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Oddities abound in non-mainstream political movements; singular happenings that would lend plots aplenty to satirical novels and screenplays.

One such was the re-emergence from political purgatory of the ideological charlatan Nick Folkes following a battle with cancer that was, much to our disappointment, successful.

We had already prepared his obituary and were entertaining the idea of exhuming his body from his pauper’s grave. Aside from confirming he was actually dead, we hoped to retrieve his skull from the earth and fashion it into a bong. Given how enslaved to THC he is we figured it would be a fitting tribute to a man who lived life like a boiled egg shoved up a Kombi’s tailpipe.

However, we understand that he will be paying deference to his long-suffering wife, who is Japanese. She is insisting on cremation and wants his remains placed in an ashtray for a traditional Shinto send-off outside her favourite sushi bar.

What brought this repugnant individual out of political retirement? It appears to be seething jealousy of the Australia First Party president Dr Jim Saleam. We understand that the only reason he achieved remission is on account of his insane envy of Australia’s foremost Nationalist veteran, which spurred him on so that he might get his revenge at last; whatever that may be.

We have reports of a meeting not long ago between Folkes and individuals connected with the former Klub Nation. This meeting is to foreshadow the inevitable comeback of a circle of political shonks who seemed predestined to return time and again to be humiliated by defeat. Perhaps it excites them. The name ‘Andrew Wilson’ was even thrown around. Wilson, apart from topping the death list of certain ex-Lads Society members for an alleged fling with someone’s missus, is the moral equivalent of a Kings Cross rent boy.

Nevertheless, Nick Folkes has reinvented himself as an all-out Nazi. You bet, bubba, this civic patriot buffoon is now vying for credibility from the young folks who don’t play kosher conservatism. The question is — is this another ‘caper’ cooked up with his ex-Klub Nation pals or is Nicholas now permanently off with the pixies?

Trusting an individual who switches his political alignment like he changes his jocks (in Nick’s case that’s an unsatisfactory contrast considering he leaves his on until they grow rot) is never wise. One doesn’t go from burning Nazi flags, as Nick has done publicly, to celebrating Adolf Hitler. Those who do so are usually found to be a suspicious operative of some sort, such as Shermon Burgess, who banned Nazis at Reclaim Australia rallies only to come out as fully “red-pilled” when his popularity among ‘patriots’ declined as a result of his treachery. . . and his increase in methylamphetamine use.

Furthermore, one is trespassing on the turf of racialists when one is married to a Japanese woman and has borne two mixed-race children but still insists that he’s down with the whole blood-and-honour thing. Trust us, our sympathies reside entirely with the wife and kids. Yet, it excludes old Nick from partaking of the Viking drinking horn when the sacred mead is passed around.  

Thus, with a need for relevancy in the only milieu where he ever felt he achieved it Nick shuffled circumspectly back onto the political scene on the 15th of July.  Masterminding a rally in support of ‘whip man’ Raimond Kelly, who was facing Newtown Court after being charged for cracking a whip outside the Chinese Consulate at Camperdown earlier in the year. Raimond was expressing the sentiments of all true Australians and echoing those coming from the US foreign policymakers and our federal government for that matter.

Nick loves greasing his way into issues which he eventually throws away like a toy after its novelty wears off. But while it was topical, he wanted to get in before everyone else with a demonstration more likely to prejudice Kelly’s case than enhance his chances of beating the rap. As such, he turned up with an Asian bloke who was a leftover from Party for Freedom, and other cruds including an old perv in a silly hat who has previously stalked Jim Saleam. All in all, he didn’t have enough manpower with him to move a refrigerator. But he was waving a Eureka flag, a prop that has a greater significance given his rivalry with AFP.

That didn’t stop the intrepid guttersnipes from a group calling themselves ‘Brave and Stunning Neo-Antifascists of Warrang’ counter demonstrating outside Newtown Local Court. This feral bunch included dross from the Communist Party of Australia. Two of the crusty snots were soon arrested for assaulting a police officer. One of those dragged off was our old mate Youseff, a mad Leb who deliberately dresses like Fidel Castro and advocates violent revolution. A couple of years back he threatened Jim Saleam and another member of the Australia First Party but never carried out of his attack.

Instead, he caused divisions in the Communist Party of Australia and split like the Judean People’s Front into the rival Australian Communist Party.

Youseff is suspected by his “comrades” of being a narc and it wouldn’t surprise us in the least. Anything we can do to contribute to his getting the shit kicked out of him we will happily oblige. Anyhow, the story goes that Youseff is on a bond for assaulting two elderly members of the Communist Party of Australia last year. The thinking goes, if Newtown Oinks don’t arrest him for breach of bond then he’s in their pocket and a mainline canary.

What is most obscene about this new and extra-mutant breed of Antifa is not that they’re cocky wimps caught in the tide of every conceivable confusion coming out of the war against white-heterosexual identity, but they are consciously supporting China, which makes us wonder.

We shan’t posit an unlikely conspiracy theory about how China is funding Leftist groups linked to Black Lives Matter, but they’re certainly likely to be encouraging them. If you think that any involvement with these street termites and the mighty Communist Party of China is unlikely, think again. The Communist Party of Australia has boasted about receiving a donation of 500 facemasks from the CCP, which they passed onto the Glebe Youth Service.

This is not a good look for the Leftist financiers of these fringe weirdos. We understand monies come from sources such as The Greens and find their way into paying for Antifa propaganda etc. How is that they’re now linked to China, our greatest existential threat as a country?

This makes these poison munchkins, one of whom has a hat fetish and is a poor imitator of Tom Tanuki, who to begin with is a piss-poor satirist, a far greater threat than anything that bald arsehole Mike Burgess can pin on the ‘Far-Right’. Normalising support for China is comparable to aiding Japan back when we last faced the threat of invasion.

However, what troubles us about this whole charade is that Newtown Filth gave Nick Folkes a pass and arrested their beloved antifascists. That’s not how Newtown Piggies work. Hell, they still haven’t charged Dave Gullis after his several assaults and threats to kill etc. Perhaps Folkes and Youseff have more in common, rat-wise than anybody knows. Come to think of it, they never have gone after Folkes, even though they’ve had ample opportunity. Makes you think.

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