In a moment rich in irony the state-approved Seattle commune, known by the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ later CHOP, Capitol Hill Organised Protest), has dissolved amid tears and hissy fits from the overgrown babies who had “occupied” a six-block sector of the Capitol Hill District.

Of course, riots and looting are still occurring across the United States and more tribes of misfits have tried and failed to cordon off areas of other cities; the only difference over the past week has been the waning of interest in this abortive revolution among clickbait media sites.

When the clickbait writers move on to other subjects, as they must do to retain the attention of their screen scrolling public, the mainstream news sites have nothing to write about since their prime sources of all the latest woke news are no longer delivering the goods.

Similarly, the local Black Lives Matter rising has been revealed as nothing but a thinly veiled publicity manoeuvre by the usual mainstream political hucksters.

The much-applauded Melbourne chapter of Warriors Of The Aboriginal Resistance, who appropriated the BLM name for their initial street demonstration, were either dupes or willing participants in what amounted to a campaign rally for Greens politician Lidia Thorpe.

Ms Thorpe, the fake tanning Aboriginal advocate from Northcote rides on the coat-tails of her forebears, some of whom were dedicated and effective activists in the cause of Aboriginal advancement.

It cannot be a coincidence that Thorpe’s profile was raised by her support of the fake BLM rally in the weeks leading up to her being selected by the Greens to take up the federal senate seat left vacant by the retirement of Richard Di Natale.

The other aspect of this tired and played out political drama is the support given to the Black Lives movement by the A.L.P, sure Daniel Andrews said that people should not attend the rally but he wholeheartedly supported the principle and encouraged citizens to make their voices heard in other ways.

Victoria’s politicised police force also did nothing to enforce the social distancing rules, no arrests were made at the rally and aside from a few fines handed out to the ringleaders, nobody attending was troubled with pesky COVID-19 enforcement actions; contrast that with the multiple arrests and numerous fines handed out at recent anti-lockdown rallies.

The anti-lockdown protestors peddle their organic brand of dangerous misinformation and conspiracy theories but it is no more pernicious than the nonsense spread by the Black Lives Matter posers, the only point to be made is the difference in the attitudes of the establishment to the two formations.

Much is made of how this BLM revolution is sweeping the globe in a leaderless, democratic and grassroots rising of the good and just, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

This movement, such as it is, has leaders and capitalist financiers, it is just that they remain hidden for the most part; there is a definite hierarchy even in tendencies such as Anti-Fascist Action and their ultimate goal is heavy top-down state control of all public life.

Capitalists and mainstream politicians would never support movements which threaten the status quo, if BLM and their fellow travellers are being allotted special privileges by Labor during a state of emergency then it is obvious that the bosses see something to gain from helping out.

The main vector of transmission for the mass hysteria driving the bogus Black Lives rising is social media, which as we know represents the new wave of monopoly capitalism; in one sense the Silicon Valley rich listers are exporting their corporate culture to re-shape the world to their advantage.

It is something to behold, this mass movement of the gullible and permanently enraged dancing to the tune of moustache-twirling techno-oligarchs, all the cyberpunk fiction I read in the 1990s predicted the 21st century where the rich were aloof from the teeming masses entombed in poverty-stricken barrios of one sort or another.

The reality is that the exploiter class are seeking complete control over the population by gradually integrating all the important aspects of modern life into their digital platforms, Facebook has even tried to launch it’s own virtual currency, for Pete’s sake.

If I had to speculate as to why, at the operational level, the church of Wokeness has become the new instrument of capitalist power it is likely because having around one billion relatively well off consumers concentrated in the developed world is less desirable than having seven billion people all at the same marginal income level.

Maybe the endpoint is a borderless, cultureless world where everyone has the living standard of, say, present-day Ukraine or Argentina, where most people have some disposable income but still have to keep their heads down and work most of the time.

An integrated web of regions where you won’t starve, you can afford broadband internet and order a modest number of products from Amazon and Facebook every year.

This would be a world where the government is superfluous and democracy suppressed where it does not serve the agenda of the corporations, we see glimpses of it now when no amount of grovelling by officials can appease the mob, the goalposts shift by the minute so that no one in office can make the right move.

If inciting riots, looting and destruction of property is permitted on social media then we can be assured that it is part of their plan to dominate the world; perhaps they seek to de-legitimise democratic institutions by provoking a crackdown and replace elected officials with their own “influencers”?

The compliant social media demagogues who are acting as cheerleaders for the BLM uprising are unaccountable, unelected spokespeople who exist by internet panhandling and the dispersal of meagre royalties from the advertising income of their platform’s hosts.

This is corporate power projection on the gig economy model, foreign influence and cash for favours dressed up as political activism but stripped of all decorum and rules of fair play.


  1. NSW teacher faces increasing calls to be sacked saying Indigenous are dole bludgers and criminals. This is not racism. He stated facts. There was total outrage by MSM and the SJW’S. What did he say that was incorrect?

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