May 23, 2022

We warned that the activities of wannabe accelerationists the National Socialist Network (NSN) would bring the heat down, not immediately on themselves, but on Aussie Nationalists.

Much of the Nationalist movement don’t even know of the NSN’s existence, and we were in-boxed by one Qld activist who was visited by cops making enquiries about them. He had never heard of them either, not that he’d have said anything if he had. Our friends don’t like answering the door to the laws. Others are peeved too, such as a Nationalist who has a pending legal case. He is concerned that the NSN’s activities may negatively impact his matter, just as Brenton Tarrant’s shooting spree had.

Being members of the Council of Australian Nationalists, our view as to the conduct of Nationalist activism is predicated on what we hold to be inalienable truths about our identity, and the method of conversation between ourselves and the Australian people. If ordinary Australians fear they may be doing something wrong by supporting the federally registered Australia First Party what chance do those crypto-militia with their ski-masks and expression of RAHOWA have of being accepted? Rather, they are on the road to handing the state its excuse to proscribe Nationalist dissension.

NSN argue they’re not far-right, but they are. Although that’s neither here nor there at this point, what is concerning is how this maverick set, as ignorant of Australian Far-Right history as they are, is now the number-one ASIO vehicle to guarantee a ‘far-right’ implosion. Since the political class and its media auxiliaries are indifferent to the critical disparities that apply to the topology of our movement, they invariably use the actions of those like the NSN to justify sandbagging us.  This willing ignorance as to what separates us makes them our problem.

You won’t find much cooperation from these gamers; an insular ‘outside’ group who are bent on following a course that has proved the undoing of everyone who ever undertook it. Self-declared National Socialist organisations are historically honeypot traps that deliver crimes of outrage and drag down those connected.

The most significant of recent times was Jack Van Tongeren’s Australian Nationalist Movement (ANM), which firebombed Chinese restaurants, and robbed warehouses to fund the racial war against Asians.

Van Tongeren epitomised every bane that has befallen Australian Nationalism since it emerged as independent of the anti-communist National Socialist satellite groups of the 1960s and ’70s. In a strict sense, he was the predecessor to political bothers like Nick Folkes, although unlike the latter he was a genuine fanatic. Members of his group harboured hidden agendas prefiguring the strategies and conduct of state-accomplices like Shermon Burgess, Neil Erikson and Mark McDonald.

The way he operated and his devious intentions set a historical pattern that would be repeated. But more so, he was the first of the current style of Neo-Nazi troublemakers.

He didn’t start that way, although it was always on his mind. At the beginning of the 1980s, he travelled to the U.S. and met Matt Koehl, leader of the National Socialist White People’s Party (NSWPP) and George Lincoln Rockwell’s progeny. He had meetings with other NS identities, too, and became an ardent believer in Adolf Hitler. This despite his Javanese blood.


Javanese Jack Van Tongeren (front right) and his lieutenants

Nevertheless, he joined with the nascent National Action, only to try and take it over. When his ‘coup’ failed, he sought to attract patrons to his new action group, formed on Hitler’s birthday 1985. Van Tongeren approached the likes of then-RSL head Bruce Ruxton, and mining oligarch Lang Hancock looking for benefactors, hoping to sell them a ‘conservative’ style National Socialism — a League of Rights on steroids — but they declined.

Having denounced all of National Action’s ideas, much like Nick Folkes would do to the AFP two decades later, he proceeded to appropriate them. Then, his sideman gave him The Turner Diaries to read, and that was it. Suddenly, he was an ardent believer in all the most esoteric and occult facets of National Socialism; a firebrand seeking to invoke the Racial Holy War through extreme tactics. And it all came about without much thought; his outfit went from bill pasting to bombings. He had been the first to adopt what would in today’s equivalent be the accelerationist model NSN has chosen. They are influenced by the writings of James Mason, and his book Siege. This book ­­­­— like Pierce’s ­­— is bad juju. The man who loaned The Turner Diaries to Van Tongeren was Peter Coleman. As it would happen, he was a Special Branch insider. Van Tongeren found himself locked up and facing 18 years in prison, of which he served 13 years. Was all this just perchance?

Coleman went on to form The National Socialist Defending Aryan People Party, (NSDAP) in 1990 along with ASIO informer, David Palmer. These two racked up quite a few years of counter-operational activities, beginning with this group, the first act of which was to phone National Action chairman Jim Saleam and threaten to kill him and his son. After another incarnation, the two established the Australian Ku Klux Klan, and then eventually participated in the Klub Nation scam.

The NSN has done nothing so far but it poses an existential threat for ASIO, which has them firmly in their crosshairs. When the media arcs up about Far-Right groups and quotes statements from ASIO chief Mike Burgess, they’re referring to the NSN. It would be naïve to believe that ASIO has no input into their doings already.

The reader must disabuse themselves of the notion that such suggestions are in any way fantastical. This is what ASIO does and historically has always done. Once upon a time, it used Far-Right groups against the communists, but when the political topography changed, they dispensed with Rightist auxiliaries and targeted the emergent Nationalist movement.

