Thousands turned out Tuesday afternoon at Sydney’s Town Hall as part of the internationally-organised Black Lives Matter protests against the death of black American career criminal George “Punk” Floyd. It was a crowd three-quarter white.

In the lead up to the Sydney leg of the George Floyd riot tour, one of the organisers, fake Aboriginal Paige Roy declared the proto-riot was to be cancelled due to anonymous “threats.”

Given Tuesday’s totally extraneous Floyd Fantasy demonstration we reveal why: because it was total bullshit intended to infer a “white supremacist” threat and to strategically put any would-be counterprotesters off the scent. We suspected as much at first but had to wait and see. Roy IS White no matter how hard she protests. She is part of that noxious political milieu that forcibly identifies as Aboriginal as an adjunct to their leftist ideology and worldview. Any righteous Aboriginal would attack these people because they’re racially mongrelising their people.

Roy has a long CV of involvement with “Aboriginal” causes and initiatives as a sweep of Google will reveal. But she’s not Aboriginal. If she’s even a half-caste, she is a shame to the Aboriginal people and someone they don’t need to be reminded of, much less have patronising them so despicably.

It is reported that today 3,000 eager anti-white people took to Sydney’s Town Hall in what was part of an internationally organised protest movement. Any suggestion this is a spontaneous show of solidarity with a total foreign stranger is nonsense. Notice how when little Indian girls are murdered by rapists no such show occurs. This is because the Black Lives Matters movement is at the centre of an international political syndicate which has as its intention “anti-colonialism”, or to put it in plain-speak, anti-white people.

Or, to put it another way, it’s an attack on the West. America, being the pinnacle of Western Democracy is the vehicle this funded-insurgency is using to bring down the west. One might be tempted to ask whether Chinese money is involved, but it is well known that billionaire George Soros has funded this same political agenda. Likewise, the Democrats, eager to snaffle any chance of a Trump re-election have been busily fanning the flames. Democrat governors, mayors, have turned on their own Police Departments and given license to the rioters. Clearly, the movement has many financiers. For instance, this is how deep it runs: Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden donated to bail out rioters in Milwaukee.

Imagine if Trump finally invokes the Insurrection Act and permits the army onto the streets of American cities (as he should) and they are ordered to start firing on American citizens (as they should). We say “he should” not because we’re sympathetic with Trump’s government, but because it’s the only sensible thing to do — it’s what Napoleon would’ve done! But when that happens, the west will be on a sliding to nothing. This is no doubt the game-play of those manipulating a generation(s) brought up with left-think and social-justice as their prime concerns.

Black Lives Matter is of itself an organisation created on a fake black-victim story. Trayvon Martin was a worthless hood-rat embarking on the ‘G-life’. In 2012, he was shot by George Zimmerman, who isn’t white, but was a Hispanic man concerned with a strong sense of neighbourhood watch.

Zimmerman became the patsy in a fabricated narrative of a “poor black kid” shot by a [white] man while [doin’ nuffin]. But he wasn’t doing nothing, and he wasn’t shot by a white man. Moreover, the principal witness in Zimmerman’s trial lied through her teeth, making out Martin was innocent. Martin’s shooting sparked protests across the United States, and then-president Barak Obama famously declared of Trayvon “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” Obama’s era of presidency racial division became much worse.

A manipulation program by media and those civil rights forces led to the conviction of an innocent man who was, as he claimed all along, defending himself from a wild negro teenager out to mess with the world. Finally, the truth came out, but the movement spawned of a lie with a false agenda was impervious to that truth because truth doesn’t matter to them. This isn’t about truth it’s about leaping on every martyr for the cause.

The BLM franchised around the world and naturally, because of our own indigenous black population, wound up here. It’s also been used to defend indefensible African criminals that Australia was brainwashed into importing. The brainwashing occurs in the simple nomenclature when you see the word “protesters” where you should see the word “rioters”. These aren’t protests, they’re riots and the rioters use the protesters as cover for their extremist activities.

Yes, it’s all rather hinky, as US Attorney-General Bill Barr noted when he blamed, “anarchistic and far-left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics … exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda”.

Later, Trump promised to proscribe Antifa as an organisation. But what were they on about?

