Black Lives Matter Sydney organiser Paddy Gibson has . . . wait a minute, did we just say ‘Paddy Gibson’? We’ll check that because his name doesn’t sound very black. No, it rings bog Irish upon the ear.

Yes, that’s the right name, and looking at his picture he’s certainly not black — unless he identifies that way, or wears black makeup. Let’s start again, eh.

Black Lives Matter Sydney organiser Paddy Gibson (howls of laughter) is “determined” to push ahead with plans to hold another irrelevant Black Lives Matter in Sydney. The motivation is twofold, in his own words his primary concern centres around relevancy, which it never had anyway, and the second is because he wants COVID-19 to spread as far and wide as possible throughout NSW.

Speaking to the rejects at 9News, he said, “This (the rally) has to happen right now because the world is listening.” Somewhere in his gabbling, he used the word “critical” concerning what he perceives as the importance of his bogus issue. Paddy even referenced PM Scott Morrison’s recent trip to the footy as an infantile case of ‘if he can, why can’t we?’

“The Prime Minister attended a football ground with thousands of people last weekend. All of these activities are continuing and we believe with social distancing, everyone wearing masks, we can put the message across and say justice must be done and the guards must be charged for this killing.”

The “killing” this wingnut refers to is a name they hastily grabbed out of a hat to attach to their cause. It proves they’ve got nothing since the Abo in question is David Dungay Jnr, a schizoid diabetic who died as a result of his idiocy and not the screws.

Dungay was on strict orders from Long Bay’s nurse not to go blowing his sugar levels by stuffing his gob with biscuits. But what did the stupid boong go and do, grabbed a packet of bickies and started scoffing them down?

Now, in the interests of his survival, since black lives matter so much, the screws dragged him off to an observation cell. They didn’t “pile on top of him” in his cell as the reporter in 9News’s story claims emotively. Camera vision of the incident shows one dumb Aboriginal bastard being properly expedited by officers to the mental health unit for his own good.

Yet, as luck would have it, Dungay’s number was up. The clod died and it was no big deal until his rabble of a family, who never helped him stay out of jail in the first place, made a ruckus. Along comes Commie Paddy and a bunch who are desperate for their own George Floyd and Bob’s your uncle. Here they are at a time of national emergency wanting the rules not to apply to them since it’s a Woke matter. Woke takes precedence over national security after all.

We saw what happened when Melbourne BLM protesters defied calls for them to stay at home. Victoria is the most infected state in the country, a total pariah among the other states and territories. Meanwhile, Premier Comrade Dan Andrews is about as likely to survive politically as George Floyd is of popping out of the ground sucking on a can of Colt 45.

Perhaps this set of circumstances might right now be on the mind of NSW premier Gladys Bereijiklian as she hunkers down contemplating the shitstorm these overcaffeinated Glee club posers are about to unleash.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller is the main pig and he’s not the least swayed by Paddy’s exhortations. The whole state is on his side. He knows that if the people of NSW had their way, he’d be allowed to shoot them all down in rows of ten.

Fuller says that these donkeys are “playing Russian Roulette” with millions of lives by planning the rally, which won’t be happening if he gets his way. As such, he plans to fight the thing through the courts to ensure it doesn’t go ahead.

“Looking at the intelligence coming out of the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne, and that people who attended it came from the vertical towers, there are serious concerns,” Fuller told The Australian.

“I don’t want to see the same thing happen in NSW, and getting a big group together for a Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney when you know the dangers, is playing Russian roulette with the nearly eight million people who live in the state.

“We’ll be going to the Supreme Court to stop it from going ahead — win, lose or draw, if anyone turns up and breaches public health orders, we’ll start writing tickets for a thousand dollars.”

So, who is this Paddy Gibson dickhead? Aside from being the White Nog behind the Black Lives Matter, it appears this Mick is Senior Researcher of, or for, or something to do with the ‘Jumbunna Institute for Education & Research” at the University of Technology Sydney. He has been quoted often on the topic of Abos, and probably someday now he’s going to lay an ancestral claim to being one. 

We say fuck him and the potato he rode into town on.

This is the organizer of Black Lives Matter in Sydney. Can you spot something wrong with the picture?