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We here at New Australian Bulletin are currently afflicted with a major ailment gripping white people all over the west, it’s called Negro Fatigue.

That’s right, we have Negro Fatigue and it’s only getting worse. Barely a month passes without white people being sandbagged in the media, and on the streets by terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter.

George Floyd was an ex-con who’s now an ex-member of the living. Frankly, we’re glad he’s dead, although, if he was trouble in life, then in death he’s a major league anxiety.

Floyd is this season’s excuse for uppity Negroes to be spurred on by chaos financiers into pressing their newfound privilege onto white countries and only white countries. For instance, there are no oppressed Negroes in China acting up, or anywhere where whitey is not being supplanted by coloured races in his homelands.

The barrage is never intended to stop and it won’t until white people are so browbeaten that they’re kowtowed into servility.

We aim to fight, and we will never say “yes sir” to an N-word even with a rocket launcher aimed at our heads.

Currently, the situation has dragged on over the death of this worthless pile of crap and the sadistic cop who killed him. This has led to Minneapolis Police Department being disbanded, and the New York Mayor Bill De Blasio promising to defund the predominantly non-white New York Police Department.

Which, is a GOOD idea. Hell, Minneapolis is only one of the most crime-ridden cities in the US, so being without a police force is going to work wonders for all those deadhead gang-culture N-words running amok with gats because of slavery and Confederate-era statues.

And those belly-aching liberal supporters, they’ll get on just fine being shot at, beaten, bashed stabbed and raped without a brutal cop to call on for protection. And it serves all of them right. If we were American cops, frankly, we’d just walk off the job and take a long drive out to the mountains or somewhere as far away from black people, Jews, Liberals and Mexicans as transport could safely take us. Let these spoiled pieces of crap who’ve known only the rewards of the grievance industry get their comeuppance from being left un-checked among themselves.

But we’ve covered the Minneapolis thing, and even the rot here in Australia, and that’s the trouble. We don’t even have the will to report on the death of England with the symbolic graffitiing of Winston Churchill’s statue by creatures of colour and their self-hating white agitators. We haven’t the energy to report on the white cops in the States washing the feet of N-words in a quasi-religious act of ritual humiliation; or the historic statue of Edward Colston being dumped into the water in Bristol.

Again, this is because we’re now suffering Negro Fatigue. Seriously, having these backwards nogs shoved into our faces all over the Internet is like being tethered to a retarded kid who shouts and screams at everything. It is debilitating. You just want to zone out and regroup. But what to do? Liquor only fires you up even worse, and don’t bother turning to Netflix or the like because just about every series is skewed to reorientating stereotypes. Indeed, we cite Entertainment as the new inevitable area of white flight on these grounds alone.

We cannot find a programme that hasn’t got empowered black types saving the day while pathetic white men assume the role of the hysterical females. Meanwhile, the hysterical female types are now Alpha males, in leadership roles, whose martial arts skills are beyond even Bruce Lee. They inevitably end up rooting the black bucks while the white male looks on cuckolded and irrelevant as anything but comic relief.

Feminism Fatigue is another — for instance, notice how every time an image for a “Tradie” needs illustrating, it’s always a skinny sub-Karen type in hi-vis when in truth all these twats do is get paid a fortune to wave a lollipop sign outside of construction zones. You could save a fortune by simply developing a drone lollipop that warns traffic. Then instead of “girl power” models we could view the tasteful lines of the latest in traffic droids.

But all this is the stress we’re relating and not the solution. Seriously, how DOES one deal with Negro fatigue?

Well, we have a few suggestions that help us get through another day of perennial black pride.

Firstly, refuse to watch any show or movie that has blacks in it, unless they’re being strung up, shot, or pushed around by cops. These rules apply to feminist crap, and Jews, too, for that matter. 

Make your viewing retro, go back to the golden age of cinema when darkies were only portrayed as either street punks or janitors, and laugh at banned Warned Bros cartoons depicting them as Oogas with bones through their noses. Watch D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation just for the Klan scenes.

Stop saying “African American, or African Australian” and call ’what they are, N-words. It’s harmless, after all, since it’s derived from the French for ‘black’.

Treat yourself every time the news reports an N-word being killed, or arrested. Watch the movie The Color Purple with the sound down and a racist skinhead soundtrack playing loud enough for Al Sharpton to hear it.

Refuse to play the game, when they say Black Lives Matter, you say, Black Lives Batter. If they say White Silence is Violence, you say, Black Violence is Science. Give them that White Defiance.

Next time an Abo walks up to you and asks “Got a dollar?” tell him “I was going to ask you the same thing.”

And… ah, fuck, we’re sick of it already. The Negro Fatigue is too strong.


  1. Yes! This is exactly my kind of man right here! I think along those same lines, and my negro fatigue is strong within me! I have divorced myself of society, and even as one who plays guitar and gotten into it because of rock and metal, I am now seriously reconsidering my musical options, and may just as well start listening to classical music! Because let’s face it, wherever Jews are (e.g. The music industry, Hollywood, academics, health”care”, government, and so forth, so too are those sellouts who end up supporting them, in order to keep their comfortable lifestyle! Those like that are selfish and greedy, and are the real reason why we’re in this boat! In reality, these monopoly corporations and billion dollar watchdog groups, should have been crushed a long time ago! But the lefties allowed them to fester, because it’s part of their manifesto! Right out of the Marxist Handbook!

  2. Nigga fatigued, feminist fatigued, illegals fatigued, lgbtqxisdjhlasdpyz fatigued, liberal tooty fruity scumbag usa fatigued.

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