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Let’s face it, pregnancy is that time in a sheila’s life when she’s arrived at her biological destiny, yet crested the hill in terms of sex appeal.

A lot of hinky blokes don’t mind a woman with kids, but there are those discerning types whose maxim firmly states, “Papa has a brand-new bag, he doesn’t hit skins once they start to sag”. For him, not only are mothers a turn-off, but pregnant women’s bodies are enough to make him refund his lunch; more especially when the expectant mother is exposing her miracle-bound stomach in a selfie.

Outside of fetishists, anybody normal would concede that a tummy which appears as if the woman has swallowed a bowling ball is abhorrent to aesthetic interests, no matter how pretty her face is. It runs counter to such considerations and utterly kills the sex drive.

Therefore, we at New Australian Bulletin are raising the red flag over the latest trend in “un-shaming” pregnant women. The only thing a pregnant woman needs to be ashamed of is her body and that’s the one thing the media is rubbing our faces in.

Among the worst offenders is the egregious Daily Mail, which ought to be banned on account of its imported Pommy Wokeness. It cannot let a day go by without sharing with us the unwanted sight of a preggers model, or a before-and-after subject; or just an “I’m proud of my baby bump and I want the whole world to see it.”

What if similar hang-ups regarding defecation were treated in the same way? What if the DM were to share the product of the subject’s bowel movements with the reader, perhaps starting with food porn as the before shot, and a rank pile of disgusting bodily waste as the after? Damn right, you’d be onto the Press Council quick as boiled asparagus. But because of Identity Politics, and Political Correctness, and the Woke that they’re all now umbrellaed under, we discriminating gentlemen of leisure, who may indulge the peccadillo of reading our tabloid news online over our breakfast, are putting said brekky in danger of reappearing all down the front of our nicely ironed shirtfront.

Pregnant women are gross, just as babies, while essential to the maintenance of the race, are intolerable to a gentleman’s ears, and offensive to his palate until they’ve grown enough to control their bodily functions. Snot, wee-wees, number twos, all of that stuff that is part and parcel of bringing up a baby may be a blessing for the White race (as long as it IS White babies we’re talking about) but to the footloose bachelor who has not come to terms with a woman, it’s a diabolical list.

Pregnant women may be a fact of life and ARE life, but that doesn’t mean that alongside the skin snaps of glamour babes we need to pay homage to the corpulent belly of a banged-up female.

Which takes us to the unavoidable topic of breastfeeding in public, coming after the cannonball midriff. We salute any cad who rises to vocally protest this deplorable practise in public, especially where food is being served, regardless of the shellacking he will ultimately receive. We say stand up! These mummies need to get it into their heads that baby time means social time is over! It’s kaput! Their lives have altered and by attempting to force change on polite society to accommodate their anguish about motherhood by expecting us to shut-up and swallow our grits while mums’ milkers are flopped out over the table is to take a liberty, not exercise a right!

Don’t get us wrong, the White race needs to breed big time, so don’t take anything we say as an attempt to undermine such. Don’t put us in the same basket as those who contribute to the delinquency of a healthy White society. But just understand, some gentlemen are cultivated of finer habits and sensibilities; forcing them to grin through gritted-teeth out of politeness when their whole being is telling them to go Conan on a scene such as we’ve described is a situation easily avoided. No pictures of pregnant women, unless they’re dressed from neck to ankle, and ban all breastfeeding in public spaces. Make preggers’ selfies illegal, except if the model is fully-clothed, with facemask and all.

These deluded women not only require attention like the earth needs the sun, but they are misguided enough to believe that their bodies are so attractive in any condition they could very well flip their intestines out for the camera and gain 100,000 Instagram followers.

Yet, let’s not concern ourselves with their reasons either: whether it be a continuation of identity’s politics obsession with undoing social mores, a by-product of social media inciting women’s narcissistic tendencies, or just proof that Satan has finally pulled down all the moral pillars of Western Civilization, the fact is that nothing at all is palatable about viewing a pregnant tummy au naturel. They are el-disgusto.

As to dating women with kids, if a woman is amoral enough to have lost their husband in the first place, something is wrong. Plus, kids are the biggest turn-off ever imagined, which is why God puts them in a woman’s body to ensure it’s the last time either sinner ever commits the beastly act again.


  1. Baby bumps on nice-looking and well-dressed Western women is still better than teen aged girls with green hair and nose piercings.

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