The great tragedy of COVID-19 once it has lifted won’t be the vast numbers killed off globally, or the economic devastation wrought on the world economy, but the fact that Clementine Ford is still alive.

Ford, who styles herself as a firebrand feminist, is, in fact, an emotional 10-year-old with a daddy hang-up which she channels through controversial posts on garbage social media like Twitter.

For it was on that cockamamie platform last Saturday that she posted her latest ‘controversy’ about how “the corona virus (sic) isn’t killing men fast enough”. One worries about her baby son, what kind of foul mental and physical tortures she is subjecting him to, given her acute mental detachment from empathy. But that aside, the darling of the ABC (Australian Bolshevik Commission) which takes Aussie taxpayer dollars and turns them into communist propaganda, has a license to get away with the kind of rhetoric otherwise branded ‘hate speech’ which men would be crucified for if the situation were reversed.

Previously, Ford reached her peak of notoriety for Tweeting “Kill all men” in a particularly mature moment of her public life — a social media existence typified by such puerile outbursts which are celebrated by equally developmentally-arrested ‘feminists’ as if they’re revolutionary cries of a frustrated civil rights activist.

Creatures like Ford exist in the world of Identity Politics because of the assumption of shame where none belongs. In the case of blacks, it’s based around ‘historical grievances’ which are never overcome but only furthered in the interests of providing many with a livelihood. Were every White person to turn around tomorrow and tell them, “Fuck off, you worthless niggers!’ without the slightest self-consciousness then this phenomenon would disappear directly.

Likewise, it only takes the worm to turn against feminism and point out the reality is now Female Privilege for popcorn farts like Ford to peter out. See, hers’ really IS hate. She hates men because she feels inferior to us and she is right too. She is very much inferior to men, mentally, physically, and especially emotionally. But she is actually a marker for the ‘everywoman feminist’ based just as irrationally on a notion of victimhood as the race-baiting industry is.

Ford’s privilege is manifest: she Tweets a hate Tweet and rather than being bailed up by the federal police like nationalists do when they speak broadly about race or the public shaming of a man who dared to expatiate on how toxic women can be, she lands a writer’s grant from the ABC and Melbourne City Council.

Contrarily, as the conservative commentator and Antifa-slugger Andrew Bolt pointed out in an op-ed piece, Alan Jones had his radio career cut short because he used an aggressive metaphor in regards to New Zealand’s communist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern when he said someone should stuff a sock down her throat.

Now, NAB isn’t into the battle of the sexes. We’re not INCELS and we don’t harp on about Men’s Rights but we see this stuff as being in the same ballpark like every other symptom of the poison that we struggle against. To us, Ford is a generic traitor in the same way that Daniel Andrews is, or Joel Fitzgibbon, or Sam Dastyari. They have all betrayed the idea of Australia, which nationalists are struggling to claw back. She is a symptom of the whole holistic tyranny that befouls logic, reason, and western civilisation and needs to be euthanised without a second’s hesitation.

So, when WE say Kill Clementine Ford, we actually call on the gods to do so for the sake of the harmony of our people so we can unite and fight an even greater struggle for survival. Slugs like Ford are tossed into our garden to eat up all that is verdant and ripe. They are negators and saboteurs and rebels without a noble cause. But worst of all is the myth that allows bad air like Ford to circulate in the first place: this myth of the victimised, virtuous female gender.

NAB has assembled a veritable stockpile of links to toxic stories about women. From female teachers sexually abusing minors, female prison guards having intercourse with male inmates, paedophiles, murderesses, spiteful vixens that torment other women via ‘catfishing’, female thugs, thieves, liars, cheaters, vilifiers, scammers and who under the guise of nurses, torture helpless patients in their care.

It is staggering to note how truly bad women are, and any myth that has them existing on a higher plane of consciousness and nurturing is thrashed asunder when confronted by their reality. They are far from sugar and spice and all things nice.

Women eat, piss, shit, fart and fuck as men do. They discharge all manner of ungodly secretions. They are animals at the base of it and left ungroomed grow nasty hair in nastier places. They are every bit as apelike if deprived of their innumerable beauty routines. Don’t believe us? Take one and stick it in a cage with a food and water bowl for two years and look at what will come out. It’d resemble the fucking Yeti. Even if it went in looking like a supermodel.

But, we wouldn’t say nothing like that ‘cos we’re better than she is.


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