As vexing scenes from the United States are mirrored in the UK and even Australia, with historical monuments toppled and vandalised, one thing dawns — the authorities are enabling the rioters by doing nothing.

When the faith passed from paganism to Christianity in the dying Roman Empire, centurions stood by while statues of the gods were torn down and Christian mobs assaulted pagans. It was deemed the politically correct response to turn a blind eye and do nothing, essentially enabling the destruction of Rome’s pagan past.

We are right to bring up religion in this contrast since more than one conservative commentator is convinced that the chaos we are witnessing in the US and UK stems from the decline of Christianity.

Peta Credlin has written an otherwise credible op-ed piece for The Daily Telegraph in which she makes a very apt comparison with current events and George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984. Credlin points out that the same processes engaged by Big Brother are apparent here: the toppling of monuments, burning books, banning films, erasing history and then erasing the erasure.

However, she goes on to hypothesise that this tumult is due to the decline of Christianity. We disagree — although the current abolitions definitely include the Marxist repudiation of the Christian faith.

Christianity is a belief without racial bias. The Church sent out missionaries to convert the non-white world and it’s those coloured people who constitute some of the most ardent Christians remaining.

Moreover, religion itself tends to avoid racial chauvinism, with the exception of the Japanese Shinto, and Judaism.

If anything, Christianity is being replaced just as over a millennium ago its followers dispatched paganism and transformed Rome into the capital of the new faith.

As the party members in 1984 observe a ritual of two minutes of hate with a fervour that is maniacal, so the madness attending the purges in the US demonstrates a pronounced fanaticism wrought with religiosity.

Yet, Christianity is concerned with souls, not skin colour. This new Church of the Black Lives is absolutely race-centric; its entire dogma has removed God and replaced him with Negroes and Aboriginals as deities. This faith is conspicuous only in western countries, and its saints are (currently) eight-ball gangsters while its high priests are race-baiting anarchists with megaphones and an implacable devotion to hard-line Identity Politics.

The insanity is like the waves of an opiate combined with the craziness of an LSD dose. Scenes out of the US are disturbing, with dozens of white people in Maryland publicly taking an oath denouncing their racism by repeating after black men with megaphones, while other episodes of self-abasement are equally troubling. A police chief in Webster Massachusetts lay prone on the ground ‘in solidarity’ with braying Black Lives Matters terrorists. In Carolina, white police officers washed the feet of black people in a sick kind of sacrament.

As historic statues toppled in the US and Europe, the police, like the centurions over a thousand years before them, refused to intervene.

The black Richmond mayor, where a statue of Columbus was torn down by a mixed mob of rampaging millennials and Generation Z hooligans, has promised to remove all Confederate-era statues. In Bristol, England, philanthropist Edward Colston’s statue was torn down and thrown in the river. Winston Churchill’s statue was likewise defaced and at no time did the police wade in. They had orders not to.

Indeed, it seems to come from the top, this anti-White appeasement. No wonder then we got to see Canada’s snivelling millennial PM Justin Trudeau taking a knee, just like America’s House of Reps Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow democrats. They observed ‘eight minutes silence’ because that’s how long it took the black dickhead to die while officer Chauvin jaundiced his knee by pressing it into his distended trunk of a neck.

Is this just a phase of the long and never-ending ‘civil rights’ struggle? No, this is much more, and it requires the entire obeisance of the white race.

This is what Peta Credlin and others will never be able to bring themselves to see, much less acknowledge, that this is a race war. The purging of statues and books come before the burning of people.

The power base for these Negro villains is immense. In Washington, Manhattan and other states, all felon charges against rioters are being scrubbed. They’ve gotten away with murder.

Meanwhile, Target, which lost an estimated $50-100 million at the hands of rioters is pledging $10 million to black causes to “help heal” while offering 10,000 hours of professional consultancy to coloured business owners — ONLY coloured business owners. Now, wasn’t Target the VICTIM of senseless black violence, and now they’re rewarding these terrorists for looting and trashing their stores?

US companies are throwing millions at the ‘civil rights’ terrorists. Apple and YouTube are set to pour millions into anti-racism causes. Considering there was no racism, to begin with, as Derek Chauvin was married to an Asian woman, and he had a personal history with Floyd, who had major health problems and was high on a cocktail of Fentanyl and meth while having been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

On that subject, the anti-lockdown demonstrations were equally challenging (and stupid). The history of that is being written by leftists as ‘white supremacist rallies’ where in fact they were libertarian in nature. Despite the presence of heavily armed men outside government buildings, there was no looting or firebombing of police stations. Nevertheless, health officials thoroughly admonished no-lockdown demonstrators for breaking with isolation, but in the case of the BLM, encouraged breaking with the lockdown to go out, loot and burn.

Those seeking a double-standard that highlights a prejudice towards whites will stop at nothing.

