George Floyd wasn’t just murdered by a 44-year-old white Minneapolis Police Department officer every white person on earth is guilty of his death.

White people may not realise this, but their silence, their privilege, the fact that Derek Chauvin was white means all whites are guilty. Every baby born after Floyd’s death will be responsible for his homicide.

White people need to understand that when they die, it’s totally OK because we’re evil, but when a black person dies it’s as if the sun had turned off. Nothing matters more than black lives.

Black crime is a mythical concept created by white people to demonise them. When one black person kills another, white people and society are to blame for placing them in that position. In truth, when a black person turns a gun on their brother, it’s a white person that pulls the trigger. See, the whole idea was created by white people so that black people kill each other off.

We take this message from the protests that have travelled beyond the United States to New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and everywhere else they’re destined to become a thing.  

New Zealand might be a million miles from Minneapolis, more-or-less at the polar opposite of the earth, but Floyd’s death is felt as dearly as if it were one of their own. This is why a crowd of 4000 turned out on the streets of Auckland yesterday. This is how come the Daily Mail reported of how Nigerian-born Mixed Martial Artist, Israel Isadanya, was one of those demanding justice. He was so inconsolable with grief that he told the NZ Herald, “Him (Floyd) was good… Him dindu nuffin’!”

Being an immigrant to New Zealand means Isadanya has every right to complain about how the host country is run; the privilege of the whites who run it; the colonial mentality that controls every aspect of his life. If things weren’t so bad in his own land, he would return there. But that doesn’t mean he has to put up with the way whites in New Zealand think they own the place.

Arresting Derek Chauvin wasn’t enough, charging him with four counts of murder (yes, that’s what is being reported, so clearly Floyd was murdered four times) hasn’t changed a thing. Justice is required. If he is tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death, don’t kid yourselves that will be justice. It will be an excuse for another round of riots because of how easy they’ll have let him off.

Even if they sentence him to death for each of the four counts of murder, that will be a joke. Any black person who murders a white person four times has to spend half their life in jail! There is no comparison between how a black is treated compared to a white person.

George Floyd was a good man. His criminal history is proof of how badly we whites treated him by putting him in jail and stuff. When, in 2005, he took a handgun and invaded the home of a young woman, he was just expressing himself, like one of the raps that he was known for. White people have golf, see, while black people’s only outlet in an uncaring society is doing crimes and rapping about them to make people understand how hard things are.

The Auckland protesters, having no Minneapolis cops around to earbash, took out their frustrations by marching to the US Consulate to make their grievances heard. As they advanced on this citadel of whiteness they chanted, “I can’t breathe!” What’s ironic is that not a single white person took them literally and checked to see whether or not the chanters really were finding it hard to breathe. If one of those marching had choked to death, it would be more of an example of how evil whitey is.

’Cos whites hate black people and don’t spend every moment thinking about black lives. Even if there was a law compelling us to, we white people couldn’t be trusted. Instead of thinking about black lives, you just know we’d be thinking about Taylor Swift or Adolf Hitler.

The hate is so palpable that the organisers of the BLM protest we reported on yesterday, which was meant to be held in Sydney’s Hyde Park, where Captain Cook’s statue could see it, had to be cancelled.

Evil white people had threatened the organisers they would turn up and disrupt the event.

Taking to Facebook, organiser Paige Roy wrote, “We have had some people intending to wreck havoc (sic) and protest against the event.

“This event was meant to be a time for Aboriginal voices to be heard, but due to uncertainty of safety for all involved, we would like to advise a cancellation of the protest.”

Things went south when organisers admitted that the protests were to focus on Australians and how we are as bad as Derek Chauvin. But typical white people didn’t want to hear Aboriginal grievances. We didn’t want to listen to how much they hate us, and how we blame them for everything, even the death of the great Rain Serpent of Warrungarrunamajini.

Instead, angry Aboriginal people will be teaming up with livid left-wing white people and minorities whose lives matter at a vigil organised by the Anticolonial Asian Alliance, the Indigenous Social Justice Association, and the USYD Autonomous Collective Against Racism to pay their respects and let us white people know how bad we are.

Of particular, the Anticolonial Asian Alliance, who totally identify with George Floyd because he’s black, will have a thing or two to say. After all, life is as hard for them as it was for Floyd. White people are doing racism on them constantly, and killing them with chokeholds over minor crimes like fraud.

As such, it takes a rapper who’s black or somewhere in-between to truly express the truths that whites refuse to see.

For instance, present at the Auckland Black Lives Matter protests was the incredibly articulate Mazbou Q. He told the NZ Herald, “We recognise what is going on in the United States is not just about George Floyd, but the ongoing persecution of the black community is an ongoing phenomenon.

“The same white supremacy which has led to disproportionate killings of black people in the US exists here in New Zealand.”

But we hear the message, and on behalf of us white supremacists at New Australian Bulletin, I’d just like say … FUCK George Floyd! I’m glad he’s dead! My sympathy rests entirely with Derek Chauvin’s knee, as I think he might have bruised it on Floyd’s thick neck! The black bastard was a career criminal who went out like a con. Dare I say, the real racism is in importing this shit to other countries and using it as an excuse to peddle hate against people who are so terrible we made the stupid mistake of allowing them to live among us so that they could one day hate the fuck out of us.

Black lives don’t mean a thing to me. They’re just another reminder of how badly those who tore down the White Australia Policy betrayed their people and destroyed this land.

I’m off to suck on a Ventolin just so’s I can taunt Floyd who is down in hell since he’s probably still gasping for breath.


  1. The noticeable thing about US crime statistics is that most murders involve blacks killing other blacks so apparently most black lives don’t matter.

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