By anyone’s estimation, the Woke provocateurs among us are playing a very dangerous game in which their ignorant and cynical behaviour could easily blow up into something far worse.

I have no fears concerning the Black Lives Matter offshoots in Australia, the main facilitators and agitators are so incompetent and distracted that, aside from the initial rush of blood to the head over the past few weeks, they have made no real advances and caused little in the way of social discord.

The Australian movement has been motivated by homegrown misinformation and co-opted by the usual pseudo-left formations who are interested only in diluting any hint of an Aboriginal movement, lest it competes with their Trotskyite programme, which is so old and played out that it has effectively rusted solid over the past two decades.

In contrast to the media portrayals, the local BLM variant is not a young and vital movement in which the future leaders of the Left are being schooled, it is predominantly an old and dumb movement whose spokespeople amount to a handful of idiotic Aboriginal women and a few giddy old white people lending a thin air of intellectual gravitas.

Nevertheless, the recent street rallies and petty vandalism of monuments has been a stupid course of action for the virtue signalling dimwits and Facebook anarchists who flock to these events. In the first place, their largely unpunished breaches of COVID 19 restrictions shows them up as favourites of the police and government. This rank display of hubris has eroded whatever popular support the BLM might have had, just as their antics under the Extinction Rebellion banner in 2019 soured the masses against environmentalism and the good folk of Australia now realise that all these fringe groups are organised by the same motley crew of social rejects.

The second of many poor choices on the part of BLM Australia is that if they push things any further, they risk creating a backlash against Aborigines, or sites of historical significance to the First Peoples.

Western public art is built to last forever, even if the statues of Cook and Macquarie were to be toppled, most of the damage would buff out; sandstone, bronze and marble are easy enough for skilled craftsmen to repair. Aboriginal sacred art, by comparison, is fragile to the point of being ephemeral, it is irreplaceable once damaged; it is a horrible thought but what if some aggrieved meathead with no understanding of the art of politics decides to retaliate?

A garden sprayer filled with an acid or a cordless hammer drill could devastate priceless world heritage sites in a matter of minutes, yet it is clear by their actions and constant mouthing off on the topic that the BLM does not care about possible blowback or, like all those in the thrall of red nostalgia, they are willing to accept cultural annihilation as mere collateral damage in the march toward “progress”.

Inciting animosity between Whites and Aborigines in the name of their crackpot “Blackfulla Revolution” can only end in disaster. Yet, as we have observed, the leaders of this movement are not intelligent people. This lack of foresight and inability by the crypto-Left to think tactically has been laid bare in recent days as a series of hair-raising events have unfolded in the United States.

We have read stories of armed citizens resisting the Black Lives Matter provocateurs in Philadelphia, rural Ohio and Chicago. No great harm has come to anyone yet, but the tide is turning against the rioters and their allies. Further to that some shocking footage has emerged from Seattle’s Lefty occupied Capitol Hill district wherein a self-appointed warlord was observed handing out automatic weapons to Black Bloc types and conducting armed patrols of the area.

Rumour has it that the anarchist vigilantes are also detaining people for interrogation and standing over local businesses.

The crazy part about it is that their security cordon leaks like a sieve, infiltrators and reporters can walk in and out merely by dressing up in black and covering their faces, conservative comedian Steven Crowder has had a man on the ground in the so-called Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, (CHAZ) for a week now, coming and going as he pleases.

If the situation escalates and President Trump does send in troops to clear the area then Delta Force or whoever is selected for the operation will only need to don dark jeans and hoodies then stroll in and grab the rifles out of the hands of the commie guards.

Footage from the original outbreak of rioting in Seattle shows a former marine and private security operative doing just that after Antifa stole two rifles from parked police cars and began firing off rounds in a crowded street. The Black Bloc tools didn’t notice the stocky guy with the beard walking up to them, the next thing they knew he had his pistol pointed in their faces and their purloined guns were in his hands.

This episode may be amusing but it illustrates the nature of irregular warfare of the kind being stoked by Antifa and their fellow travellers. A civil war in this day and age is not the pomp and spectacle of Gettysburg or the heady days of Barcelona in 1936, there will be no front lines and snappy uniforms, just sudden death, defeat and humiliation.

Civil war in the 21st century is as imperfect, barbaric and unpredictable as ever with digital communications technology serving only to aggravate and enhance the levels of savagery by de-sensitising people to violence and eroding their empathy toward the other.

I cannot see the situation in the U.S getting too out of hand but if it did then the examples of modern civil war to look at for an understanding of how things might play out would be Iraq in 2003 and Syria after 2014.

There will be no big battles at the barricades, just an endless stream of murders as rival political gangs goes tit-for-tat; people gunned down at work, beaten to death in their homes and executed for propaganda videos. We saw glimpses of this in Greece during the 2010s, communists and nationalists murdering each other in the street until the state stepped in and put them down and violence of this sort has been at a low boil across Europe for decades.

Then there are the aforementioned apolitical war veterans and mercenaries as well as armed citizens who will, it is widely said, rise and try to exterminate all of the warring factions if the state cannot, or will not, bring them under control.

So to the aspiring anarchist revolutionaries, I’d say this: be careful what you wish for, civil war dehumanises and destroys people, your campaign will not be glorious it will be ugly and if you meet your end it will not be on the field of battle in a fair fight.

In all likelihood, you won’t even see the little balding white guy in the cargo pants sidle up to you and blow your brains out as you sip your fair-trade coffee outside the local feminist bookshop.


  1. Things will probably cool down shortly, the whiggers will go back to their mainly white suburbs and the blacks will go back to killing each other – and you can bet the homicide rates will rise quite a bit.

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