Victorian police made a show of force at a Melbourne “Freedom Day” rally in which dozens of arrests were made and fines issued.

Police clashed with around 1000 angry anti-lockdown protesters who ignored warnings not to gather in defiance of the government’s strict Stage Four lockdown conditions.

Media reports protesters chanting, taunting officers, and abusing media (good-ED) amid a disproportionate show of police force, including Public Order Response and Mounted Police. Riot police also mobilised because presumably, they’re as bored as everyone else from the Garden State. The urge to crack a few so-called COVIDIOT heads must’ve been too powerful to resist.

Protesters initially gathered at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, before moving on to Albert Park lake where the wall of police blocked them from making it to Parliament House. So, they sat down and used stubborn body language and taunts to telegraph their discontent at the Andrews Dictatorship. All the while, police wearing body armour and face shields, picked off protesters, arresting them and leading them away.

At last reports, the protest had exceeded four hours, with a similar but lamer event held in Sydney which was attended by Aboriginal loudmouth Anthony Mundine. With a bit of luck, he’s the only one who’ll come down with the Sino Sniffles.

The event organiser James Bartolo did a one-eighty-degree turn-around and warned his Facebook followers not to go through with the event.

Bartolo, who the media has labelled “a major player in the anti-coronavirus conspiracy movement”, was arrested on Friday morning at his Taylors Hill home. Police broke down the 27-year-old’s door and charged him with inciting an illegal protest. This came after the arrest of pregnant Ballarat woman Zoe Buhler, 28, was handcuffed in front of her children inside the family home and charged with something or other. Who cares, at a certain point it’s all just gossip, anyway.

Bartolo, who was gagged by bail conditions, told his followers the rally was a trap — something he figured out too late. So, too was posting about it on Facebook, the greatest honeytrap in modern history.

“It is a set from the get-go. It’s all just terrible, don’t go to that one,” he said. “What is going to happen, Dan Andrews will blame the protest for the lockdown extension. Don’t go to the protest.”

Too wise, too late, old fruit. That’s exactly what he is doing, having thrown press conference #54678 in which he slammed protesters as “selfish”. No doubt, fudged figures will provide the “medical evidence” needed for Andrews to justify tightening his grip and extending the lockdown. To him, it’s been like Christmas, and what kid wouldn’t want Xmas to last all year round?

Nevertheless, it would be amiss of us not to provide another perspective, granted that it’s not intended in favour of Andrews in any way. However, it’s a bit rich for those same folks who criticised the BLM rally, to suddenly support the Freedom Rally. You either condemn rallies full stop, or you unconditionally support public gatherings.

Except for Sweden, the lockdown has proven effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19. Civic-mindedness is utmost during disasters such as a pandemic. The rugged individuality of the freedom-loving libertarian cannot trounce the duty of the individual to the collective. Social media has given too many otherwise idiots a chance to broadcast whereas by rights they should be muzzled. Conspiracy theorists are simply bored plebs whose only avenue to relevance, at least in their thinking, is to rise above the masses by being that one-per cent who “gets” the conspiracy.

Likewise, are we to support those identifiably ethnic enclaves who right from the start showed their disdain for social distancing, such as the Lebanese who held weddings, and Moslems, Africans and Orthodox Jews who helped spread the virus by continuing with their religious services and/or criminal enterprises? Wogs have been at the forefront of COVID denial, and that hasn’t been a good thing.

Notwithstanding, divisive hypocrite Labor premiers such as Annastacia Palaszczuk and Andrews have gotten a boost out of China Flu. Palaszczuk has courted outrage after allowing thousands of AFL officials into the state, but turning away those on the border seeking medical help in Qld.

A pregnant woman who lived two hours from Qld was rejected by border guards and made to wait 16 hours for a flight to Sydney. She had been expecting twins, but an ultrasound later revealed that she had lost one of her babies owing to the wait. The evidence is that Palaszczuk is full of it, basking in the power that she has gained from locking off her state to the rest of Australia. As the saying goes, absolute power corrupts.

What we see more closely, however, is how under Dictator Dan Andrews, the line between police independence and political control is harder to detect. Perhaps it’s simply that this dictatorial premier’s wishes are their command.

Vic Pol has always been an armed gang unto themselves — utterly unpersuaded by notions of freedom and justice, but these days they’ve become more of a militia.  One look at the Nicola Gobbo case and you get the picture.

Lately, with all its absorption of LGBTQ-etc Identity politics it has become a crypto-Trotskyite army. Andrews today used them to bust up a demonstration more significant than the Anglophobic Black Lives Matter protest. That came with his blessing and helped to generate the second wave of the Kung Flu to spread. The BLM rally even had the Victorian health authorities tick of approval. Somehow it was supposed to be therapeutic and George Floyd’s spirit would act as a mass vaccine, or at least an opiate, probably from all the Fentanyl in his system.

The question now must be asked of whether the threat posed by COVID-19 isn’t exaggerated. When compared to the pandemics of the past, its death count is low. When likened to the common flu, it’s not even in the same class as a killer germ. But the mystery shrouding it has sure benefited both those who love a good conspiracy and those who create them.

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