Right now, China is responding to its own global-made crisis by preparing to invade Taiwan, which will draw our military into the inevitable conflict in some capacity. So, at a time when highly-trained warriors are needed to defend this great island of ours, what is the Australian Defence Force doing? It’s asking its members to undertake a $12,000 Gender Peace and Security course being run at Monash University (the most Woke institution in the entire southern hemisphere) by two feminist professors.

Why are they doing this? Because we would have a more effective defence force if every soldier, sailor and pilot thought and acted like a woman on the rag.

The rationale behind the course makes a lot of sense — if you want to see Australia weakened to the point that two islanders with a canoe could seize the entire country without so much as raising a paddle in anger.

See, the professors believe that “masculinist politics” are the cause of every single political crisis faced in the modern world. It’s not like Helen ever played her part in the sack of Troy, or Boudicca ever led a revolt or Isabella I of Castile or Bloody Mary ever had a taste for blood. The rich history of women rulers who went to war obviously has no place in this erudite selection of tutorials coming from two super credible and unquestionable persons whose entire lives have been lived in the cloister of academic indulgence and absurdity.

As such, and with great exigence, associate professor Katrina Lee-Koo, a half-Asian feminist with a passion for diversity, and Professor Jacqui True have come up with the solution in the form of what amounts to, regardless of what cleverish spin you try putting on it, long sessions being subjected to their whiny opinion, which, it must be said, is entirely biased according to the nature of their genitals. Obviously, they have feisty discussions with those Professors disputing gender identity.

Associate Professor Katrina Lee-Kook is to advise our soldiers how not to be so rough and to get more diversity in our ranks

Professor True penned an essay on how Brexit was the result of a “male-dominated British political elite”, and believes that we “need a feminist foreign policy to stop a war.”

Given how confrontational feminists are, particularly Clementine Ford whose nurturing philosophy has it that “all men must die” there is just a slight chance that their ideas belong more correctly on the plane of the lunatic fringe, which these days means ‘academia’.

Meanwhile, the deeply patriotic half-Asian anti-masculinist has in her fanciful mind that Australia is drifting towards a “feminist design” of foreign policy but that thanks to “masculinist cultures” triumphant feminists are not being allowed to take the credit for it. It wouldn’t require a person with a degree in human science to understand that these two are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. But that hasn’t stopped the ADF putting its incontestable faith in these two walking receptacles for ladies’ feminine products. Hell, it’s only our national freedom riding on these quacks.

Professor Jacqui True. Yep, she’s the other bleeder in this dogmatic duo. It’s, um, True.

Thus far, four lucky grunts from each branch of the services have been sent to undergo de-masculinising by these two horrendous fag-hags. We would like to come up with some snappy and canny hypotheticals involving students being taught to scratch their enemy rather than shoot, or tell the invading forces they have a headache instead of fighting, but the truth of the matter makes those gags unworkable. That’s because everything about women leads to war — they initiate it in every conceivable manner, from the passive-aggressive to the tilt of an eyebrow.

Men go to war for women; the galaxy of dead men filling the night sky with stars all surrendered their lives so feminists like these two could run off with Yank sailors and fuck the enemy. Any man who has ever had a girlfriend understands that a woman can declare war simply over a dream she had the night before in which he did something that displeased her.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, this fat noodle-slurping frump has, according to the Daily Telegraph which broke this story, “called on politicians … to be more attuned to the gendered language in policy debates.” The fruitcake then invoked a comparison of electric cars and their detractors’ arguments being “gendered constructions of masculine strength.” She is no doubt a vegan since the word salads come tumbling from her lips like unwieldy cabbages.

According to a defence “spokeswoman” (*eyes roll), “A gender perspective aims to minimise adverse impacts of operations on local populations, to assist with their return to enduring peace and stability.”

Equally bafflingly, she added, “The aim is to provide Defence members with the tools to undertake a more analytical and evidence-based approach to operational and disaster response planning.”

Evidence-based? By the sound of things, the entire ADF has lost the plot. And just so’s you know we’re not missing anything, the Australian Minister of Defence is Linda Reynolds, who is a woman. Whether or not she was born one we wouldn’t know but this is the kind of times we’re living in.

Australia’s token female Minister of Defence


  1. This article is spot on. Masculinity must be crushed according to rabid man hating feminists a la Ford and co. The schoolyard must be cleansed of any male strength, stamina and the like. Read the book PUSSYCATS:WHY THE REST KEEP BEATING THE WEST. These feminists have so much time on their hands under the public purse that they come up with all sorts of utter fluff. Roz Ward is another. Feminists and the hard left will not be content until they completely destroy everything-sport, education, the military…..

  2. As it stands I would not be relying on the ADF to get us out of a wet paper bag, let alone a full blown military conflict. But we might have half a chance if it is legislated that only women are front line. Leave the blokes out the back… they can cook dinner for whoever returns….

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