The trouble with those who bewail the death of democracy is that they’ve been operating under an illusion for far too long. There never has been a democracy. What they consider democracy is actually capitalism, with its safeguards of the propertied-class, and its rule of law focused on maintaining the populace in a consumerist order.

Democracy, as they believe it to be, has been the subject of the influence of the capitalist elites, buying influence, ensuring power, and guaranteeing the election of candidates favourable to their interests. Elections are a distraction, and are false since whatever candidate for whichever party you choose is merely that which the system offers.

The government may change, but the system never does, and the governments are the products of the system. Should those governments deviate from the system, they will quickly lose government.

One cannot vote to end immigration, which would be a democratic right. Immigration is inextricably tied to the interests of the capitalism system, so instead of allowing it to be contested at an election, it demonises any anti-immigrant position as inherently criminal and ‘other’. It is not fit for inclusion in the democratic process, which more or less offers a set menu of what issues one can or cannot vote on. Invariably, the issues are simple choices of the dispensing of taxes, economic management, and law and order.

Environmental management is another choice of capitalist-democracy but is inevitably undermined by those voting on economic considerations. In short, one party, usually the liberal coin, will be motivated by social concerns and will aim to centralise government and accord spending along social lines, while the conservative branch aims to check government involvement and dispenses taxes along lines that will bolster the free-market. That’s the boilerplate understanding anyway since the conservative government is lately just as keen to centralise and proscribe as its liberal counterparts. But that’s because the ‘system’ requires it, and both sides are mere appendages of that system.

If democracy is synonymous with ‘freedom’ then such freedom is contingent upon the ‘system’ which is rigid insomuch as it is the unalterable economic foundation — capitalism. But freedom in this instance is limited to freedom of consumerist choice, freedom of movement within limits. Capitalism finds auxiliaries in contradictory sectors. The dissipating Hard-Left of Leninist-Marxist Communism recognised through Marx that free-trade capitalism would advance the erosion of countries therefore anti-immigration was to be combatted. Around this principle, today’s Left has become the guard-dog of the very capitalism that it theoretically abhors. That capitalism is more than happy to play the chameleon and shed any notion of ‘imperialism’ through appearances alone.

Surely, there cannot be so many gullible enough not to recognize the hysteric nature of capitalism, which will appease proponents of identity politics as a matter of either market or cause. In the recent riots in America around the deceased Negro career-criminal George Floyd, Apple stores were trashed and looted. But that didn’t stop Apple appeasing the rioters by dedicating millions of dollars to their ‘communities’. Ditto Target, which has done the same thing, even offering people of colour (and only POC) exclusive business mentoring for a set period of hours.

Analysis of those riots could produce multiple conclusions and recommendations, yet one that will not be tried and tested is the Apartheid Solution. Simply end the melting pot circumstances from which racial conflict arises. Admit the truth, that it is nothing to do with ‘racism’, because that is inverse to blacks who have, for decades, been mollycoddled in the USA. The greater their hate for white people, the more reward they receive, the worse the conditions are for white people.

Should that be argued cogently and persuasively and put to the vote it just might, by democratic process, become a solution to racial tensions all over the western world. Why would blacks want to continue living with whites given the animosity, despite all that whites have done for them? If a remedy is NOT what those like Black Lives Matter seek, then it’s best that the executive decision is taken to end the system for them — because thus far it amounts to blacks feeding off false white guilt for favour and sustenance, an appalling and undignified reality for blacks, who aren’t, on the main, the least troubled by this parasitic relationship. And why would they be when capitalism is hell-bent on maintaining it. This is not freedom. Neither is it democracy when the cossetted Left are permitted to attack, terrorise and harass those on the Right in opposition to this social enslavement?

The system will not allow that sort of change and yet it is social rehabilitation of that nature which is so urgent. Blacks fleeing other blacks in Africa is an appalling situation especially when its incumbent on western-style democracies to take in those fleeing who, by and large, resent their hosts. Scenes of blacks in England marching to tear down the statue of Winston Churchill bespeak a multiracial system out of control. This is the act of conquerors. When the sensibilities of guests require the parent culture to debase itself then a cultural perversity is occurring. By rights, those aliens (and even natives) who march against the host nation should taste steel and lead without any trespass by a liberal moral conscience which is as much exploited by the capitalist monster as by the ‘interest’ groups deconstructing western society at such an advanced rate.

Free markets are one thing, but the autonomous space cloud that has become the rootless canopy of free-range capitalism is a devil to rival Lucifer herself.

Nationalists we might be, opposed to capitalism that is so, but we’re not for a moment advocating for a life of austerity, after all, we are not communists. We exist in a trading system and that won’t change. But it is whom it serves. The market is a free-range beast, as we’ve already described it, but that beast must be reigned in and made to serve our people — not the 1% of supervillains with hereditary heirship to this unregulated reserve of superpower.

Capitalism is the ‘system’ we have identified, and even though its habits might confuse, and even though it has incongruous motives, the sense of its actions are diffused through its geopolitical refractions and how they correspond with the finite concerns of those who rule through its energy. Tame the money, change the system. Save the white race.

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