Viral videos are circulating that show sinister white men laying the foundation for looting by smashing windows, handing out bricks, cutting fences but never actually joining in on the theft or destruction. Many have been arrested with backpacks full of equipment such as masks, Molotov cocktails, wire cutters, hatchets and crowbars as well as communication devices such as radios.

Taken with a complicit media that nurses a narrative sympathetic to the rioters and censorious of Trump who is currently standing alone against this insurrection and the next thing you have radicalised otherwise typical folk who wouldn’t know of or consort with the likes of SPLC-approved Antifa or its affiliate groups.

Take for instance the “Brooklyn Lawyer” who was identified under what Trump calls the “Perp Walk” for tossing a Molotov Cocktail made from a Bud Light bottle at an NYPD cruiser. Needless to say, she’ll no longer be practising law. In another instance, two young white women were arrested attempting to set alight a police cruiser. Their future isn’t going to be so rosy. Olivia Hutt is a young white woman who decided to engage in destruction of property until identified by her own grandmother. But it would be foolish to say that Facebook Antifa operators alone brainwashed them because the media apparatus has enabled this agenda from the get-go.

Trump’s “law and order” presidency now hinges on him taking drastic action. If the nation is to have faith in him, they’ll expect him to take control where the “weak’ mayors and governors refuse to. The echoes between where Trump is now at and what ushered Nixon into power in 1968 couldn’t be clearer.

This “American” problem IS ours whether we like it or not. And it’s not simply because BLM has managed to cross oceans with its influence. That sway exists because the west has been multiracialized and it is fragmenting as a result.

Governors and mayors of American cities, who are now being “weak” as Trump says to accommodate rioters, are the same who raise Mexican flags and the like. We have the same with our trendy inner-city councils who ban Australia Day etc. And remember last year when Nationalists from AFP went out to protest Box Hill Police Station’s flying of the Communist Chinese flag. Remember how treasonous Beijing-stooge Vic Premier “Comrade” Dan Andrews bathed Melbourne CBD in the colours of the communist flag. These are all acts of separation, not unity, and they’re inevitable when you mongrelise a nation to the point there is no kindred blood, no common language, no common religion or customs.

We have nothing uniting us but geography, location and identification cards. There are no ‘Australian people’ there are just Australian citizens. America is tenfold, and in a country where Spanish is fast becoming the common language, and where allegiances to Puerto Rico and Mexico count high, it’s only a matter of time before these “protests” become a civil war.

So, we ask, if Trump does proscribe Antifa will ASIO finally take them seriously here and stop its little games now it’s busily trying to invent a “right-wing” threat? Because the “right-wing” has been noticeably absent in all but fake news throughout this whole now international drama.

More to the point, how come none of these Sydney dupes protested China? China gave us Coronavirus, decimated our economy, stripped a million workers of their jobs and changed our way of life forever? But one black felon who was spiralling out of control and — lo and behold! — was killed in the execution of a crime travels the western world like the most important event since WW2.

Go figure.

The black guy was specifically asked to stand up on the railing so that it didn't seem that it was only white people there
The black person in the Ninja suit expresses his less extreme sentiments on a placard illustrated by a white friend
Another pretend Abo leeching off the real people who they conspicuously avoid being around
This white blimp is Paige Roy. She is (cough) 100% Aboriginal
Olivia Hull, the American idiot whose grandmother dobbed her in


  1. Working in that ‘industry’ is great because you get perks, fly in and fly out, enjoy the good life, good tax benefits and you get to whip up whitey self flaggellance and whitey guilt. But it is useless at resolving anything. All it does is encourage more leeches to join in on the party and feeding off Aboriginals. Welcome to Country, Sorry, Mabo, Reconciliation (nice sounding word for perpetual whinging and extortion), we acknowlege moments even at staff parent meetings at school and the list goes on. Cultural apartheid is so good when done in reverse and makes very good livings for many. Of course the youth now have to listen to the two biggest wankers in Australia-Stan Grant and Adam Goodes. Australians do not have the courage to tell them bugger off. Tens of billions of dollars are literally pissed up a wall in Australia-siphoned off by white guilt elites, parasites.

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