Minnesota judge Peter Cahill has allowed the public release of the video leaked from bodycams of two of the officers arrested over the death of black career criminal George Floyd.

The footage that Minneapolis Police officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Keung took during the May 25 arrest of Floyd had initially been suppressed. Subsequently, it could only be viewed by appointment in the county courthouse and was intended to be used by Lang’s attorney in a motion to dismiss.

A coalition of media outlets united to challenge Cahill’s decision to restrict both the viewing and sharing of the video. Before that decision was overturned, however, the video was leaked.

What is curious about the Daily Mail’s reportage is its downright intent to have us believe that black is white, or suggest that one and one equals three; for the sake of persisting with the mythical narrative enveloping George Floyd. They have taken incontrovertible evidence of the officers’ innocence and instead called it proof of their guilt.

First up, the writers are everything we’d expect from a Woke Pommy mob like the Daily Mail, which came to Australia bearing its Anglo-liberal-globalist poisons. The DM knows nothing about Australian identity, refuses to believe Australians exist and chastises us as racists in our own country while expecting us to read its poorly written, propagandistic, appallingly-edited tabloid-drivel. Thus Maxine Shen, an Asian, and Martin Gould, a Jew, have penned the most stupendously asymmetrical article using the DM’s Woke style sheet and the UN’s lexicon.

The reality of the leaked footage is that it turned many around from the opinion that these officers are “murderers”. It became one of the most viewed threads on Leftist discussion website Reddit. What was remarkable about the comments on the Reddit thread is how avowed liberals went against the grain as, with the aid of the footage, it became undeniable that the officers were following procedure. Even Derek Chauvin, whose knee on the neck of the negro felon has universally been condemned as excessive comes off as having been left with no other choice but to apply such force.

New Australian Bulletin argued, as the story broke and we viewed the redacted video, that there was more to the story. We pointed out that crucial film was not available that most likely showed Floyd resisting arrest. It did. It Does. But to Shen and Gould, logic and the evidence of their own eyes isn’t enough for them to challenge the false narrative surrounding Floyd’s inevitable death. We say inevitable because before one even views the recording we’ve linked to below they must remember that he was very, very sick. Diagnosed with COVID-19, he had a heart condition, was high on Fentanyl and Ice, and was babbling like a man with one foot in another dimension.

Shen and Gould write of “a rookie officer terrifying Floyd by pointing a handgun at his head”. They use adjectives like “callous” and other emotive, non-objective ‘rookie’ words like “belligerent” cops. While abusing their adjective privileges they omit to mention Floyd was asked several times to get out of his car before the officer pulled his gun.

Where Floyd resisted the officers as they repeatedly asked him to step into the back seat of the squad car, Shen and Gould skewed the reporting by writing “Floyd resisted as the cops tried to force him into the back of the car, telling them he suffers from claustrophobia and anxiety.”

Now, bearing in mind that Floyd’s journey in the bodycam footage begins when the arresting officers attempt to have him alight from his vehicle, it’s fairly obvious that he was only “anxious” and “claustrophobic” about getting into the back of a police car. His vehicle at that point was a sanctuary, although, again Shen and Gould overlook the fact that it is not in the interest of the community to have a drug-addled freak like Floyd at the wheel of a car.

However, nothing was unusual about Floyd’s reluctance to enter the squad car, it’s a fairly common reaction when someone is detained. Very few people treat being cuffed and sat in the back of a police vehicle as a cause for joy and merriment.

Shen and Gould write “cops tried to force him into the back of the car” as if it was an “offer” that Floyd was perfectly within his rights to disobey. It might shatter their illusions, but when a citizen is detained by police they are, contrary to what the DM believes, obliged to follow the officers’ directions. To not do so pushes the objector into that invidious realm of resisting police, which is an area of conflict that only escalates the longer the apprehended person continues to resist.

And that, in a nutshell, readers, is the gist of what you will view in the hitherto redacted video; Floyd resisting the whole while, albeit passively, but resisting.

You will witness the officers attempting to have Floyd step out of his vehicle. But the blubbering rock ape who is purportedly in the throes of a PTSD episode “’ cos he’s been shot before” and had pulled a gun on a pregnant woman previously in his criminal past, is in space-cadet mode. He’s apologising profusely but not following orders. He also gibbers nonsense like “I’m not that guy”, meaning, he’s not bad, just a victim of circumstance.

He is visibly off his tree, and behaving like a manic depressive, but they are the tears of a clown. Throughout the entire episode, you see the officers give Floyd every chance to abide by their instructions, but instead, he weeps and laments like John Coffey in The Green Mile. He is big, too, so his recalcitrance was bound to excite matters.

And what’s is resultant of the attitude displayed by those like Shen and Gould? What has all this fawning to a bogus script about black lives achieved? It’s only stoked the unwarranted grievances harder and led to more opposition to the police. And what happens when police are dragged down because of race issues, as happened to officer Darren Wilson in 2014, after the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, St Louis, and the six officers indicted over the death of black habitual criminal Freddie Gray in 2015? Despite both the six Baltimore officers and officer Wilson being exonerated.

Yep, the cops backed off from blacks and the homicide rate went through the roof. See, despite the innocence of their colleagues, the careers of all seven officers were destroyed.

The same social phenomenon occurred when the A.C.L.U sued the Chicago PD over Stop and Frisk procedures. The halting of those practises led to a deadly rise in gang crimes in cities like Chicago and Baltimore that saw more black lives snuffed out than in previous years. Now, why did the Chicago PD “disproportionately” stop and frisk African-Americans? Because African-Americans are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime.

Currently, thanks to the Floyd lie, there have been 440 homicides in Chicago, 38 of which were children. Nearly all those were blacks killed by other blacks at the very time Black Lives Matter. The rise in deaths is 52% on the previous year when the cops were allowed to do their job without fear of a backlash from civil rights loonies.

But Shen, Gould and the diabolical Limey Rat Factory they work for don’t want you to know that; it would spoil the Woke.

If the American justice system fails these officers when we’ll know that the country is not under the knee of White police officers but the knee of blacks and their white enablers.

Floyd was sick, and he should’ve been seeking medical help rather than passing off a counterfeit $20 note at a convenience store to buy cigarettes, the last things he needed. He could have got that help, too, if he’d followed the direction of police. But he is black and nothing is easy with blacks, they either have a desire to commit homicide, or a deathwish. 

Don’t look online for an accurate forensic account of how he died, because it’s been so muddled. A Google result will tell you it was homicide when that has yet to be determined. He is supposed to have asphyxiated, and they blame Chauvin, but even if he did he brought it on himself. If he had lived it would’ve been because the police abandoned procedure and potentially put the public at risk by allowing him to manipulate them with his foolish tears and imploring. 


  1. So because of the stupidity of one black criminal – and the lies of media – hundreds of people are, and more will be, killed.

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