One shouldn’t necessarily form absolute ideas about how this might happen. For instance, instead of shanghaiing and sweating a leader to turn on the group, they might simply ‘chat’. That tête-à-tête might lead to the odd ‘favour’ to help his ‘leadership’. They would, of course, espouse how they are themselves believers in the cause, and the government might one day need their help. However, in turn for ‘ensuring’ this person stays the top dog, certain information might need to be traded on persons of interest. They might have to stage a demo or perform a particular act.

This kind of associating has gone on, not only in this country but everywhere such groups ever existed. The Bologna Massacre in 1980 was reputedly carried out by the NAR (Armed Revolutionary Nuclei), but in fact, it’s fairly well understood that Italian Naval Secret Service was behind the attack. This goes to show, even if they aren’t dealing with you directly, they will use your profile and rhetoric to condemn you for black operations they’ve conducted for whatever reason.

In the case of Combat 18, British intelligence service MI5 had the golden hand in stirring the honeypot which saw members arrested, but still managed to establish ‘chapters’ around the world. Likewise, the National Socialist Underground in Germany was being handled at all stages by the German ‘special police’. Australia’s first acknowledged terror act, the Hilton Hotel Bombing was carried about by Special Branch with ties to ASIO. At the time, they jailed Ananda Marga sect leader Tim Anderson for the crime, but he was later released. Interestingly, Anderson had also been set up by the SB for a conspiracy to bomb Neo-Nazi Bob Cameron’s car. Anderson was simply a good choice of media-contrived ‘crackpot’ to put into the frame.

Cameron was a long-term SB asset who was used to railroad Rosemary Sisson’s British-influenced National Front of the late 1970s. The comparison between Bob Cameron and Neil Erikson, in how they were used, is too striking to be ignored. But warnings about Erikson were disregarded. So too were warnings about others.

Leaders the former United Patriots Front (UPF) were warned about Mark McDonald, the suspicious Neo-Nazi who turned up from New Zealand in 2013 and proceeded to burn through various groups in the wider ‘scene’ with baffling access. Yet, instead of heeding the advice of the experienced Nationalists, he was made the leader of the Sydney ‘chapter’ of the Lads Society. McDonald would appear innocent to many when that enterprise cooked and, so far as we know, he has gone to ground.

Now, it is both amusing and discombobulating to find that former Zionist-Patriot, ex-Australian Protectionist Party, ex-Party for Freedom provocateur Nicholas Folkes is hanging out on Russian social media platform VK and declaring his devotion to Adolf Hitler. This, mind you, while he’s married to a Japanese woman and has two mixed-race children. None of it seems to have tarnished him among the XYZ types, neither does the fact that before he got cancer, he was burning Nazi flags, and mocking Australian Nationalists for their stance on Syria and past lip-service to the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

Of course, he now supports Gaddafi but not Australian Nativism, which is the only authentic Nationalism for Australians. His miraculous conversion to the ’88 crowd’ was as obscene as when Shermon Burgess turned from denouncing ‘Nazis’ to ranting like a Stormfront newcomer about ‘Aryanism’ and ‘the Jews’. Burgess is undeniably a former state operative along with Neil Erikson. The mission for these two was to upend the United Patriots Front and force a stoppage to all non-sanctioned ‘Patriot Satellites’. Both had dealt with antifascist and anarchist-leader-turned-lawyer Luke McMahon. McMahon is himself a state-based operator. Burgess is on his own now, although the intent was to use him outside of the defunct ‘patriot movement’ (civic patriots concentrated on a Zionistic anti-Islam crusade). Meanwhile, Erikson, the biggest offender, whose crimes against supposed comrades still haven’t been quantified, is probably in hiding. Others who’ve dwelt in the same swamp are still around. Another lesson about these meddlers is that they never go away; they always come back.

Thus, we return to the NSN and their Siege manifesto. None was more surprised about the sudden interest in Siege, a collection of articles compiled from the journal of the same name, than the author himself. James Mason was a fanatical American National Socialist who joined George Rockwell’s American Nazi Party (ANP) at 17 years old. Over time he fell under the spell of more radical influences. One of these was Joseph Tommasi, who, like Mason, was a close associate of William Pierce. It was Pierce who had helped Mason leave his parents’ home and move into the ANP barracks.

Tommasi was more extreme than Koehl and denounced the conservative nature of the party at their second congress in 1970. Three years later, Koehl expelled him for allegedly smoking pot and entertaining women at the party headquarters.  He was also accused of stealing funds, but Matt Koehl had form for purging those who challenged his authority. Appropriating the NSWPP’s youth wing, The National Socialist Liberation Front (which David Duke had joined) Tommasi reconstituted the NSLF in 1974 and shunned National Socialist tradition by dispensing with uniforms and attempts at establishing a mass movement. Instead, Tommasi looked to the Far-Left radicalism of terrorist groups like the Weather Underground. He conceived of small packs of NS revolutionaries taking up arms and conducting guerrilla warfare. Tommasi was murdered at NSWPP headquarters in 1975 but Mason was, by then, a convert. As the NSLF returned to formal Nazi traditions under its succeeding leader Mason stayed with the NSWPP until 1980 editing their newsletter, The Stormer.