The insanity travelled to Europe, where in Brussels, negroes and their white slaves attacked police, looted shops, and naturally toppled a statue of the Belgian King Leopold. Don’t even ask what he did wrong. He is old and white and therefore must have been racist.

Don’t expect any admonishment of the ‘protesters’ from the media, because they are on a honeymoon with the terrorists. The worst offenders are the New York Times, the BBC, Australia’s ABC, Al Jazeera, and the Daily Mail. In Australia, the Daily Mail and The Guardian are two of the vilest Woke-Think news outlets berating White Australia through their reports of the Abo rebels and their communist coordinators.

And it’s in the media that we noticed just how this thing is meant to play out. We read a story today about two “women” (no mention of ethnicity) who’d been arrested last night for defacing the statue of Captain Cook in Sydney’s Hyde Park. They were arrested with a bag of spray cans. One is a part-time staffer for Greens MP David Shoebridge, 28-year-old Chinese woman Xiaoran Shi. The other is her lesbian ‘friend’, 27-year-old Charmaine Morrison-Mills. 

However, The Guardian and the ABC think it more important to highlight the imminent threat of a Far-Right terror attack. It is interesting timing considering the reverse is occurring with blacks and commies, but nonetheless both them and their terrorist-Antifa source The White Rose Society are feeding fears about this white supremacist terror threat. The White Rose Society is an ASIO-backed group of assorted Trotskyites and anarchists paid to troll internet forums for accelerationist activity. Then they get on the phone to their bald-headed boss Mike Burgess at ASIO and say “We’ve got one!” Usually, it’s some idiot Generation Z twerp who governs his online behaviour as well as he governs his impulses. Yet, if you’ve seen one Brenton Tarrant, you’ve seen them all, and it helps change the awkward conversation about Black Lives.

American immigrant and NSW Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Labor’s Kristina Keneally, is working hard promoting this source of national apprehension. In that sense, she’s helping to change the conversation which has shifted drastically in this past year from bushfires to COVID-19, to primitive man who’s now replacing God.

Yes, God. You remember him from such blockbusters as The Ten Commandments, and Ben Hur. He even had a cameo in The Last Temptation of Christ. Being inherently racist (probably) these will no doubt join Gone With The Wind, Chris Lilley’s work, Little Britain, Fawlty Towers (no kidding) and a slew of others as they are “recontextualised” by streaming services.

Given, you can hardly find a show on Netflix, or Stan that isn’t Woke, and isn’t produced according to revised social models which means the mandatory black hero and his white woman boss saving the day then it’s especially unforgivable. Don’t even bother with the so-called high arts, they have v=been bending the knee

Again, Entertainment will the next area of White Flight, which we’ve already said but don’t mind repeating.

By any other name, this is a race war. White people are being assailed through our history, heroes, culture and pride. It’s all being stripped away and those authorities that assure “equal rights” for blacks to go and burn down cities are not lifting a finger to prevent this cultural cleansing.

This is just the next phase of the racial cleansing, which has been in operation ever since the end of the 1960s.

In Australia, we have (another) Asian Race Discrimination Commissioner. Why? Does Cambodia have an equivalent in the form of an Australian man sitting on their national shoulder whispering negative things into their collective ear?

All the effort that is needed to keep together a multiracial society negates any argument as to its advantages, of which only wealthy business owners and corporations can boast. Governments are addicted to the ‘tax dollars’ they believe are accrued from what they see as an inevitable economic growth which comes from wholesale migration. Think of non-whites as a kind of economic fertiliser.

But what’s become of the parent cultures? Take a look at Europe, home to the spiritual ancestral beginnings of western civilisation. What is it now? They are all overrun with resentful hordes of black, brown and yellow migrants — most of whom forced their way over the borders and made themselves the host population’s responsibility. This wouldn’t have happened without traitorous facilitators like Germany’s communist chancellor, Angela Merkel.

A repugnant image out of the UK comes as the leader of an anti-White group called for the destruction of Winston Churchill’s statue. She is black, and cannot be older than 25 years old. She lives in England but she will never be English. And now she wants to tear down the England that her people trespassed upon in the name of supposedly trespassed people.

No, Peta, this isn’t about Christianity, this was a deliberate plan that was put into being in the second half of the last century. And now it’s in full effect. The party you supported, and all major parties have played their part in it so it’s futile expecting action from the government since the system that gave birth to the government has fostered this anti-white agenda.

Xiaoron Shi, 28, came to our country to cancel our culture
Charmaine Morrison-Mills, the lesbian lover of the Greens-employed Asian terrorist


  1. Islam was spread by imperialism – hence the Islamic Empire – and began enslaving blacks almost a thousand years before whites became involved in the black slave trade. Wonder when they will start attacking mosques and Muslims ?

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