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An Essential Poll shows that Victorians still think that Comrade Daniel Andrews is doing a ripping job as Premier despite the COVID-19 debacle and his indenturing the state to Communist Chinese rule.

Victoria is recording more and more Kung Flu deaths every day due to the incompetence, indifference, and arrogance of Daniel Andrews and his quasi-communist cabal. But apparently, that doesn’t bother Victorians, who’ll keep voting for him even if he makes child sacrifice mandatory.

The poll’s results were 53 per cent in favour of his government’s performance while a dissenting figure of 3o per cent thinks he stinks. The other 17 per cent is probably dead from Chop Fluey.

Andrews could secede from the rest of Australia, name Victoria ‘Danralia’ and invite the Chinese military to police the state and the nitwits would still approve. And why? Well, it’s called Stockholm Syndrome, but on the other hand, it’s also Battered Wife Syndrome.

For explanations of either of those Google them yourselves because time is money for our writing team, however, let’s just say Victorians have become so accustomed to Andrews’ abuses that they feel a psychological bond with him despite all the terrible things he does. They have developed a dependency on the big-eared fruit. To cure them would require a military scale operation involving individual communities being locked down and de-brainwashing conducted en masse. Hopeless cases would be euthanised.

This is the hold that Comrade Dan has over Victorians, who once upon a time before the kids of BLM could remember, were under the thrall of Premier Jeff Kennett, who was that state’s equivalent of Donald Trump. See, Jeff was a Liberal and not a dyed-in-the-wool Maoist like Andrews. He is now president of some AFL football club. We mention him because it wasn’t always so small ‘l’ liberal down that way.

Yet, even reporting this, we have to ask ourselves what difference it makes. There isn’t a politician alive who is capable or willing to do what’s necessary to resurrect their state, or indeed, this nation. What’s happening to Victorians is just a more intense form of what is occurring to the nation.

Regardless of PM Scott Morrison’s apparent stance on China, it’s all just for public consumption: trade goes on as usual, and it’s merely a tricky game of snuggling up close to the US administration while keeping enough distance where it counts so as not to cross that trade-barrier line with China.

A truly great Prime Minister would immediately halt all transnational commitments, freeze trade, cancel all leases on Australian assets such as farms, water, cattle, and minerals and immediately nationalise all. See, a MAJOR recession has started an Australia has no reason to be affected by it if we toss out everyone who isn’t Anglo-Celtic-European, return Property to Australians, administer our agricultural resources etcetera so that all Australians can be clothed and fed, begin manufacturing for home consumption: and only sell what’s necessary to buy those bits and bobs that aren’t domestically available. But this is all fantasy and the reality are Daniel Andrews and the rest of them, and the fact that Victorian and Australians will always opt for the worst choice imaginable.

People should need a license to vote. Here endeth the lesson.

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