One year ago, to the day, a small group of Australian nationalists stood up to a most momentous act of intimidation against this country by a sabre-rattling Communist China.

Three days earlier, on June 3, three Chinese navy warships sailed without notice into Sydney Harbour [Follow this link]. Their timing was noteworthy, it was the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

A People’s Liberation Army frigate, a supply ship and an amphibious vessel cruised into the Garden Island Navy base, armed sailors aboard, as the nation awoke to scratch its collective head.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed he had known about the visit, but that’s almost certainly not true. Morrison was in the Pacific Islands at the time trying to shore up support from the Solomon Islands against China’s influence.

The Chinese community had been apprised of the arrival through their social media and community networks and turned out in droves to dutifully greet the ships and be guided on a mandatory tour of the vessels. This was pre-Coronavirus. Australians were aware of the foreign navy’s presence but tried not to think about its portent. It was all just geo-diplomacy and Morrison knew what was going on. No doubt, Victorian Premier “Comrade” Daniel Andrews was eagerly hoping they would add Melbourne Port to their travel itinerary.

In fact, as nationalists well knew, it was an act intended to pressure Australia — a visit to remind us that they could reach out anywhere in the Indo-Pacific and touch us on the shoulder should we not accept the carrot.

The matter of China had not been taken up by the reactionary social media cliques. There was not a peep from these others who’ve appropriated the title “Nationalist”. None of the fit young men from the ‘German National Socialist’ inspired “clubs” thought it worthy of protesting, and only in the following months, with opportunism in mind, did a contingent of these provocateurs turn up at Box Hill Police Station, in Victoria, to try and capitalise on a nationalist issue. But they failed on the most meaningful day, the day when this country was symbolically invaded by the communist power.

New Australian Bulletin had only just begun publishing as a nativist, Australian-nationalist WAP-advocacy cultural site. So, this is as much an anniversary of one year of productivity. But the 6th of June will always hold a significant place for us as a day when an unlikely contingent of ordinary-but-proud Australians did what no one else was willing to: showed China we will not be their bitch.

We were photographed by Chinese spies, who, in turn, we photographed. They didn’t like that, and scuttled off circumspectly. We encountered puzzled Chinese tourists who assumed Australia was a province of China and imagined we were breaking Chinese law by protesting. We were bailed up by the Federal Police, one of whom was noticeably Chinese. Puzzled Australians believed this was an “exchange” although where they got that idea we don’t know. Many seemed eager to just find any excuse in their mind to avoid thinking about the dire implications. It was a dangerous kind of apathy we witnessed.

But now we have had Coronavirus; we have had China employ its well-known methods for dealing with countries that won’t toe the line. We’ve had revelations of Chinese spies, of bribes to politicians, of infiltration of our biggest institutions. China slapped tariffs on our agricultural exports and are threatening to do the same to our beef and wine. China is not happy that the Australian government has demanded truth as to how the Coronavirus started, and while much of the world believed it began in a Wuhan wet market, the new thinking is that it was man-made and escaped from a lab.

In short, the tyranny of Communist China has, in that one year, come to the fore. It’s a pity then that today the useful idiots of the left are preparing to break a Supreme Court order and gather to protest under the general banner of Black Lives Matter because an African-American felon died of health complications while being forcefully restrained by a rogue Minneapolis Police officer.

They were never terribly worried about China. They’re only concerned about identity issues, with “race” and “white people” foremost on their minds.

Today, Beijing issued a warning to its citizens not to visit Australia. They have cited personal danger from “racists” as the reason. Whatever: their command is our wish. Stay away. And don’t come back.

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