about growing culture and politics here in a nativist way. He might have adapted an idea or a thing to the Australian soil, but if something didn’t fit, it would be discarded. Why would any Australian ‘revolution’ have to swallow necessarily any foreign system of thought? Why, if it didn’t take it whole must it adapt it if it doesn’t fit? Particularly this Yankee white universalism? The contradiction for these NSN fellows is clear as…

So, can the swamp be cleansed? Am I being unfriendly to these neo-nazis? Given that I am trying to do them a favour, I would hope the swamp can be cleansed. Having fought Special Branch Nazism long ago, I’d like to quash ASIO Nazism before it gets bombing (or more likely ‘conspiring’ to go bombing). I’d like to save some probably well-meaning younger people from a fate they don’t want. It comes down to an intense ideological struggle. Are any of these fellows up to it, peer pressure notwithstanding? They have a world to win – free of yank psychopaths!

Let’s cleanse the swamp!


Dr. Jim Saleam is President of the Australia First Party

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