War with China has already begun just in case you hadn’t noticed. Maybe no hospital ships are bringing back our dead and wounded, no air-raid sirens intermittently blaring up at Darwin, no missiles hitting critical infrastructure on our shores, but it is war just the same.

Cyberwarfare is in a full-tilt against the Australian government, universities, and businesses, as was revealed back in June. Prime Minister Scott Morrison didn’t name China as the culprit of this sustained cyber-attack against our country but every China expert not on life support did so. Then there are the much-threatened economic reprisals and the bellicose rhetoric that has accompanied Australia’s firm stance on China over the spread of COVID-19. The head of ASIO, Mike Burgess, has said that Australia is currently experiencing its highest rate of infiltration by “foreign intelligence officers and their proxies” than at any time during the cold war. Indeed, Chinese agents are turning up everywhere, such as the China-woman ‘journalist’ with Xinhua News who crashed a press conference at the PM’s courtyard and got into a Manson-style psych-out staring contest with an SBS cameraman.

This woman was an instance of how hysterical China is becoming in its ties with Australia, and how truculent it behaves when total subservience isn’t forthcoming. She had gone to glare at the PM, and signal China’s displeasure, even though she was without appropriate media accreditation. Eventually, she turned tail and scurried away when security services approached her over her erratic behaviour. Yet, her invasiveness and sense of entitlement epitomise the ownership Beijing feels it holds over us. And we mustn’t forget about those taxpayer-paid turncoats among us, like anti-White Lebanese Labor bigot Shaoquett Moselmane.

The NSW MP is currently suspended from the Australian Labor Party following ASIO raids on his home and office. The raids came as part of an investigation into his relationship with China. A loyal and outspoken supporter of our communist nemesis who once declared a “new world order”, Moselmane made an inflammatory statement about “the dregs of White Australianism from the past … resurfacing to bring about a resurgence of the Yellow Peril mythology” while praising China over its handling of Kung Flu. Moselmane is a founding member of the Australian Chinese Association, which is linked to Beijing’s United Work Department, a Chinese Government-controlled agency that acts as a front for foreign operations to gain influence for the CCP.

Like others from both sides of the blue-and-red party divide, over the past ten years, Moselmane received untold freebies from the Chinese government. These included complimentary transport and accommodation, meals, booze and a mobile phone courtesy of Huawei, the telecommunications company that connects users to Beijing, whether they are aware of it or not. In 2019, he hired Chinese staffer John Zhang who was chairman of a communist-affiliated organisation, and who had more alarmingly participated in a CCP-run course. It is this association that led to the ASIO raids on Moslemane’s home and office.

At the end of the day, Moselmane is a prime model of the anti-White hatred driving collaboration with the Imperialist Communist Chinese. Moselmane demonstrated this also by setting up an NSW Parliament-based Multicultural and Indigenous Media Awards, along with the National Indigenous Human Rights Awards. All of this was his way of flinging ‘diversity’ into the eyes of White Australia. Moselmane was a refugee who arrived in Australia in 1977 at the age of 11. He is also a devout Moslem, but for some reason, his favourite country’s treatment of the Moslem Uighurs doesn’t bother him. At a time of national vulnerability, those like him are an extreme danger to us.

China has spent over ten years buying off Australian politicians and business leaders. Sam Dastyari, the traitor Labor senator springs instantly to mind, then there are those Chinese who’ve infiltrated our political system, such as Chinese-born Liberal MP Gladys Liu, who was linked to the Chinese Communist Party through a Chinese association connected to the United Front Work Department.

Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo used over two million dollars of United Front Work Department money to distribute amongst Australian political parties to gain favour. In the aftermath of an NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption investigation into a $100,000 donation made by Xiangmo to the NSW Labor Party, Labor chief, Kaila Murnain quit after pointing her finger at Ernest Wong, a former Labor member.

Most recently, it’s been revealed that “comrade” Daniel Andrews, Victoria’s egregious premier, currently presiding over an epic failure to contain COVID-19 in his state, employed as a staffer Nancy Yang, who reportedly attended the same Communist Chinese training course that John Zhang had, and which led to ASIO’s investigation of he and Moselmane.

But it’s not all anti-whites that sell us out to China, some do it just for the money, and it’s surprising who they rope-in to helping them. Back in 2016, Gina Rinehart was finagling support from Pauline Hanson’s followers for her co-purchase of Kidman Cattle Station with partner Shanghai-Cred. That was a fine moment for the lady who in 1995 warned we were “in danger of being swamped by Asians” but who then backpedalled and denied making this admonition. Instead, she appeared in a video assuring her supporters that Gina’s deal was ridgey-didge, and there was no reason to worry about Shanghai-Cred as ‘they were not communists’. Of course, by the fact of being a Chinese company it is therefore connected to the communist state, but hey, no one has ever accused Pauline of being overly intelligent. Meanwhile, Rinehart and Shanghai-Cred are co-owners of the Australian Outback Beef company which boasts a portfolio of cattle stations in three states as well as across the Northern Territory.

Other integral national assets that include agricultural land, mining ground, power resources, water and gas have become the property of the Chinese through their entreaties to the traitor classes. One of the worst cases of selling off Australia’s security came thanks to a quisling named Andrew Robb, a former Liberal MP (From the electorate of ‘Goldstein’ — you can’t make this stuff up-ED) who, as Minister for Trade and Investment, helped set up the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA). He was involved in the leasing of Darwin Port for 99 years to the Landbridge Group. The chairman of the Landbridge Group is billionaire Ye Cheng, who has strong ties to the communist party, which tells you all that you need to know.

When Robb left politics in 2016, he took a job with the Landbridge Group earning $73,000 per month. He quit in 2018, blaming ‘anti-China’ sentiment, which had contributed to what he described as a toxic attitude to China.

