By Jeneral DeQuay

Back in April, we reported on how a brave Wagga Wagga City Councillor by the name of Paul Funnell proposed a motion to cut ties with sister city Kunming. This was a big deal since Wagga Wagga is owned by the corruption created by Chinese baksheesh. We link here and here to those articles. What goes on in Wagga Wagga is a microcosm of what happens across the country where Chinese money buys influence and corrupts, affecting the whole country, not just the region it occurs in. Wagga Wagga has been on the nose for a while and we present below an article that exposes some of that hinky business. We are assured more is to come.

Will the DPP finally be compelled to close in on Daryl Maguire, Alan Eldridge, Rod Kendall and others involved in their network of “burner” companies?

Last week it was reported in local media an investigative report into Mr Kendall and Mr Eldridge’s burner companies and their dealings were provided to Wagga Council and referred on to the ICAC for further investigation.

The countless burner companies are set up for a reason. The companies are listed with ASIC for a specific purpose or operation in mind. None of these companies is longstanding, they are designed solely to serve the immediate intended purpose, then they are wound up, deregistered, or struck off. Craven individuals conceal their identities behind the company name.

Dirty Dazza — Daryl Maguire is so bent that he walks on all fours

Developments with airports as a central element feature in the dealings of many of these burner companies. These companies and their connections permeate state borders. The current ICAC investigations could initiate a cross border IBAC investigation.

Rod Kendall after a night on the goofballs

In addition to the Creighton Group report that has been forwarded to ICAC, a Riverina Farmer Mr Darren Ciavarella reported his intention to forward his forensic report on the fraud he claims he was a victim of and which involved one of these burner companies GRTAJ PTY LTD. This company performed one function – to launder a farm property, “Midgee” (next door to Naranderra airport) as ascertained by Mr Ciavarella and evidenced in his report. 

 A Riverina Solicitor involved has already faced disciplinary action for his role in the fraud and the matter is ongoing – Failing to hold money in a Trust Account.

As matters stand, former long-term Wagga Wagga mayor, Daryl Maquire, has been found corrupt by the ICAC for his activities, but no prosecution has been forthcoming, Mr Maquire simply resigned from Parliament, picked up his pension and went home. Or off to Thailand to visit some pretty boys, as is alleged by common rumour.

The victims have no recourse; the fraudsters use the law to arrive at an improper end and effectively rob people. It’s trite to say some of these companies or business activities may not be against the letter of the law, however, their premeditated formula to asset-strip creates estoppel here, a coerced release clause there, multiple and serious instances of misleading of the court, or you forgot to file a form on time, one backdoor after another after the event. This is evidenced in the ‘Waller v Hargraves’ High Court case (2012). Waller won the High Court decision unanimously, yet remained locked out of her farm. Why? The Loan Sharks/Solicitors bankrupted Waller to secure section 58 of the Bankruptcy Act. The estate’s assets all vested in the Trustee for the Bankrupt Estate. So, Waller gets nothing. 

The Probate Court is being used as a laundry for these activities and local deceased Estates have fallen prey. 

Local Law enforcement is unlikely to investigate or prosecute when significant political or local government officials are involved. It’s not an ideal situation for local authorities to be placed in, outside investigators with no connection to the area or the individuals involved are correct. The recent information publicly available is indicative of some type of conspiratorial conduct or racketeering worthy of a panacea of Royal Commissions. Such corruption conveys a message to the rest of society that deception and trickery is a desirable business model. There is a systemic breakdown in accountability. The victims of these local “community leaders” and “burner company” Directors are left in a state of fraud trauma characterised by severe emotional and psychological distress or in a state of an existential crisis!

The NSW Police Commissioner recently applied to the Supreme Court concerning protestors trying to run events given the COVID19 risk to the community. And rightly so. The Police Commissioner might apply the legislative test to the activities of those involved in Riverina racketeering and apply to the Supreme Court to have the Buttered Cats declared a criminal group?

Alan Eldridge has a face only a bookmaker could love

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