It’s a wonder that all those years ago the Twilight Zone never wrote an episode that dissected the common perception of Nazism. The TZ failed to depict the upside-down world that it was famous for. If such an episode were produced, it would depict white people with stars pinned to their bedraggled clothing being forced to lick the jackboots of black men being controlled by Jews.

Forget the surrealness of TZ, that’s exactly what is happening in America right now! Video has appeared in which black thugs in San Diego standing in a mob with loud hailers insist that a passing white couple get to their knees and lick the boots of these Black Panther-type brown shirts. Yes, that’s what we just compared them to. Go with it. Sickeningly, the couple does so, without a puff of protest. As they are made to lick the blacks’ boots harder and debase themselves further, a Negro with a bullhorn shouts “This is your future! You are going into captivity! You are going into slavery for what your forefathers did!”

Now, obviously, there is enough packed into that short clip to start building a full-scale pyramid with the number of sociology papers you could write. Enough arguments against the behaviour of the Black Lives Matter fascists are condensed into the whole scenario to build another one next to it. We’re not interested in those because we’ve recognised something that would stump even Godwin, this is just how the Nazis allegedly behaved. Just replace white people with Jews.

Now, this remark would have every Zionist on the planet howling over their Talmud, but that’s the point — they would condemn the comparison, but not these warped scenes, which are straight out of a Hollywood Holocaust. Not a single Jew has protested about what’s happening, or the nascent fascism of the Black Lives Matter movement, and that’s probably because they’re in bed with the blacks, which is kind of surprising given their role in the slave trade. Then again, the blacks themselves were up-to their sweaty necks trading fellow Negroes away to Jewish slave traders. That’s the history which never makes it into BLM lessons.

In point of fact, the group conducting these exercises in racial depravity are a coloured-fascist axis of Black Supremacists, Hispanics and Native Americans who call themselves Sicarii 1715. They claim to be the “true descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel”. They use the Star of David as their symbol. But, ho ho ho, they are ‘anti-Semitic’, which makes it even more surprising that the tribe would be mute about this type of street theatre. They would be thundering in their yarmulkes if it involved any group but the goyim.

It’s sickening that the white people degrading themselves by obliging these sub-humans haven’t made that comparison, what with Godwin’s Law and everything, but they are acting as if guided by a power beyond their control. Never mind the dangerous example they’re setting.

Nevertheless, that’s the inherent contradiction of the BLM. Like starting a war for peace, they are purging racism by being racist. It’s a wonder that the latent racism of blacks has never been a focus, and that the Hispanics, as over-represented as they are in American society have been allowed to metastasise as they have. Moreover, where was it ever confirmed by the gods that Native Americans were the wise, perceptive, spiritual healers that they’ve been depicted as since the fall of the Hollywood studio system? We’re just saying, is all.

The “crackpots” and the “cranks” and “hate mongers” that warned about this exact state of affairs arising out of the miscegenation of the races — those like Enoch Powell, and George Lincoln Rockwell — are vindicated. If the price of maintaining a ‘diverse’ society based on multiculturalism is that each race must play the nigger in an existential game of musical chairs then what ARE the benefits? The learning of tolerance? In this instance, all the lessons are for reserved for the white people, and they involve learning to suck on a black man’s piss-stained boot. They learn to “apologise” for the “crimes” of their “forefathers”, whatever that means. Perhaps they mean all those Americans who died fighting the Civil War so that the blacks could fester thereafter like a malignant sore on the nose of America.

Whichever way you want to put it, the reality is that White people are fast becoming the new Jews. They are being singled out, humiliated, and forced to dance like clowns for the amusement of low-IQ, crack-smoking, gang-banging filth that is being failed to be recognised as the ‘fascists’ they are since everybody attributes that condition to white people. Or that behaviour. Notwithstanding that fascism is currently defined by totalitarian oppression and not the actual characteristics which it encapsulates. 

Having spoken about upside-down, we’re about to shake it again, since in this video you’ll see black Nazis wearing the Star of David, so, you know, the narrative is a semiotic salad.


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