This is a difficult article to write, or at least it is difficult for me to find the motivation to write it given that I generally maintain myself in a state of utter indifference toward the affairs of the Americans.

Save for Joe Rogan, Bridget Phetasy and a few gaming and music-related channels I don’t generally subject myself to social media antics of stateside. Rogan and Phetasy, along with the occasional peek at Jimmy Dore supply me with most of the essential talking points on U.S politics and I prefer to get my news from comedians because the U.S.A is a joke.

American culture and art are great, American politics, on the other hand, makes me gag and the brouhaha over the death of another brown-hued oxygen thief at the hands of the Minneapolis police has rendered me positively nauseous for a week.

The rioting and looting which accompany the spurious Black Lives Matter rallies would be interesting news if not for the fact that this happens every time the White and Jewish bourgeoisie stick their noses where they don’t belong and start firing up the Hoodrats and knuckleheads on the other side of the tracks.

Black Lives Matter are laughable both for their rhetoric and the fact that they are too stupid to see their status as mere patsies in a longer game being played by the deranged bourgeois opportunists of Antifa and similarly aligned “revolutionary” formations.

There is no separation between BLM and the violent elements who emerge after dark because they are obviously being used as cover by the ne’er-do–wells and if they are too stupid to realise or compliant, too bad.

There is a well-established modus operandi among fake leftists wherein progressive social justice movements are co-opted by the bourgeoisie, literally the scions of owner classes, and contaminated by the dregs of society who are either deceived into joining the crowd or paid in cash or in-kind to attend rallies and cause mayhem.

There is no sense of déjà vu either; to the trained eye the events of the past week read as nothing but a re-treaded version of every failed putsch which has come about since the madness of 1848-49; it is also a testament to the ignorance and inflexible thinking of the vanguard of revolutionary upper-class donkeys.

It is only this bourgeois Antifa element who pour cynical adoration upon the lumpenproletariat Negroes, real leftists are drawn from the working classes, not the underclass and the authentic proletariat have no truck with lowlifes, criminals and parasites.

Karl Marx, who was as dissolute and bohemian as they come described the lumpenproletariat as the: “passive decaying matter of the lowest layers of the old society,” who even when “thrust into the movement by a proletarian revolution … is more likely to sell out to reactionary intrigues.”

Marx and Engels had no sympathy for the “Scum, offal and refuse of all classes.” They further extended this description to the financial classes and aristocracy, all the fallen, the degenerates and the swine of the capitalist world formed an unusable, unstable and counter-revolutionary rabble.

Mikhail Bakunin, the distant ancestor of today’s bad actors who dishonestly describes themselves as “Anarchists”, was one to heap misty-eyed adoration upon the feckless and useless underclass, it is no surprise that Antifa uses his naïve bonhomie as an excuse for terror “on behalf” of the subaltern.

The trouble is that, especially as it pertains to Basketball Americans, the underclass is too weak to carry an insurrection on its own, it is too fickle and open to bribery to withstand the temptations of globalist-capitalism and it has no support from an effective, educated proletariat.

The working classes, the productive people have no interest in putting themselves out on account of a bunch off illiterate, feckless and quarrelsome Negroes who are more known for breaking into the houses of workers and stealing their possessions than a burning commitment to social justice.

The only support available to the American lumpenproletariat, as we can see in the riots, is a few young white useful idiots and the hardcore of Antifa with their substantial, but ultimately limited funding from the bourgeoisie.

Antifa is comprised of degenerates — they are on the level of the ghetto corner-boys and hustlers rioting to steal sneakers and tracksuits to sell on Craigslist, but they have the resources to go on the lam for an extended period of time or returning to their comfortable and privileged lives if things get too hot for them. The black looters go to jail or are killed by another ‘homie’ in a dispute over their stash of smoke-damaged consumer crap.

There will be no revolution today — there will only be smoking ghettos, misery, further urban decay and greater poverty for blacks — just look at Detroit before and after the 1968 riots, that’s the endpoint of this bogus struggle.

The clown President Trump is sure to win the upcoming election in a landslide; the corporations will grow more powerful, and the cops will gain new powers to brutalise the lower classes.

This is not an uprising, it is a farce bordering on a tragedy incited by Antifa fanatics in the grip of nostalgia, tunnel vision and unwarranted faith in their own abilities.


  1. The left loathe Nazis but adore Marxism. The riots, looting and destruction is falsely been portrayed as a mass uprising against racism. All this is playing out in Democrat led cities. Also mass release of criminals pre Covid-19 has made it worse. BLM is providing cover for Antifa also. The media of course ignore all statistics and just cry racist at everything. That is about the extent of their vocabulary. They conveniently ignore lifestyle choices, fatherless homes, criminal conduct, choice to use drugs and so on. Ignore black on black crime and many white officers killed by blacks. They ignore the plague of drug use which makes things much more volatile. The ABC portrays Antifa as everyday mothers and fathers, normal people.

  2. One thing you can be sure of and that is that policing in the United States will become less effective and crime, including homicide, will go up substantially. We have seen this before – there were at least 3,000 more murders in the US in 2016 than in 2014 – which makes the numbers of criminals killed by the police look like a drop in the ocean.

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