America is currently in flames. The death of yet another black criminal has led to bigger riots than America has seen to date, across a number of cities.

George Floyd was a punk, an ex-felon and a loser, but a man shouldn’t be killed over a petty crime. Yet, he wasn’t, because he died from pre-existing health problems that were exacerbated by the arresting officer’s force, not as a result. The officers restraining him had no way of knowing about his dicky ticker or his other maladies. Others were detained along with Floyd, yet they weren’t mistreated. The argument that the arresting officers made to an angry crowd of onlookers — that they’d attempted to place Floyd in a squad car for ten minutes but he resisted — seems validated by recent footage that has surfaced.

Police brutality is a major issue, there’s no getting away from it. And those ‘guardians’ entrusted to serve the public will always be expected to rise to a higher standard. Yet, from time immemorial, they’ve failed to.

Why is it that empathy for Floyd has gone viral? A group that’s adopted the name Black Lives Matter in Australia has organised a “peaceful protest” for Sydney on Wednesday (There are also New Zealand protests) in the name of Floyd. They say it’s because Aboriginals are black people too and they have a higher rate of incarceration than non-indigenous folks. On the other hand, non-indigenous people are killed more often by police.

This is very much an American problem and we’re commenting from afar, and from a different set of circumstances. Is America so dominant in our national life that when it catches a cold we sneeze too? We don’t see the African-Americans being bothered too much about the deaths of whites, or for that matter, Mexicans, Salvadorians, Uighurs, Tibetans, Iranians, Afghanis, Palestinians, Egyptians, Algerians, Libyans, and so forth, as you get the picture.

How many die every day in police custody around the world as a result of a crushing injustice but they don’t rate similar attention because they’re not blessed ‘African-Americans’. Viewed from such a standpoint, it makes a mockery of the victimhood they cling to because their cause is so, well, famous. In a nutshell, it is coming to appear to be that blacks are a people with as great a sense of entitlement as the dear old social media entitled white bitch “Karen” they love to mock so.

We’ve already extended editorial space to this topic, and we’ve produced a fine piece, with a whole new view for American nationalists. So long they’ve waited for the day of all that ‘acceleration’ and that day has arrived.

This isn’t a ‘White’ problem, it’s a situation created by a toxic police culture. But what tempers police culture? Minneapolis has one of the highest crime rates in the whole of America, and that means the streets are dangerous. An environment that creates dangerous people generates a dangerous response.

These people are rioting against police brutality, but what about the everyday brutality of ordinary Americans, and that goes too for African Americans? When are they planning to riot against the toxic culture of their own? Like Floyd, they live outside of the law but complain when authority is excessive. And that excess they protest by breaking even more law. Every day they bend rules and engage in behaviour that mostly goes unseen by authority; they indulge in criminal vices that they argue away are their liberty.

Do blacks seriously believe that an all-black police force in a segregated society would equal harmony? If the cops promise to ease up on the chokeholds will they instantly stop doing crimes?

These riots have nothing to do with race, they are about something else entirely — they are about the wider brutality of America itself. But they’ve also revealed that multiracialism doesn’t work. Different races clearly cannot get along because as soon as something goes wrong for one, they’ll blame the other. A Babylon of races makes things even messier.

The system can’t fight back at the rioters in the expectation of carrying on as normal because “normal” is what is at fault. Normal means folks working two jobs a day and still managing to simply cover rent. Normal is the expectation of a life of economic and social struggle, be you white or black. Normal is watching a society divided, not by race, but economic class. An interesting moment during the riots was NBA star J.R Smith, 34, kicking the crap out of a white protester in LA who’d damaged his car during the riots. That speaks volumes about “normal” when you think about all the haywire tropes. Another haywire trope is rioters burning the Washington headquarters of the AFL-CIO, America’s largest federated union, which has as its logo a black hand shaking a white hand. Normal is a legal system that guarantees convictions when people are forced outside of the law, and then a penal system based on the hardest core ‘survivor’ concept imaginable — where to survive means having to kill which results in more institutional time.

Normal is Americans conditioned to a corporate fiefdom where the serfs eat genetically-engineered bread and drink water poisoned by DuPont’s C8 chemical. Normal is war, normal is either you’re a winner, or you’re a hated loser. Normal is whatever weird shit is normal. These kids think they know what they’re rioting against, but they’re just shifting with the sandstorm and blowing hither, not with any greater meaning, or higher purpose. They haven’t identified what they really are rioting against because if they had they’d know that more whites are killed in police custody in America than blacks. This makes their protest fake. The fact that they don’t know this means that whatever is wrong is still wrong but it’s what’s pushing them to do what they’re doing. This cannot be right.

As for the UK, New Zealand and Australia, who have indigenous people who believe that George Floyd is emblematic of them, all they’re doing is once again copying Americans. Usually, they copy their culture; now they’re copying their causes. And do they even know why?

Nationalists know why we’re glad they’re rioting, but not a soul among those with Floyd Psychosis would know what we’re thinking, or why. We know that they’re simply the bricks in the wall we’ve waited to see come tumbling down. To us, it’s all those bricks, which are the problem — in their entirety.


  1. Progressives and the left, “either you give us free shit forever or we burn the country to the ground.”

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