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Victoria’s spike in Kung Flu cases has also seen a sharp surge in the number of ‘Karens’ appearing in media for shaming.

Putting aside the demonstrable role media-doxing plays in terms of public health instruction, the racial component cannot be ignored. Moslem Arabs contributed to this disastrous spike when ignoring social distancing for their end-of-Ramadan feasts. Orthodox Jews have broken the social taboo because they too are religiously above any such earthly goyim quarantining. Many Indians don’t seem to have got the memo about the virus.

But the media does not ‘shame’ the innumerable non-Whites flouting the law, or the significant number of those persons other than Whites who populate the ranks of ‘COVID-19 deniers’.

There is no disputing the obnoxiousness of these women, their sense of entitlement, and hubris. We have all been there with women like this, but they do not come in one colour alone. Check with any sales assistant who doesn’t work in predominantly White areas (most of them) and they will share stories of Arab women, Asians, Africans and Islanders — all abusive, all demanding, and all inevitably threatening to complain to “head office” for nothing usually.

People feel a sense of ownership over sales clerks. Busy customer service people don’t register with many shoppers, who will demand their attention regardless of how engaged with other customers they might be.

No matter how lowly slung one is on the social ladder, they can always feel superior to somebody serving in a supermarket, or McDonald’s. It’s not right, but it’s how society is hardwired.

Moreover, non-Whites are used to brawling in an uncivilized and petty fashion over groceries. Ever seen footage of a new Michael Jordan Nike release in the United States? People get shot over those.

In Sydney, during the peak of Bat Flu hoarding, two Egyptian women, a mother and daughter, got into a stoush with a humungous Negro female that barrelled up to their cart and swiped a ten-pack of bogwrap they were rolling to the checkout.

The footage clearly showed the Negro snatched out first and triggered the kerfuffle. But because she is of the sainted Negro caste, the two non-black women were arrested and hauled before a magistrate, who berated them, fined them, and placed them on a bond. The Negro got no mention for instigating the situation and the media sympathised with her baboon excuses and relentlessly pursued these women’s story.

Firstly, outside of a human-interest curiosity piece about conduct during the shutdown, the story is insignificant. Moreover, the alleged crime is funny, if anything — mere entertainment for those more in control of their minds and emotions. It wasn’t news, but there was an agenda in making it so. But it wasn’t just that it made the news — like these ‘Karens’ the story is indefatigably followed up until, like we have today, former employers are making statements denouncing the ‘deviant’.

If that was an Aboriginal person the outcry would be deafening. Most of the human race is mad, so to single out these people in a time of national crisis, folks who don’t normally handle stress but deal with it less-well during a situation so fraught, is manipulative. Just fine the ratbags and be done with it, don’t use them in a program that has a dual function of shaming facemask dodgers while discrediting White Australians.

There is no public shaming for criminals — we might laugh at American judges who sentence perpetrators to stand by a roadside with a breadboard that has details of their crime scrawled across it, but our ‘human rights’ cabal would react with thundering outrage were it to happen here. The question is, what’s the difference?

Well, the difference is instead of having these people standing in the streets, the media does it for them. As if the media’s shit doesn’t stink, or they’re in any position to throw stones.

And if they weren’t White, it wouldn’t be happening.

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