However, that same year he began publishing his more raging ideas in his journal Siege.

Mason is responsible for introducing a certain crackpottery into White Nationalism. Already enamoured of NS occultist Savitri Devi, Mason became an admirer of the Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey, and most controversially Charles Manson.

Nationalists will never understand this nonsense surrounding Manson, he was nothing but a degenerate Svengali. Manson, using drugs and his power of personality, manipulated spiritually-deprived hippies into having sex with him, and behaving as his slaves. After years in prison, he had developed an (understandable) animosity towards black prisoners. This formed the basis of his visions of an impending race war, the flames of which he hoped to actively stoke by committing murders against bourgeoise whites, partly as retribution for their crimes of soulless consumerism, but more so hoping that blacks would be blamed and it would lead to reprisals triggering an all-out race war. He and his followers would then wait out the war in Death Valley, until the blacks, who he believed would win, came and sought their help. Then he would take back the country for whites.


Jolly James Mason, holding the inspiration for his “ideas”

This type of crazed apocalyptic fantasy should instantly red-flag the prophet’s lack of credibility, particularly since a cornerstone of NS philosophy is the abhorrence of degeneracy. But Manson was an outright degenerate whose greatest fixation was himself. Uneducated and illiterate, his fantastical utterances came from the psychedelic drugs he consumed, not a sage-like shine. He was no ‘race messiah’, and to buy into such is to fall onto that side of National Socialist identity that is segregated from the practical into the occultist. You cannot feed your people on incantations and bizarre rituals, yet that’s the dark circus the Nazi elite debouched into.

Mason corresponded with two of Manson’s deranged followers and became involved with Manson himself, the two establishing the Universal Order, which was an organisation that advanced the use of terror employing notoriety to popularise its cause. What that cause was, we aren’t sure.

Mason, himself, had degeneracy in common with Manson. Far from leading a monk-life existence dedicated to the struggle, he had a predilection for partying with underage girls. This led to his house being searched twice, in 1988 and 1991, and him pleading guilty to two counts of “use of a minor in nudity-oriented material”. In other words, he had sexualised pictures of a 15-year-old. This set him on the revolving prison gate, and he would again be charged with exploiting and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Yet, we expect that the story was not quite as the authorities would have us believe, given their desire to shut him down.

In 2015, Mason became the leader of the Atomwaffen Division, what is described by the legacy media as a “Neo-Nazi Terror Network” that has cells in the U.S., the UK, the Baltic States, Canada and Germany. The group was born on the controversial and has involved a list of organisations allegedly connected to “acts of terror” and “murder”. These include the Nordic Resistance Movement and the now-proscribed National Action (UK).

Atomwaffen Division advocates attacks on the government, on Jews, and gays, although Mason claimed in March this year that the organisation had dissolved. This statement preceded the impending announcement of its designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation.

The NSN was also born out of when the Alt-Right developed a distinctly radicalised online following. Initially, they were the Antipodeans, but for some reason, they ditched that. It’s pretty much the same kids, give or take a newbie or so. Nevertheless, the NSN is in a bind, since it has set itself up in such a style that it either must “do” something — and that “something” must be significantly extreme enough to warrant its attitudes — or else admit that it hasn’t got the guts, and disappear back into the bedrooms of its members’ parents’ homes. Bear in mind, if it did happen to commit an act of outrage, their deed would only strengthen the state.

This is what these kids don’t fathom: firstly, they are devoid of a political strategy and without such, they can achieve nothing. Terror has a historical record for failing to achieve the goals of those who use it. It failed for the Baader Meinhof, the P.L.O, the I.R.A, the Weather Underground, Al Qaeda, and the list goes on. All it does is strengthen the resolve of its targets. One then has to wonder whose cause such groups in reality serve.

Furthermore, where is the sincerity in all of this? A reading of Mason’s writings reveals a misanthrope, not a lover of his people. This is a nihilist, a cynic who is now too distant from the ideal of defending his “people”, and we reckon the same about the NSN. They don’t “love” their people, they are full of themselves. These folks who believe in terror campaigns are the product of a sick society not a healthy order trying to defend itself against an insidious global campaign of ethnocide. Giving the enemy the reason it needs to crush you isn’t a winning strategy it’s suicide. A discussion on strategy (which they don’t have) is for another day, but historical cases exist that blow away the myths about grassroots activism; that dispels the contempt these types really have for the ‘white people’ they profess to be doing it for. You will find no “socialist” in their National. 

We can say one thing for sure, the cops are out and about doorknocking, and they’re approaching those who couldn’t be more remote from these pesky kids. Putting it as mildly with as much understatement as we can muster, we are not exactly warming to this provocative group or its leaders. 


Commander Rockwell would NOT have approved

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