Joe Biden is tipped to be the next president of the United States. He may as well be since America deserves him. He might just provide the final straw to send the country reeling into civil war so that the Whites can segregate.

And we know that Biden, who is being kept alive by amyl poppers just long enough to move into Office and die, is merely the vehicle with which to give the US its first woman of colour President.

This election comes after four years of a relentless bombardment of Donald Trump: with attempts to impeach him over ludicrous accusations of colluding with Russia. That’s just one of a million slights in a campaign that’s persisted since the day he was inaugurated. Even before that, when his victory was announced, the communist kids went ape. The cities resembled what they do now, with lawless left-wing tribes and race agitators, all identifiable under their Identity banners and in their particular branches, running amok.

Today, as back in 2016, they are exerting their democratic ‘right’ to pursue a non-democratic agenda while condemning the non-Woke as ‘undemocratic’. It’s no use arguing with them — it’s not about logic, but persuasion. We admire Jared Taylor very much here at NAB, but what bothers us about his admirable reasoning is that it’s exactly the wrong thing to do, to trust that level-headedness might in any way prevail since their whole mission is to tear down the fortifications of reason. All the sanity in the world is no cure for insanity. The only thing you can do is fight them back, shut them down, and ensure they are never allowed to test our civilisation ever again. We’ll leave it up to your imagination as to what that might entail, but unless one is prepared to go the distance, history will repeat itself faster than you think.

But none of this is a problem in Putin’s Russia! There is no Black Lives Matter in Putin’s Russia. There is no mainstream wave of Woke Identity Politics rewriting social rules and threatening dissenters with unemployment and imprisonment.

Putin is a man’s man — he shoots, hunts rides bare-chested and Judo wrestles. He takes no guff from feminists, transgender freaks, parasitic minorities, or mentally disturbed liberals. And that’s a thing to digest because once upon a time the former Soviet Union was blamed as being the capital from which the base for such subversive ideas spread. All of these concepts were born from communism, so it was erroneously suggested by those who didn’t know any better. Identity politics had its evolution through western universities, transmogrifying as socialist, Trotskyite, Maoist, and Leninist groups became subverted by liberal internationalism and social justice causes in a push for populism.

Biden and his newly minted running mate Kamala Harris are the short-odds favourites. Harris is a part Indian, and part Jamaican woman who, as District Attorney of San Francisco locked up 1,500 of her kind for smoking Ganga. When asked if she’d ever smoked the stuff, she coyly giggled. After all, she is Jamaican on her paternal side. They might’ve figured, apart from being brown, she’ll compete with Trump on the law-and-order issue, while Joe breaks into an imbecile smile as he wets his incontinence pads.

This would NEVER happen in Putin’s Russia: nyet. Part of the romantic attraction of his leadership is the fact there is nothing democratic about it (although we wouldn’t say that in Russia). He saved Russia after the grim days of its collapse, following the decay that led up to the downfall of the communist party, and he’ll be damned if he’s going trust any cosmopolitan-minded globalist replacing him and turning the Kremlin into a de facto office of the BBC. This is why he plans to hang around and we salute him.

On the other hand, American cities are now crime-riddled as their liberal mayors undermine police authority. Murders are up to something like a million per cent (fake statistic) and the race issue is so divisive that they’re probably erecting re-education camps for un-Woke Whites in anticipation of Harris’s — sorry — Biden’s victory.

A female black presidency is both a reward for bad behaviour, but also a bribe for votes. It is a hope to corral the mass of ‘minority’ support, from blacks to Latinos, and that means trading on the hope that their time has arrived — as foreigners — to take their rightful place at the highest of America’s offices.

If the notion is that a black female will bring to America a springtime of unprecedented positive change, then the is irony lost.

Trump, for all his failings (and there are lots, do not assume we’re Trump advocates) was genuine change. So much so, that the system has spent his every moment in the Oval Office trying to have him thrown out and replaced by someone who does as their supposed to. Someone like Joe Biden, or Kamala Harris.

Many times, Trump went against the system, he rattled its cage. He made gaffs, but even those must’ve seemed refreshing up against plastic, conformist political models. That’s the kind of person needed. That’s exactly why they want him gone, like, four years ago!

Now, having got real change, the Wokerati demand real, real change. Yes, they demand real change that doesn’t involve conservatism. They mistake Republicans as being nationalists, which they hate because it denotes to them as White Supremacy. Which they hate. And Democrats know what they hate. Even cheesy Joe, with his two clear thoughts a day, and who is more in need of a nurse than a running mate popped the cork on his choice as potential VP by having his people Tweet, “This morning, little girls woke up across this nation — especially Black and Brown girls who so often may feel overlooked and undervalued in our society — potentially seeing themselves in a new way: As the stuff of Presidents and Vice Presidents.” Blech.

But that would never happen in Putin’s Russia. See, Putin isn’t about to allow Biblical numbers of disparate tribes to enter his country and then demand their “democratic” right for change so that it can reflect the composition of the migrant arrivals. He won’t even allow Pussy Riot to perform, which is one of the greatest feathers in his cap.

Thinking about Biden’s Tweet, which has drawn disapproval for its inherent ‘racism’ (yeah, heh), he was merely pandering to the ‘intersectionality’ of his Democrat tribe. That is where Putin wins out in both logic and a leader since the whole concept is fucking ridiculous.

For instance, how many Whites are lining up in South Africa insisting the ANC step down so a White woman can take the top spot? How so this isn’t going on in Somalia? The Congo? Kabul? The Solomon Islands? Egypt? South Korea? Chad? Niger? You get the point by now. Because it would be ludicrous. Yet, not so in the west, which loves to hand its enemies the very weapons with which to destroy it. Putin isn’t afflicted with that kind of mentality, and nor are we Australian nationalists. This is why we want a total end to any relationship with the United States.

There is a mindset at present that suggests we need to be closer to our “ally” to defeat China. But the US hasn’t a hope of beating China in this region. It’s failed twice already, and it’s incapable of projecting sufficient power far enough to win a victory. It’s not about to use nukes either, because that would mean US cities coming under threat. Under Biden or Harris, the White House would revert to Obama’s policy of appeasement. They would be more interested in tackling ‘entrenched white privilege’ at home, and reordering their society around monument removal, creating majority-minority (heh, yes) policing, and taxing anything that moves to pay for its wholesale welfare reforms.

Not so in Putin’s Russia.

Australia must, apart from working to expel its parasitic bodies of minorities, aim for armed neutrality. And while that will take some time, and even though a ‘friendship’ of sorts is desirable with a powerful nation, the US is so rank and addled that we must no longer allow its cultural dominance, nor share in its cancerous socio-political trends. America is a country on the brink of civil war, and we hope that results in Whites securing their part of that already divided country. So, it’s not only undesirable to want any more association with them, it’s impractical, and dangerous, to follow around a leader that still thinks it’s tough. We must release ourselves from the yoke of international capitalism and its master.

We need to be moving towards a ‘friendship’ with a power that believes in the safeguarding of traditional values, cultural preservation, and pride in its people. To that end, Australian nationalists would hope for such friendly relations with Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Not that we think Biden will win anyway, we have our money on Trump gaining a second term. Nevertheless.

A controversial cartoon by controversial cartoonist Johannes Leak

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