You have to hand it to the mainstream media where narratives are concerned. Invader media like the Pommy Daily Mail has managed to justify the violence of anarchists and their Black Lives Matter pawns; shame any Australian who dares utter a word against the church of diversity; and yet it cannot even expose the irony in its narrative when reporting on incidents like the murder of a Pacific Islander school kid in Melbourne.

Black Lives are only meant to matter to Whites, who should give two stale crusts about them, but not to blacks themselves, or those who identify as people of colour. Yes, what a fine turnout for the dark chappies the BLM ‘protests’ around Australia was, and yet, here, in one incident, the reality of the dark-skinned race is held bare — only nobody but us has the testicular fortitude to dare to come out and say it. So … we will.

Black Lives matter about as much as a tossed ciggie-butt. And we come to that conclusion from studying their behaviour. Not only statistically are they more likely to shoot each other in countries like the US (they’d do it here if it weren’t for our Stalin-esque gun laws) but they love to revert to tribal type and make gang war on each other over turf that isn’t even theirs.

Take the Islander and African gangs in our major cities. They’ve come into the spotlight over the death of 15-year-old Mookie Solomone Taufeulungaki, who was stabbed to death outside a church in Deer Park on Tuesday afternoon. He was attacked by an Islander gang — his “brothers” — all aged 13 to 16. Now, pay attention to this, because it is a difficult narrative for the Marxist media since it cannot in any way (yet) be blamed on whites although we’re positive they’re thinking how it might be.

Firstly, we’d just like to make the point that Islander names exhaust our alphabet and tie our English-speaking tongues. We’re not sure if their spelling is much shorter in coconut language, but in the white man’s tongue, their names are unpronounceable and silly, even though a female sports commentator recently earned the ire of the racial inquisition for daring to make a joke as to that very fact.

Returning to the matter at hand, we have a Mookie kid, the sort that might end up being recruited by the NRL, which is now almost exclusively Islander, murdered for nothing by his own race. What’s it all over? Does it matter? Their reasons are best expressed viscerally since no verbal account could relate the primal level these Islanders function on. Yet, it’s safe to say that “black culture” or as they might spell it “culcha” is responsible.

If you can imagine a world where open dialogue is permitted and even encouraged, it would be fair to say that three decades of rap music and hip-hop culture have wrought untold damage on the west.

Despite all the apologists who will claim Niggas With Attitude and Public Enemy provided positive counter-culture commentary, the truth is that (more the former than the latter) what came out of rap has created at least two generations of narcissistic, nihilistic, materialistic anti-cultural oxygen-thieves spanning not just the black race but all that imitate it. Graffiti of that hip-hop oeuvre is ubiquitous the world around and it’s a garish eyesore that bespeaks the most degenerate level of the drug culture. Forget all that hippy bullshit from the 1960s, when it was about tuning-in, turning-on and dropping out, today’s synthetic drug culture is about status, money, and carnage. It is a pollutant to a healthy society and when nationalists come to power, we will stamp it out without hesitation.

But not before these so-called “drillahs” have done our work for us since for the sake of attaining an identity through ‘gang culture’ they must turn feral and become harder and more deadly than those who came before. This means graduating from bashings to killings for the glory to be had from social media notoriety. And all over a slight on Snapchat or a violation of ‘turf’ which is OURS, Australian’s, and doesn’t belong to any denomination of imported darkie.

It all helps Australia since the taxpayers are further lumbered with the prison and youth centre upkeep of these dopey burdens. There are no heart surgeons or rocket scientists among this lot. And hot on the heels of all this fabricated racial nonsense about black lives it shines the very truth on the reality that the legacy media, in its anti-White bias, shies away from.

Rather than highlight how the very foundation of BLM is absurd given their inter-racial tribal beefs, which they need to sustain their “culcha” (which is Once Were Warriors) the media sexes-up the gang angle which it focuses on voyeuristically. In turn, this spurs on the gangs to up the ante to feed their respective crew’s notoriety. It’s how the Hells Angels got so big in the 1960s. This means they kill and maim more of their own but then they’ll turn around and attack whitey for our ‘systemic racism’. Yeah, f**k off, the bunch of you. Right now, the media (especially the anti-white Daily Mail) is creaming itself in anticipation of a ‘retaliation attack’.

Nevertheless, and putting aside our detestation of Islanders and their “culcha”, we do respect the way that the dead boy’s parents conducted themselves. There are those among the Islander community who carry themselves with cheer and dignity and this generation of clockwork chimps would do well to follow their example.

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