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Communist China is ecstatic with Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore for celebrating their diabolical regime at a delicate time in bilateral relations.

Australian Government calls for an inquiry by the World Health Organisation into the origins of the Kung Flu have triggered the evil empire which is enacting chickenshit payback measures.

A huge 80.5% tariff has been slapped on Australian barley in retaliation for the government’s audacity in morally standing up to Chairman Xi. But the fact that the totalitarian state is acting like a chauvinist wife-beater doesn’t bother Clover. Neither have all the drastic economic measures we’ve been forced to undertake in order to thwart the spread of the China-made virus down under. Nor has the global death toll (excluding China which deserves it) thanks to China’s lying and secrecy.

Nope, the iconic darling of every pervert in Sydney who’ve propped up this dog-collar wearing debauchee for decades is happy to pay homage to this pestilential nation while it exacts pain and suffering on the entire world. That’s because of her love of Sado Masochistic sex (S&M) a perversion which Clover celebrates in the Sydney gay community and elsewhere, and which she one-day hopes will be taught in Sydney’s pre-schools. It is also because she is a proud communist who believes Australia should be ruled from Beijing.

This is why the collared cuckoo has done the unthinkable and announced—at this particular time—the establishment in Sydney of a museum dedicated to the history of the Chinese people here in Australia. It will be known as the Yellow Peril Emporium by nationalists and targeted by our protesters regularly.

Having relocated Sydney’s Haymarket Library branch to Darling Square (and this writer has lived in Sydney for decades and never even knew there WAS a library in Haymarket) Clover reckons the leftover three-storey space at 744 George Street will provide a special offering for President Xi Jinping, as a personal gift from her and all that.

“The Museum of Chinese in Australia will feature a gallery and exhibition space, programming activities, community spaces for meetings and events, an artist in residence program, and a café and shop,” Moore chortled.

“Haymarket is the home of our city’s oldest and largest Chinatown [‘cos there is more than one-ED], so it’s fitting that this is where we will create a centre for the preservation of our Chinese history.

“The museum will play an important role in promoting and sharing the story of Chinese settlers and their descendants, as well as understanding and celebrating their challenges, contributions and achievements.

“MOCA will become a place to help to share the past, culture and values of our Chinese community, which has contributed so much to our city.”

The only thing Chinatown has contributed to our city is a surplus of MSG and giant rodents. Chinatown has always been a closed shop where tourists payer more for a sloppy noodle meal than the local chink community. It is well known there is a “two menus factor at play for any round-eye dumb enough to venture into that occupied part of our city to fill their guts.

As for this supposed culture festivity, will they have a display of a real live organ-harvesting occupation? Or a demonstration on how to round up and shoot Falun Gong supporters? A practical lesson into how to prepare bat soup? Special classes in ancient Chinese medical facemask painting?

No Australian who hasn’t had their brains turned upside down during their Marxist-controlled state education could give a bat’s turd for the Chinese or their alleged culture. We particularly regret they even have a history in this country since our forefathers tried their darndest to prevent it from happening. We’ve had enough of a demonstration of their ‘culture’ through all the lockdown measures caused by the Choo Flu. We had the exhibition to end them all when nearly a year ago their navy sailed uninvited into Sydney Harbour as a not-so-subtle threat while the PM was off visiting the Coconut Islands.

About the only presentation related to China that we would care to see is the fleet of aeroplanes that’ll be used to return them all back to Commie Land. That’s the only part of any history involving the Chinese we care for (well, that and several nuclear missiles ripping apart mainland China. We’d make that a national holiday and name city streets after the bombers).

Nevertheless, this disgraceful commission is exciting local Beijing-supportive gooks immeasurably.

“This is an opportunity the City has given us. We are part of the rich heritage of Sydney,” said Dr John Yu, who was, believe it or not, a former ‘Australian of the Year’, but is now president of this monument to Communist tyranny.

He added, “The Chinese community has a deep sense of pride in the growth of Sydney and it is important we share this with other Australians.”

Just like you shared the bat bug, eh, doc? No, Sydney has suffered from a Chinese population buying up property and driving actual Australians out of their own housing markets. All those Australians sleeping rough on the streets surrounding Gook Town are homeless in part because the Chinese have driven rents up beyond the level of affordability. There isn’t even a reasonably priced dosshouse anymore.

But, it’s not like the Chinese will even get a kick out of this Museum of Oriental Yawns. If they could have a museum it would involve lots of rare furry animals which they could poke with sharpened sticks and laugh at as they died. A porcupine throwing range and a big boiling vat to lob live puppies into.

Chinese love cruelty so something more along the lines of a Museum for the Torture and Cruelty to Small Animals would serve them better.

Meanwhile, as to Clover Moore, she gets the NAB Traitor Of The Week award. We look forward to a day when we can put take all that autoerotic asphyxiation gameplay that she’s indulged in and make it real with a big old-fashioned noose.

Meanwhile, Chinese propagandists haven’t missed a trick. Beijing mouthpiece Xinhuanet has published the story under the following headline, “Aussie State Launches Campaign To Support Chinese Communities During COVID-19 Outbreak”.

Have we, fuck!

The proposed site of the China museum already looks good for our egg-throwing protesters


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