We’ve all known right from the start that Chess is a game for White Supremacists. How could it not be, since it is widely believed to have originated in India, the home of the White Supremacist?

But as the public broadcaster struggles to make a budget shortfall of $80 millions by axing 250 jobs and cutting lots of Marxist content just to punish us civilians (yes, but it’s their logic, not ours), they figured the time is right to ask a question that’s been plaguing Social Justice Warriors ever since a dumb N-word named George Floyd snuffed it mid-crime spree. That question being, of course, is Chess racist?

Again, we know it is because the rules were deliberately made too confusing for the Negro brain. Nonetheless, the formal process of argument has to be gone through. This is why the topic is the hotly contended subject of a mid-week radio debate on ABC radio with a host nobody has heard of, James Valentine.

Well, to be truthful, we know who he is since he used to be a figure in the Australian music industry, playing the Saxophone alongside the likes of Joe Camilleri, Kate Ceberano, and the Models.

He went on to become a TV presenter, radio host, and author. But he didn’t make a success of things since he found himself on afternoon radio with the ABC catering to an audience of 80 geriatrics who can’t hear him anyway.

Thus, qualified, he has all the credentials to get to the root of the matter in the global blitz on racism and the white people fomenting it.

See, in case you’ve never played the game, you’d know that white ALWAYS MOVES BEFORE BLACK. That’s if you’re playing with a traditional black-and-white board since it comes in all shades and hues but the point being that the lighter piece represents Jim Crow. Just like it did in India back in the 6th century.

The white-moves-first rule is a dead giveaway and an example of how blacks have been treated down through the ages. Then again, if they’re so third-class, why are we bothering to tamper with nature? It’s clearly too late for them to catch up with us now. So, while we agree that Chess is the most racist game on earth, even more so than Boggle, we reckon it should be left as it is. Plus, it might be a bit difficult to uniformly change the rules at this stage. But we have to ask, how many black chess masters have there been?

If you Google it you’ll find a lot of made-up bullshit about blacks who’ve won the African Chess Championships, or a match in Sweden where the white player let them win, but no black person plays the game.

Indeed, if Chess were a movie, it would be Gone with the Wind. It is a total apartheid boardgame with overtones of slavery and shoe shine kits.

Still, there is always a White Supremacist who wants to spoil things, and in this case, it was a former member of the Australian Chess Federation.

John Adams, 38, has a problem with calling chess racist. He is in denial. He made a real song and dance when asked by the ABC producer to appear on the show. Like a typical slave owner, he took to Twitter to moan about it.

“The ABC has taken the view that chess is RACIST given that white always goes first,” he Tweeted.

“They are seeking comment from a Chess official as to whether the rules need to be altered. Trust the taxpayer-funded national broadcaster to apply Marxist ideological frameworks to anything and everything in Australia.”

See, you might’ve missed it, but this man is even NAMED after a historical racist.

John Adams was one of the founding fathers of the United States who tried to hide his racism by NOT owning slaves. As a man of law, he even represented slaves, just to get their hopes up that they’d ever see anything like justice in a land ruled by white devils.

But he couldn’t hide his hatred of the black man very long, and in 1777 he spoke against a bill that would’ve given slaves emancipation in Massachusetts. His excuse was barely believable even by the standards of the day, citing the divisiveness of the issue at a time when he didn’t want to upset southerners over something or other. The man would go on to have his progeny in Al Jolson, a Jewish entertainer who wore blackface and degraded Negroes by singing songs like Swanee and My Mammy.

Anyway, it’s time that the rules of chess were changed so that black goes first every time and always wins. Because the fact is that moving first on the board doesn’t assure a player victory any more than moving the pieces while your opponent is distracted.

Plus, chess is too hard for blacks. This is why they excel at physical games like basketball. We’d love to see a white supremacist beat a black basketballer using his fancy white chess piece. Wouldn’t happen.

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