Darwin Port was undoubtedly a strategic acquisition for the Reds given its advantageous proximity to spy on our most important naval base, but it’s not the only one. Chinese State-owned China Merchants is in a consortium with Hastings Fund Management which holds a 98-year lease on the Port of Newcastle, a deal augured-in by another Liberal Party member, the then- Premier of NSW, Mike Baird.

A litany of examples of infiltration of politics, business, and academia exists, but we’d exhaust ourselves recounting them. You should acquire the excellent book Silent Invasion by Professor Clive Hamilton, along with his latest book, co-written with Marieke Ohlberg, Hidden Hand. The point to be made is that Australia has already been infiltrated to a worrying extent. Taken in totality, the infiltration into government facilitated by greed-heads and liberal dopes, together with the acquisition of Australian know-how, scientific information, military intel, infrastructural layout et al have created a glowing map of a target, supplied a rich source of secrets, and handed valuable “foreign interests” that it may deem necessary to defend.

Further to that, what cannot be overlooked is that this isn’t a ‘what if’ scenario since China is advancing its regional manoeuvres. Having snapped up disputed islands, created artificial islands and militarised them, its operations have begun as if Xi Jinping no longer cares about disguising his motives, which are, except to those blinded either by Chinese money or liberal foolishness, so clear as to have created an unblemished window into his thinking. He has dispensed with any pretence of honouring China’s agreement to a two China policy of one country, two systems following the return of Hong Kong. This is where it gets worrying for nationalists who, after all, had been berated, harangued, and demonised for predicting all of this over three decades ago.

This Hong Kong business has led to both the UK and Australian’s Prime Minister offering a haven to those fearing political persecution in Hong Kong. This is pure outrage from our point of view (something which we and China are actually in agreement about) since it presupposes that politics and ideology overarch race and national identity when it comes to western nations. The ‘democracy’ myth is also insulting to those of us wounded by our skirmishes with a less-than-democratic political structure, and a legal establishment so twisted that it is only degrees separated from the oppressive legal apparatus that presides in Beijing.

We don’t need any more Chinese, independent or otherwise — especially as it will lead to clashes with loyalists from the diaspora, who very soon we must consider dispatching back whence they came. One can already see how the perils of multiracialism have smoothed China’s ingress into our freedoms; it is a western-liberal nerve that they’ve intentionally agitated since they view it as our prime vulnerability. How could they be wrong in their thinking given the concurrent war against white people similarly taking place across our very own nations? White people who owe blacks nothing — who are guilty of no crimes against the blacks — have been brainwashed into humiliating acts of contrition that have no precedence in our time. If one looks across the western world, we see the carnage; statues commemorating historical heroes have been torn down by rampaging mobs of black savages and white anarchists. Every indicator of a sustained assault on white culture is being enacted on the streets, and in the media, which foments the racial dissent that fuels these internal enemies.

How can America go to war with the Taliban and yet tolerate the same barbarities at home?

At this time, with China shoring-up the fullness of its war-making capabilities to exert its will across our region, such actions cannot be regarded as expressions of democratic freedom but rather unconscionable acts of sabotage against the Australian people. One can’t rap Moselmane on the wrists, he has to be flung into a deep, dank, dirty chamber and fed scraps; better yet, he and his family should be deported back to Lebanon. Likewise, those who burn our flag and call for an “end” to Australia would welcome the Chinese as liberators, given their infected thinking. Many among Australia’s Labor party would do that anyway. Daniel Andrews would surely, having created a national dilemma by signing up Victoria to the One Belt One Road path for Chinese imperialism. What should happen to them?

Time and time again, Andrews has shown his preference for the Chinese people over his own. Not only has he and his government honoured China through various activities and celebrations, but he apologised to China over the anti-Chinese riots on the goldfields. Those diggers who turned on the Yellow Peril knew well enough what would become of Australia if its borders became porous enough to allow the Chinese unfettered access to this land. This caveat was the basis of the White Australia Policy; those who abolished the WAP are the very conspirators who paved the way for a Chinese invasion.

Imagine a scenario arising from the local Black Lives Matter movement. Consider a group of Aboriginal elders anointing themselves the True Council of Australia and inviting the People’s Liberation Army in to ‘safeguard’ their legitimate right to rule. Can you guess China’s response?

There is only one condition of peace acceptable to Beijing, and that’s total obsequiousness. Australia must be prepared to sell them everything we have, or, in effect, allow them to control everything required for the Chinese to sustain themselves as a people. Up until now, we’ve sold them our best produce anyway, so we’ve prepared ourselves for being second-rate citizens on our continent.

We must step aside and allow the Chinese to move into our homes, our suburbs, our neighbourhoods, and our cities. We must expect that they will take the best houses, and from there, they will reorganise our lives both socially and politically. It’s absurd to think that they could have the unchallenged control they require without what they might call ideological reform.

Without all of that, we would not enjoy China’s protection. Protection from whom and what, you may ask? Well, from China, of course.

We are already at war with China, although this is a different war to others which the world has known. It started, really, back in July 2019 when the Chinese navy sailed three ships into Sydney Harbour, unannounced and uninvited. The Chinese community knew all about it, as they would since they are its advance army.

The government has, some say too late, committed to a military package commensurate with our times. No longer are our military purchases to be based on overseas adventures in support of America’s “global objectives” but very much regional. The shopping list is quite sensible, too. The trouble is, we do not have a nationalist government, and as long as that is the case, we are destined to hit the wall of racial enmity which follows whites now like a jealous neighbour. This gross liberalism is what lowered our defences in the first instance.

A po-faced, pan-head, ratlike Chinese spy


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