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The federal government has finally twigged to what an epic act of national betrayal Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is guilty of after hitching his state to Communist China’s Belt & Road Initiative.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned Australian states not to butt-in over foreign policy as Andrews pushed ahead with his BRI deal with the communist dictatorship despite the current diplomatic standoff with Beijing.

This week, journalists at The Australian revealed that “Daniel Andrews’s Department of Premier and Cabinet has refused access to details of crucial national security advice it received before signing up to China’s Belt and Road initiative.

“Documents obtained by the Victorian opposition under Freedom of Information laws show emails were exchanged between the ­Andrews government and the ­Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade just months before the deal in October 2018. The substantive content of the emails has been blacked out, with Mr Andrews’s department claiming its publication would “prejudice relations between Victoria and the commonwealth.”

This comes as negotiations between Andrews’s treasonous government and the Communist Chinese dictatorship are in their final stages — an act of ideological grotesquery at a time when Australia is reeling from the virus that China most likely manufactured and the retributions it has wreaked on our grain exports in retaliation for the Morrison government’s frank response.

The media has dubbed Andrews ‘Comrade Dan’, that is all media except Nine which is simpatico with the Andrews government. It’s more than apparent that the big-eared Sinophile’s reasons for chasing the dragon have less to do with economics and more in line with the philosophical calibration of the die-hard Left of Labor which Andrews and his turncoat cabinet represent.

After all, this is the man who made an insane apology to China on behalf of Australians with nothing to be sorry over the treatment of celestials during the time of the gold rush back in the 1800s. Likewise, he apologised for the White Australia Policy, which was the centrepiece of his own party back when they stood for Australia and not an evil foreign power, and which existed to minimise the dangers of Australia falling into the hands of an Asian empire.

Furthermore, he had the city of Melbourne lit up in the colours of the communist flag as a ‘gesture’ to the people of China.

Unsurprising then that Victoria has stood apart from every other Australian state and the people of Australia to castigate the federal government for upsetting Beijing. Victoria’s treasurer, a cur by the name of Tim Pallas, attacked the government over its “vilification” of China. For daring to upset the most gangster nation in the world today he condemned Australia’s call for an inquiry into the origins of the bat bug as “dangerous, damaging and probably irresponsible”.

The snivelling traitor then went on to blame China’s 80% tariff on Australian barley on the government and not China. Why? Well, because China is the global capital of communism now. Besides, Victorian farmers have hardly been touched by the tariff on barley which only accounts for 0.7% of the state’s exports to China. Unsurprisingly, Comrade Dan backed Pallas’s treasonable comments “100%”.

So, in a nutshell, Andrews is pressing on with the BRI deal hoping to ink more of a legally binding deal than the current memorandum of understanding. He probably has a long play in mind in which he hopes to invite the People’s Liberal Army to storm Canberra and overthrow the federal government. He is refusing to allow any information concerning ASIO advice regarding the perils of his deal which is, at its very least, monumentally irresponsible, to be released. He knows that such advice means nought when all along his intent was to get into bed with a murderous regime and have our country’s sovereignty (as such as we ever had any) imperilled.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton had Andrews in his sights over the BRI from the get-go. Now he’s rankled. This week, he took a swipe at the communist premier saying the Australian public won’t tolerate politicians cosying up to China. “Sam Dastyari found this out the hard way,” he added.

Despite dissenting voices such as Dutton and Andrew Hastie, who have maintained a suspicious line on China, there is a noticeable “that was then, this is now” gulf in regards to China. Bearing in mind, Morrison pulled in the most outspoken China critics in his government and asked them to cool their rhetoric in the name of free trade, which he still very much has his mind on.

Pre-Kung Flu, the whole country was up for sale. Remember, it was the Libs that signed us up for the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA), a worthless document if ever one existed. However, slowly, the security advisory began to catch up with the economy-junkies in the government who took a “broad view” about China preferring to keep business above politics. For them, Business was decided in increments of national resources and sold off piecemeal yet now that the Morrison government is on an up after its “handling” of the crisis they are switching tunes, or at least, muffling their horns.

Not that a national consensus forced the PM’s hand. Geopolitics between the US and Europe and heightened concern between the Five Eyes (FVEY) did that. For those unaware, the Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance between Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. That cooperation, at least as far as its most powerful partner is concerned, is at risk thanks to Andrews.

U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has warned the U.S. will “simply disconnect” from Australia if Victoria’s relationship with China in any way compromises the five-way security, which it inevitably will.

He said, “We will not take any risks to our telecommunications infrastructure, any risks to the national security elements of what we need to do with our Five Eyes partners.”

While claiming he wasn’t aware of the particulars regarding Andrews’s BRI agreement, he warned, “To the extent they have an adverse impact on our ability to protect telecommunications from our private citizens or security networks for our defence and intelligence communities — we simply disconnect, we will simply separate.”

Of course, that’s only bad news if you’re stupid enough to have any faith in the bogus ANZUS alliance; a dependence on America every bit as bad as China. That goes double if they believe, as Pompeo claimed this week, that the U.S. “stands with Australia” in anything other than on principle.

Because the same U.S. Government is getting set to ship $80bn worth of agricultural exports to China, which is another ‘told-you-so’ from nationalists who’ve maintained that America would trade us off in any confrontation with China as a means of détente over conflict. But that’s the point here, and where we’re heading with this. Nationalists, so maligned, so despised, are bring proven right, although we don’t expect an acknowledgement of our foresight. Not until the country slowly but surely turns towards nationalism as a matter of self-defence will the forces of capitalist-spite which have brought Australia to this historic turning-point be finally quashed.

Once the greed that has brought us to this place of near-conquering by the Communist Chinese, once the quisling communist intelligentsia connected to the warped ideologies of the Labor party are put to sleep, we will we finally have national independence. We are anti-communist, and anti-monopolist, but pro-manufacturing, and champion every man’s right to make the best life for himself he can here in Australia, as long as he is Australian, and so long as all Australians are taken care of, with education, jobs, home, and medical care.

We can achieve these things for ourselves with a policy of armed neutrality and protectionism for ourselves and our South West Pacific neighbours.

Or, we can end up a smoking ruin, mined out of existence by China, farmed into starvation by China, and used for target practice by a ruling class of Chinese aiming at us from the balconies of their penthouses as we scavenge in the streets below for something to eat.


  1. China would not be interested in Victoria if they could not get something out of it – like money and power which will flow back to China. In some places not so long ago Andrews would have been hung as a traitor.

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